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  1. Yes it will working on mine but i had installed it several years ago. When i did a fresh install of windows 10, mapsourse refused to install. Not sure what the original version is but the fresh install is the pro version
  2. GSAK is a great tool but sadly the creator has dropped support due to health issues a few years back. I still use it because I have used it for quite a few years. As far as GPSrs goes , the ol' 60 series pre Mediatek chip sets was probably the best receivers made for the civilian users. I still have my old 60Cx and it still works. I have like atlas used most of the Garmin lineup. I have not however used any of the newer units that have the active mapping so I cannot speak to that feature but I hear its the bees knees. LOL. I am on my 4th Montana 600 series, 2 hardware issues during warranty period, one screen that broke around 3 sides after quite a few years of constant use in cold and heat extremes so I certainly can't complain on the durability of that one. Now rocking a 610T that I got a few months prior to the release of the 700 series of Montana. I have a few cradles setup in my vehicles for the 600 series so not interested in upgrading for a couple years yet. Now the downside to the 60 series of the GPSMAP is it works wth mapsourse which is no longer supported and I haven't been successful at installing on a fresh windows 10 install. But GSAK if you can find it will overcome that. The other option if you want hardware button input is move up to a more recent generation like the GPSMAP 6s series, works with Basecamp but way cheaper then the latest 66/65 series.
  3. I ain't no artist as you'll see by my crude drawing but here is a diagram showing which pins supply the power.
  4. 60 Cx still rocking the correct date after a 2 week with no batteries installed.
  5. In couple days we will witness( or not) the equivalent of the Y2K bug in older GPSr's. I have 2 Legends HCx's and an older 60Cx. I akso just purchased a Montana 610t to replace my old Montana 600. Easy to se with my old eyes.
  6. Garmin offers a flat rate repair for most units. It may be as high as a new model. The USB ports are available in many configurations, flat, vertical, surface mount,etc. But a real PITA to replace.
  7. Maybe try a new card but they can fail randomly and they do wear out over a number of uses. I have had issues where i uploaded caches via GSAK and then powered down the GPS without restarting until later and using the safe eject so the SD card doesn't get corrupted. Almost every time I don't do an immediate GPS power up, the caches fail to display while in the field. I normally write them to the SD card. The fix has been to power down, remove SD card, power up. After the GPS has finished booting, power down and replace the SD card and power up again. They show up normally afterwards. No idea why.
  8. OMG, seems a day never goes by without learning something new. Thanks. I recently sold my Montana 600 and am about to order a 680 but I have a feeling Garmin is about to either release a new 4" handheld or stop supporting them. Seems like the Oregon line has been getting lots of updates lately compared to the Montana.
  9. Hmmm, not what i wanted to hear as I sold my 600 and was planning on buying a 680 soon. If live chat isn't working, call their support line. Since I have gone to touch screen models, I have had at least one warranty replacement. Was on the 2nd Montana replacement which I've had for 2 years now when i sold it. Had an Oregon, nice unit but bit small for my aging eyes.
  10. Thanks, could you list or point me someplace that shows the difference in features.
  11. Hi all My old Montana 600 has suffered a fatal injury so to speak, digitizer failure. I have looked into a non warranty replacement through Garmin but it's $220 plus tax and shipping, and it's still gonna be a discontinued product. I would like a camera in my next unit so i have been looking at the Montana 680 and the older Monterra. I use my GPS in my truck and on my ATV as well as for geocaching. I have found a refurbished Monterra for $570 and wonder if it has any advantages over the Montana.
  12. Sadly it is not capable of doing what you would like. It records tracks and waypoints but you have to be there to record it as opposed to entering the data before hand manually of downloading it to the device. Once it has recorded the data you can return to a particular waypoint or backtrack the track you just recorded.
  13. Are you running the latest firmware on the Monterra? Have you checked the Monterra wiki, lots of info on the wiki's for variuos Garmin
  14. x2, I had to do this with my wife's GPS, worked well.
  15. Hi I had a 500, they are a multi use GPS for the car, bike, boat or walking with geocaching capability. Personally I found it harder to find caches as it would wander bad near ground zero compared to any other unit I have own and I've owned a lot of them. Also, changing settings to switch between modes was a bit cumbersome as was physically handling the unit, no place for a lanyard, unit s a bit on the large size. I would look at an Oregon 450, right around $200 these day, recently discontinued but a very stable unit and easier to use the the nuvi500/550. Other nuvi's can be made to work also but thats a bit "techie" too.
  16. My last 3 handheld Garmins have been replaced under warranty with I assume was refurbs. My take on it now is, if your probably going to end up with a refurb, might as well only pay for what you have. The last one that was replaced was a montana 600, got a smokin deal on it 6 months after they were introduced. Assume it was a refurb but at least the price was in line with what I ended up with. go refurb, get the extended warrant and put the rest into your gas tank for caching trips.
  17. Lots of true free maps out there as others have posted. If you can make do without maps, great but personally, I use my montana for car nav, ATV nav, hunting, fishing, mountain biking and hiking. I have topo and highway maps plus I use my own tracks to generate my own trail maps.
  18. Silly question... did you update the firmware? I have yet to see any GPS or phone not need a a few firmware updates to fix user reported bugs.
  19. Asus Transformer requires a converter from their proprietary connector to a female host USB port.
  20. I believe the 62 model did away with the old serial port which could handle the wide range of input voltage. Now the external power is supplied through the USB port which is 5 volts. So you will need either an adapter that can handle a wide range of voltages and output the required 5 volts or a 24 volt to 12 volt adapter that you can plug a standard USB/car adapter into.
  21. SBA is probably the best and quickest way to deal with this kinda situations,
  22. and yet near me, the old highway (bypassed by a 4 lane about 10 years ago) is correctly displayed on Apple's map and incorrectly on google and garmin both.
  23. So are you talking using the GPS in the Android device to obtain the coordinates or are you talking interfacing with a handheld full featured GPSr?
  24. Got android market or google play I guess it's called these days. I recently got a decent tablet and have been searching and loading apps. There are many GPS apps to do a variety of things. cgeo & gdak for geocaching there's a lot of assorted GPS apps there, you'll have to look and maybe Google for "top 10 android GPS apps".
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