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  1. Why would someone not log a single find they found on the website? What would possess someone to do such a thing? I found out, from a responsible cacher, that one of my bugs are now in Texas (Woo Hoo!), but because the person who hid it doesn't log their finds, I had no clue. They did log that they got my bug. Just curious the reasoning behind this ?
  2. Oh believe me, I am very happy with the sport. I am enjoying it to no end. I like the cache maintenance idea. Ill see if we have a laminator at work and replace those smeared coordinates I mentioned at that nearby cache. (I would go back to that little park any day, anyways so its a good excuse!) I have a few to quickly grab while out in Western New York state, going to drop some coinage out there, and see some interesting places.
  3. OK good point about #3. Point taken on that one. I have some coins, Ill just place them into the caches, and wish them on their merry way. (Two are mine, one isnt...)
  4. There are really three things here. Allow me to vent my frustrations: #1) Cache owners who don't maintain their caches. I've been to two where more than one person has indicated that part of the cache is in bad shape, yet NOTHING is done to clean it up. I understand were all busy with busy lives, but 30 days with no fix isn't good. #2) The inventory is listed... but there is nothing there. On four seperate occasions I have gone to a cache that is listed as having bugs, coins, etc... only to find the mentioned merchandise is not there. Are people just not logging their pick up of the items? Some caches are in absolutley outstanding locations, really pretty ones, and those, the bonus is seeing the area. Some are in the middle of the woods. I love the woods as much as the next guy, but if I am hiking to specifically grab/exchange, then I am obviously going to be disappointed the items listed arent there (This goes along with the loss art of logging below). #3) People who TAKE but don't GIVE. If you TAKE a TRACKABLE item from a cache, LEAVE A TRACKABLE ITEM IN THE CACHE. Don't the rules say to trade even, up, or not at all? I was planning on visiting this one cache in Rochester that the guy who last logged it, said, and I quote "Took bugs, signed log". That's right, he took BOTH bugs, and didn't leave anything in return. (Would I be out of line to email him and say "hey what gives?") The items in these caches I think of as little prizes for doing the work to go seek something at a beautiflul location. If people are going to keep on doing this, maybe it will be time to just visit the beautful places the caches are located without actually hunting for the cache! (Naturally I wouldn't do that... but I am just saying). Im sure these have been repeated over and over again in here, but being a newer person to this sport, I find it a little disheartening.
  5. I found a cache one. I had the container in my hand! I couldn't get it opened, It was a very unique container. (not an ammo can or anything like that, something very rare). I found it polite to email the cache owner instead of automatically logging it as a find. Let the Cache owner decide what is or isn't a find. He said I could even though I didn't physically sign the log. I do agree, however, that "I saw the sign that said 'East Bay Park' and I know the cache is in there, so I am chalking this up as a find" is B.S. to those of us who actually hunt and find the cache.
  6. DONT LAUGH! I had a Cherokee which did die, I got a trailblazer (HATED it), it got totaled in an accident, went back to Jeep. I have 4WD'ed this thing up an abandoned ski area hill with no problem. And I am happy to report, it IS nice and dirty now after hitting some muddy roads with it. =) It was only a week old (in my possesion that is) when this picture was taken in Walpole, VT. 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.
  7. Something tells me, this isn't what they had in mind when they posted "a large ghost cache"...
  8. They sure do look like they would hurt quite a bit, but fortunatley that article does say the sting hurts but overall is harmless...
  9. Oh yeah, that is one more good hint. If you are a newbie struggling, drop the cache owner a line. They will understand you are new to this and might be willing to help...
  10. "Paddle Cache on a cropping of rocks in the middle of a river near a sewage plant". I am not a canoe-ist, I don't own any water vehicles (nor can I afford them), and frankly I am never ever going to try something like that...
  11. Don't laugh, but I got a Garmin Geko 301. I just print the caches and bring the paper along with me. I have to say this little mini GPS has been extremley accurate for me, and is very easy to use. I believe it has SOME pc functions but I don't know. But for my useage, money, it's worked excellent for me.
  12. Oh I remember my first, but I got help from a seasoned pro. Here are some tips if you get stumped. Think like the person who hid it. If it was your cache, WHERE would you hide it? Also, always look for something "out of the ordinary". (i.e. Why does that tree stump have a bunch of rocks piled up against it?). Chances are, if something is out of the ordinary, your cache could be there. One tip I learned the hard way, print ALL the logs of the cache BEFORE you go. Sometimes log entries can assist you with others who've been stuck at that cache. Also learn some of the muggle rules of the road. (Your GPS looks awfully like a cell phone! I have done this before!). The biggest thing to remember is, have fun! This is a really fun sport and the limits of it are almost endless!
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