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    Live Display

    I find that sometimes its nice to be able to see more of the map than the Montana i have can display at any one time so would like to still use the montana but view my live position on a larger screen be it a laptop or ipad. So any software that will allow me to display topo maps and OS maps. Not looking for much more than that if honest. SOmeone has once said you can save cached maps from google earth which might be cool as it owuld provide you with plenty detail but i guess you would have to "run" the whole route you plan on taking prior to going in order to save the maps required. I think i have lots to learn still.
  2. Warrenpfo

    Live Display

    Many thanks ill have a google and try to now find the ebst software to use.
  3. Warrenpfo

    Live Display

    Is there a list of GPS units from Garmin that will allow you to display your position on a laptop live? Is this function called soemthing specific so that i could search on it? I assume this is done via usb. Many thanks Warren
  4. Great thread with loads of info, thanks. Is there a way of plugging my montana into my laptop/tablet or pc to then give me a live feed as to my position? Thanks
  5. There is lots of great information on here and thank you all for contributing. Now for the question. Does anyone know if the Montana can be connected to ones CB radio to transmit my position to others like on my old 276c? If yes can someone show/tell/point me in the right direction.
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