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  1. Thanks tlbeers for also contacting me through my profile! Hopefully we will be caching with you in Okinawa soon! We have contacts so far for Hong Kong, China and Macau - working out the details. We also have a probable guide for Taipei. We are still open to any and all that want to meet and cache!
  2. Twirly Girl and I will be in Hong Kong from mid February to about mid March. We are interested in meeting up with any local cachers to sight see and find a few geocacaches (of course). We are also planning to cruise across the harbor and spend one day in Macau. We will also have at least one day in each of these cities: Shenzhen, Peoples Republic of China; Naha, Okinawa, Japan; Taipei, Taiwan, China and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China. We are hoping to meet fellow cachers for sight-seeing, shopping, lunch, and of course, grabbing a few geocaches. Please contact me through my profile page for information and itinerary if interested, or if you know of a local cacher I can contact. Thanks!
  3. I ran two queries this morning. The route query came through to my g-mail account in about a minute (as is usual). Five hours later the standard pocket query I generated has still not arrived..... I do this all the time so I know how it works, but no matter what I do it will not send the zip file..... So now I am off to Las Vegas with a two week old zip file.
  4. I am also seeing a problem with cache size. My new cache is a micro and "micro" was selected on the edit page. The web page shows it as a "small" cache and may be causing problems for cachers. Check this link GC1397G. I agree about the "face" count. It is certainly not correct!
  5. That's deep. The world likes a thinker. I think you have some aweome ideas! I tried that I guess I am doing something wrong???? You can't add a picture for them. They have to upload their own avatar image (you won't see it on their profile page). Once your friend does that, you will see their avatar on your friends page.
  6. I love this new feature! Great job! It makes it convenient to have all of your friends in one area. It is nice when I am away from Outlook – as I have a links for e-mailing friends in one spot without having to look them up each time. Yup, I have a line up problem as well, Flutey. I would love to be able to sort the tiles too - although sorting alphabetically would place me near the bottom of your list. As far as e-mailed logs we now know that will be a selectable function. AND as far as privacy - we have always had the ability to quick link to “see what someone’s up to” and read their logs on the hide and seek page. Hey folks - you are posting to the internet when you log – there is nothing private about that! I have to agree, I don’t believe your “friends” page should be public – there are other sites for this kind of thing. But, I do not think I want to know if someone has 75 friends or 1 friend – it doesn’t really mean anything to me – should it? This is geocaching dot com not popularity dot com. The popular people will be popular and the rest of us will be the rest of us – who cares? I guess if the number of friends one has is destined to be a stat – so be it – I just won’t have any need or use for it.
  7. Yes, now would be a good time to visit Arizona - do a little caching - drop a few coins - you know, before it gets too hot and toasty?!?!
  8. I had a great time and met a lot of nice people - Hey, let's do this again sometime! Thanks to everyone who put in a lot of work to make it happen!
  9. Thanks Raine, It was good to see you again and of course I love the coin!!
  10. PLease put me down for a set.
  11. Received mine! It truly is an awesome coin. Thank you!
  12. I've been waiting for this one also! Order placed.
  13. WhirledCache


    What a pleasant surpirse! I love the coin - Thanks and Happy Holidays to you too!!
  14. Pre-registered. I will be there, for those of you who are interested, and I don't seem to.... see.... anyone that... is, so...alrighty then. I just might see you there - and you won't know who I am (hehehe) - so you will just have to be on your best behavior.
  15. Put me down for a set, please.
  16. I am not able to log any geocache finds either! Logging a benchmark still works fine though.
  17. Why yes, that is still the plan! Unfortunately I won't know for sure until Friday night or Saturday morning! Even though I live in Arizona, I am still looking forward to putting some faces with names! I have been looking forward to this event since it was posted, wanting all the while to post a "will attend"! I would sure like to meet you and 70+ of the best folks around! Sounds like too much fun - I will try to be there (with friends and goodies in tow)!
  18. Wow, thanks for all the interest lately! But, I did get a chance to do the A.P.E. cache on the 9th with two very nice local cachers; fishwild and scubiekim. I will never forget the most excellent time we had together! Sorry it didn't work out as a group thing, as interest up until I went on the 9th was, well, zero. This is a nice hike and a fun adventure. Find someone and go do it - I highly recommended this cache!
  19. Got mine today - awesome is an understatement. I'm glad I went for this one.
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