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  1. List is updated to current and I added some bulk pictures. E-Mail sent
  2. I Like this design. I hope to get one. Best regards René
  3. Oh my got. Today i got mail from aliens ;-) I could hold one of this great "space" coins in my hand. Thank you so much dear mystery sender. I wish you all the best. Many thanks René
  4. Hi all, i´m seeking the following coin geobaby girl Pink Diapers Many thanks and best regards René
  5. Congrates to this great mysts. Best regards René
  6. Congrate to all who got this great coin. You all could be so lucky. Thanks to the mystery Coin giver that you let all the people smile. Best regards René
  7. Congrates to all you lucky coiners to get this great coin. I dont know how much i have to crossed my fingers, so big is my hope to received sometimes also one of this great coins. The Alliens do not need so long for the way to my mailbox ;-) Best regards René
  8. Woohoo what a great design. It looks like a space Coin. I like this coin. Hope some times i could get one of this great coins. Best regards René
  9. Hi all. i need help to find some coins. I´m looking for Easter Bunny Mystery Coin Charly Brown Version Sinterklaase Mystery Coin Compass Rose Yime Version any (could be activated) It would be so great to get the one ore other of this coins. I have a lot of coins up for trade ;-) Please contact me. Best regards René
  10. Hi, im looking for the way where i can get the activationcode for the teh twelce days of caching 2007. Many thanks for your help. Best regards René
  11. From their webshop, the code came with the coin. You might have to contact them. Many thanks. Best regards René
  12. E-Mail send. Finger crossed.
  13. Is there any one who knows where i can get one if this great looking coins. I Would love to trade ore do something else for this. Best regards René
  14. Cangrates to all receivers. I hope some times one of this great coins will find his way in a cache near by me or in my mailbox ;-) Best regards René
  15. Hi, where i can find the activationcodes for ellandel coins? Many thanks and best regards René
  16. My heart desires for this great coins. Sinterklaas 2006 Sinterklaas 2007 and i woulr realy proud if i could get an Easter Bunny Charly Brown version But this are things i think that needs so much of hope to get one. Best regards René
  17. Congrates Dr. Neal. There are some great mystery coins in. Best regards René
  18. Hi, i´m seeking a sinterklaas mystery coin and the Easter bunny Coin - Charly brown i have some older mysterycoins up for trade. If any one is interested in to trade ore something else please let me know. Best regards René
  19. OoOoohh Yeaah. What a great day. Yesterday i have worked a long time and as i´m at home late in the evening i found on my desk a golden mailer. I couldn´t wait until the next the and have open it and what i found was so great. I got one of this brand new mystery coins i would realy like. Thank you soooooooo much my mystery friend. I wish you the best. Greatings René
  20. You could be so happy to get this great coins. I´m looking since years for several Yime Edition Compass Rose but until now i do not have the chance to get one of these coins. I have a dream to finish my compass Rose collection, but this would be a dream for the next years. I got all compass roses since 2005. But i have not enough money to spend this in the yime versions on ebay. So i try to find a way to get some times one of each coin i´m searching. So you should be proud to get this coins end enjoy them. Best regards René
  21. Hi, i´m seeking the following coins: Sinterclaas Mystery Coin Easter Geocoin Bunny Woodstock Easter Geocoin Bunny Charly Brown I Have up for trade Secret Agent Mystery Angel Mystery Bandita Mystery Creepy Crawlers Mystery It would be so great to find someone who wants to trade ore something else. Please contact me. Best regards René
  22. OOOh Yeaah. Congrates Dr. Neal to get some cool coins. I realy like the Zomby tribe. Great Trades. Best regards René
  23. I´m so happy for you that you received such a great coin. Also i wish all who gets this great coin realy good time and enjoy your present. :-) Best regards René
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