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  1. Congrates to all who have received one of this coins. I think i would do all , to get one for this coins. I hope so much to receive some times one. Greatings René
  2. OOOOh Sorry. Congrates to all who have received this coin. Greetings René
  3. If i see this picture my heart beat goes up and up and up. I fellt in love with this great coin. I would say woooohhhooo. Thats a realy great design and my wishlist has changed. I only want to get this coin. I hope so much that sometimes one of this great coins could find his way to me. Greetings René
  4. E-Mail sent. Finger crossed. Best regards rené
  5. If you do not have a trade with dr. neal, i would love to trade. Please send me a mail if you would love to trade. Best regards René
  6. I think about a neptune compass. Many thanks to let me try. Best regards René
  7. Comgrates to the great coins. Greatings René
  8. Congrate to all who get one of this great coins. I hope also to get a coinset. It would be a great add to my collection and the other two bunnys in my collection would be proud to get a new version. Many thanks for the lot of qork you are do for us coiners. Best regards René
  9. The Coindesign is realy great. I hope i have the chance to get one. Best regards René
  10. Hi, i have found one coin in your list this is a coin i would love to have for my own. The coins are realy special, but one coin is my favorit. Best regards René
  11. I see the coin and this name goes throug my head. aristocat Best regards René
  12. Hi, i have up for trade a Elrich Elch Geocoin Cooper XLE This coin you never could sell. Its a new and unactivated Coin. Send me you trade offers. Best regards René
  13. The coin after the eggs is the Binary Coin that got banned from the forums. Thank you my friend! The coin was banned from the forums??? Why?? It was not family friendly or something? I can not see the design clearly... But it still exists.... right? ..or is it rare because of that? It sounds interesting! This is a picture of the banned coin http://cointracking.com/photos/MustangJoni...il_Front100.jpg Best Regards René
  14. Hi all, i´m seeking the Imagin Peace Mystery coin and a Sinterclaase Mystery Coin. I have up for trade the following coins: Secret Agent Mystery Angel Mystery Devil Mystery Bandita Mystery If any one could help, please let me know. best regards rené
  15. Ohhooo, is there any other posibility the get a set of this great coins outside the US? It would be so great if i could add a set to my collection. If any one is interested in to trade please let me know. Best regards René
  16. Wow. What for great looking coins. How is it possible to get one of each??? I would realy love to add this coins to my collections. Best regards René
  17. Yesterday the last mission arrives me. Many thanks to the Easter Bunnys ;-) Best regards René
  18. Hi, i have this coins up for trade (all coins are new and unactivated): Mother Hen three chicks Jorandas Deadmans hand Black Scorpion Monopoly Board 250000 Caches World diabetes Coin Piranha Coin Bones and Roses Coin Gaus Geocoin 4. Stadtmeisterschaft Darmstadt Gold DRunners Jing/Jang (Silver / Cooper) Hazzard II Perry Leipzig Eventcoin Nickel American Flag Coin Geotoids Jersey Cachers FTF Coin Pursuit of Geocaching Brown Pursuit of Geocaching Yellow Pursuit of Geocaching Lila Megapott GeOlympics Silver LE Geobash T_Shirt Regions of Germany Der Pott Cacht Autism Awarnes Ribbon Labrador Wild Man Personal Coin Moose Geocoin LE (Geocoinshop) NRW Goes Geocaching Lord of the Rings Earth Nickel Lord of the Rings Earth Gold Adventures in Geocaching # 1 Magelan Armed Police Squad Lord of the Rings Earth ant. Silver Juckebox LE MWGB Team Sand Dollar Curse of the Pirates Treasure CM/CW 2 Tone (XLE 50 Minted) Zoester Nickel Staffordshire 2007 Thunderegg Cooper Evil Mastermind Yellow Gold Wherigo Coin Wildlife Muggels Gold Sneacky Andlers Wildlife Muggels Gold Bucky Beaver Wildlife Muggels Gold Sniffer Skunk Wildlife Muggels Gold Tasmanien Devil 850 Jahre München XLE (10 minted) Gold Glowing 850 Jahre München XLE (10 minted) BN Glowing Toronto 2006 The Devil mystery coin Angel mystery Coin Secret Agent Mystery Coin Bandita Mystery Coin I´m seeking XXL Coins Geosmurfzs Some mystery Coins If you are interessted in to trade or buy please send me an mail. Best regards René
  19. Hi, i also received the first mission. The arrive from canada. I got the Toronto 2006 Geocoin, an Easter Bunny and a World Diabetis Coin. Many thanks for this great coins. Greetings René
  20. The several colours are great. The two tone is one of my favorit metal. But i would be happy about every of this coins if you would love to send it to me. Greetings René
  21. Hi, i´m seeking a mapamundi xxl silver colour. I have money and some traders and mystery coins. Greetings René
  22. UPDATE: Geocaching name - crazybear and honey (Mission honey) E-mail sent - 2-04-10 Received name - 3-02-10 Number Of Missions - 1 Mission Mailed - 3-12-10 Mission Received - Geocaching name - crazybear and honey (Mission crazybear) E-mail sent - 2-04-10 Received name - 3-02-10 Number Of Missions - 1 Mission Mailed - 3-12-10 Mission Received - Many thanks. Greatings René
  23. Woohoo, what a great design. I love the picture. I hope sometimes one of this coins will find his way in my mailbox. ;-) Many thanks for let us know. Best regards René
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