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  1. This is exactly my view of the situation, If there is something that is dangerous or needs caution I'll put an attribute but if you need to know if your kids or dogs can go with you to GZ than check out the map.
  2. I think this is the main problem that some of the newer cachers don't realize. They get excited about getting the cache up tahtthey don't notice the option after the fact to add attributes.
  3. TJdamon


    I met Mike the first time in SunRiver at Suzyfishn's Oktobercache event and then he came to one of our GEO meetings. He is a great person and will be truly missed. RIP friend.
  4. I have the Nuvi 500 and it only holds 2000
  5. I was just looking at the Description for a Mega Event and it says you need 500+ attended, The COWWS Friday Meet & Greet and Luau event before GeoWoodstock has over 1000 people attended to it so I was just wondering if its status should be changed to a Mega Event.
  6. I second this, There are alot of us that show up at these events, There is actually one this Saturday I believe at North Clackamas Park. I wouldn't mind giving a hand if time frames are right. Ilso agree to stick to the larger sized caches until you can figure out some of the hiding techniques that are around.
  7. We had a blast all weekend from meeting new people at the campsite to all of the great events. Job well done, Thank you.
  8. I have a 60csx and when I leave it plugged into the computer to download caches even though it indicates its running on usb power it eats up my batteries, I just realized this because I was goin through batteries way faster than usual.
  9. I found a cache today that had 5000 pesos in it, Too bad they are old.
  10. There is one of those here in Oregon that a local cacher did, Awesome job on the TB too it has a mini ammo can with the coords. in it. The cache is a Mystery cache. Here is a link to the TB.Monkey's Backwood Stash for the Cache You need to Log both the cache and the TB to get full credit.
  11. Holy Macro cache GC278ME Its on the way into the Original Stash in Redland, OR. Only took us an Hour to find the little bugger
  12. Tequila and beer. AMEN!!! I second that....
  13. I f you're still at the coast and the weather is good give Tunnel Of Fun GC1EWZ9 a try. Its an awesome cache but just be careful.
  14. C'mon now, I can't possibly be the only one who noticed the mass influx of newbie generated "TFTC" logs and couldn't figure it out. Or am I? Or it could be Laziness or a lack of experience. I also have noticed this.
  15. I have a cache that i placed 32 ft up a pine tree and I rated it at 2.5/4.5. It's only had 3 finders in the last year but none of them complained about the rating on it.
  16. Here are a few; GCW6EM DR. who GC1ADPD Place of Disbelief 2:Spiderman Spiderman GC1EWZ9 Tunnel Of Fun And if you're really crazy try: GC278ME Holy Macro!
  17. Like Hrethgir said, Bring it on wacko!!! It sounds like some one has been eating or smoking too many of the mushrooms they photograph.
  18. I have a cache that is an ammo can 32ft up a tree and I rated it a 2-1/2 \ 4-1/2
  19. Here is my Geo Pug Cisco at the Original Stash Plaque. Pic is is my Avatar. <----------
  20. I prefer the handgun... me too. Specially after stumbling on to a homeless person sleeping in the trees behind a hotel. So you needed a gun as you intruded into someone elses "home". That must be why burglars need to carry guns too, just in case they are confronted by an occupant of the residence in which they are intruding. I didn't know the woods were someones home that you could intrude on , And you never know what they could be on.. So yes I prefer my handguns also....
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