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  1. I got a Nuvi 300 at Christmas and enjoy the way it directs my route while driving. I entered the co-ord's to a cache, which was located close to a road and was basicly directed right to it! Wow, that opens up Geocaching to millions more Seems that if there are no roads, the Nuvi 300 won't find the cache? Was wondering if I can download Garmin Mapsource Topo and/or a Canadian topo map into the Nuvi - also will waypoints download from Mapsource Topo?
  2. About two weeks ago I noticed I was getting blank email from Groundspeak - Weekly Notification. I submitted a question about this and while waiting for response, I started clicking various options - with Outlook Express. I found what works but you need to do it each time you get blank email. Click: VIEW -- ENCODING--WESTERN EUROPEEN WINDOWS - that is probably your defalt setting, but for some reason the blank email is being converted to UNICODE (UTF-8) - no clue where or why. - Huntski
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