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  1. To prevent all of the teams heading to locations at the same time, start them each in a different direction. Have Team A headed to Point 1, while Team B is headed to Point 2, Team C to Point 3, etc. They all have to get a ribbon from each point, they just get them in a different order from each other.
  2. I told my parents about it. When I asked for a GPSr for my birthday last year, they said "are you going to do that geocaching thing?" So they had already heard about geocaching. I told them I am going to have to take them caching when they come for a visit.
  3. All of the caches on my watch list are ones that are on my "to find" list. That way, if something changes about the cache, I get an e-mail about it so I don't head out looking for a cache that isn't there anymore or something like that. Like just this week, several caches on my watch list are hidden by the same person. They are moving from the area and have decided not to adopt out their caches, so they posted notes on each page explaining when the caches are going to be removed.
  4. You could try doing something like a multi I found yesterday. The final stage was in a heavily wooded area of a local park. The ammo can was tied with rope, and hung about 20 feet up in a tree. It was simply a matter of figuring out the knots in the rope on the tree trunk, and lowering the can down in order to open it. Of course, this wouldn't work if you hung it from the only tree in a park, but I think it worked well in this park.
  5. I like winter caching, I started this past November when I got my GPSr for my birthday. I also like drizzly day caching. You know those days when it threatens to rain, or just drizzles enough to keep "normal" people out of the parks, but not enough to prevent you from being outside. I try to go out on the days when the fewest number of people are going to be in the parks. I just like it better when I have a park to myself, that way there are no funny stares when I come walking out of the woods. I'm lucky, my work schedule always gives me Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, so I can go during the week when everybody else is at work. I save the weekends for caches in business areas.
  6. I click on the map on the cache page, and zoom in on the map to see where the cache is. I have a street atlas for my area, so I put little removable dot stickers on the location, so I can glance at the map and see how many caches I will be able to hit in one trip.
  7. A hardhat, toolbelt, and clipboard - instant invisibility cloaking. As well as a master key to just about everything in the world! My favorite! Right, that might help to be ignored, go to a GCS dressed as one of the The Village People. Y'know, when I first wore that outfit, I actually wondered if that might actually accidentally be an attractant for some of the park denizens due to the Villag People thing, but I gambled on a gut sense that most observers -- particularly any who were a bit nervous about their intentions or their activities -- would assume that I was some kind of city employee or contractor and that I was there on official business, and would therefore keep their distance. So far, my gut sense has been correct, and ALL the various inhabitants of the park -- from across about a dozen different subcultures or segments of urban society -- have left me alone, and the majority of the park visitors immediately walk quickly to their vehicles and leave the park. Course, it might actually be due to the fact that I am exceptionally ugly, and balding and gap-toothed to boot! You know, that's a good idea. I am a city employee (water treatment plant operator). Maybe I should start wearing my ID prominently when I head into city parks.
  8. I am not so scared of injuries or animals, but I am scared that I might bring some bugs home that will infest my cat.
  9. I carry a paper list of all the caches I have entered in my GPSr. When I find one, I write what I took and what I left next to the cache, so when I get home I can remember.
  10. Hi. My name is Anne, and I am a lurker. I am fairly new to geocaching (14 finds so far), so I have just been soaking everything up in the forums so far.
  11. I try not to give away cache positions by waiting until I can slip away unnoticed by others in the park. Until that time, I usually act like I am studying the trees, even to the point that I pick up "specimins" from the ground and put them in my pack. I try to be as discrete as possible while back in the tree line as well. I will stand behind a tree and scan the area for likely spots, then move to them when the coast is clear. I prefer to practice "better safe than sorry."
  12. I usually take a fanny pack with my paper cache list, items to trade, and GPSr. Depending on the area where I am headed, I might add some more specific items.
  13. I have come across several caches that are hidden in the flood plain of a stream. If you are going to hide one near a stream or other body of water, take the time to find out how high the water is going to rise after a heavy rain or snow melt.
  14. I'm glad I checked, I was about to ask the same question.
  15. I consolidate my errands with my caching as much as possible. If I am going to a store for something anyway, I check for caches in the area and located on the route I will be taking.
  16. When you have the page open for a cache in the park you are interested in, below the cache description is a section called "Find..." This section allows you to search for caches near the coordinates to that cache. In other words, the closest ones to that cache are most likely to be in the same park.
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