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    I have to say thinking about it of course it's possible. All the same my deepest respect to those who treat the GPS as an optional extra
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    I thought I'd ask... Does anyone out there Geocache without a GPS? I mean with compass and map etc? If they do is it more of a challenge? (Obvious I suppose)
  3. I use a Hewlett Packard RX3715 (Sadly no longer made). You can get a wide range of HP PDA's the best thing is they use Windows Mobile Operating Systems and integrate very well with Windows on the PC. Most of the time it's a simple case of click and drag a file from your desktop to the PDA (Mobile Device). There is a huge range of downloadable software and freeware. I wouldn't bother with the types with integrated phones they tend to be a bit of a faff. This will take you to the HP ipaq choice website http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/ho/WF...1679-21679.html Which shows the current range available. The prices shown can be found cheaper on the internet stores. You use a stylus with touch screen which can be fiddly if your not used to it. I find it best to create spreadsheets/documents etc. on the PC and download them to the PDA (the download is normally automatic as soon as you connet the PDA to it's cradle or USB cable) Instructions are usually pretty clear with written manuals and online help. Adobe also provide a free version of Acrobat for PDA's so you can copy acrobat files to the PDA for viewing. If you take the PDA Geocaching I'd get a protective case and screen protectors as they don't like mud/dirt/rocks/water
  4. I'd bought the GPS to find ground speed when Kite Buggying, so it was something useful to use the GPS for when I couldn't kite. Plus I like walking/biking but prefer to have a goal or target it makes it more interesting
  5. So should I email them? I will be very surprised if one of the GAGB Committee has not read this topic and will post a reply soon. But if it worries you why not copy your original posting to the GAGB forum. Thanks John I will
  6. Here's a little list I prepared for another site Ah the mystery of the interweb eh? ITWIM - Is this what it means? KISS - Keep it simple Stupid (not you I hasten to add) KWIM - Know what I mean DIM - Did it myself RE - Reference SAR -Smart a** Remarks ROTFLSHISMC, ROFLMAO - variations on ROFL Rolling on the floor larfing ie ROFL so hard I spilled my coffeee, ROFl my a** off, ROFLMHO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Head Off, ROFLOL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud and so on... PTMM - Please tell me more YKWIM - You know what I mean POV - Point of view OTOH - On the other hand ISO - In search of [answers, enlightenment, the bloke who smacked my car etc.) IMHO - In My Honest Opinion HAK - Hugs and kisses HAND - Have a nice day [y'all] GTG - Got to go GR8 - Great BBS - Be back soon TTFN - (A real old one this) Ta Ta for now Like all jargon it is doublespeak and therefore doubleplus ungood! Here's hoping it helps
  7. It's in "Analysis of Responses" page 8 section 37 and page 12 section 57 "New Issues Suggested" 3rd bullet point in section. If you want to see the whole consultation excercise see http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/...eation-byelaws/ Ah everyone beat me to it
  8. Sorry for the title however my brother was researching a unrelated topic and came across a DEFRA consulatation document concerning amendments to Council Bylaws in the UK specifically their application to the use of the countryside for recreation see link http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/...tion%2Dbyelaws/ (see sections marked consulatation document) In amongst the usual government speak is a section concerning Geocaching specifically on of the consulted bodies suggested Geocaching should be included under controlled/excluded activities. This does not mean Geocaching was to be included however the State has it's eye on Geocaching and it may be included in future reviews of Council bylaws controlling or prohibiting certain activities. As a newbie does Geocahing have a representative body? Will this body be able to represent Geocacher's if this past time comes under the spotlight?
  9. 40+ Metric and Decimal degrees for sure it's simpler to work in ten's, we should have made the permanent switch 35 years ago like the Australians and New Zealanders then there wouldn't be any confusion. After all a metre is close enough to a yard when trying visualise distance.
  10. After one of my current traction/power kite flock the 5metre Peter Lynn Rebble which I also do (kite buggying that is) when the wind is good and the weather is better than it has been. GPS was originally bought to find out how fast you go and distance travelled.
  11. I am a newbie to GPS and Geocaching in all matters. I have started to use re-chargeable NiMh batteries in my etrex to save money. As they operate on a lower voltage (1.2volt) will this affect signal quality or strength? Sorry if its a dumb question but I thought I'd check. Thanks in advance for any advice
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