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  1. Hey Collectors i am looking for some coins unactivated would be great, but activated with adoption is also fine. RC Firetruck Yellow GCF Versions the Antique Gold AE25 (last Missing for the Set) Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Kiwi / Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Peacock (Black Nickel) Wolf Song Geocoinfest Glitter Version Gele Bussie Geocoin (all versions) Geocoinfest 2009 Geocoin (The Geocoinfest Express) in Copper Guardians of the Night Geocoin Antique Silver Black Glitter, Satin Nickel White Glitter, Shinygold Purple Glitter, Antique Silver light Blue Glitter Best regards and stay safe David
  2. Hey Collectors i am looking for some coins RC Firetruck Yellow GCF Versions Mehndi Mandala Geocoin ANTIQUE SILVER Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Psycho Rainbow v1 Wolf Song Geocoinfest Glitter Version Gele Bussie Geocoin (all versions) Geocoinfest 2009 Geocoin (The Geocoinfest Express) in Copper Best regards and stay safe David
  3. My new list with the Coins i search #1 Compass Rose Geocoin 2011 LE Yemonlight #2 Compass Rose Geocoin 2011 LE Witching Hour #3 Neptunes Compass Geocoin - Neptune’s Compass – TSUN Version #4 RC Firetruck Geocoin (yellow) (BN; SG; AG) #5 Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Silver Hope someone can help me
  4. Looking for Compass Rose Geocoins 2011 LEs Witching Hour (YemonYime LE21) Yemonlight (YemonYime LE21) The last Coins missing in my Compass Rose Collection but i am also looking for Super LEs 2006/2010/2011 Looking also for some other Coins RC Firetrucks in Yellow Guardians of the Night Geocoin Wolf Song Geocoinfest Geocoin GLITTER Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Silver (unactivated) If you sell some of this coins or want to trade please contact me! :-).
  5. My new list with the Coins i search #1 Compass Rose Geocoin 2010 LE Graciosa Got it! #1 CW88 Kaieke Geocoins (All Editions) #2 Neptunes Compass Geocoin - Neptune’s Compass – TSUN Version #3 Compass Rose Geocoins Yemon Yime from 2010 - 2012 #4 RC Firetruck Geocoin (yellow) (all metals) #5 Compass Rose Geocoin 2007 *Shinygold with Polished Nickel Wheel* Have it! #5 Mehndi Mandala Geocoin (last 3 missing Versions) Hope someone can help me
  6. Will there be a List of The editions or pictures of The artworks? :-) David
  7. Is the last one in the second row copper? It does not look like that on this photo, but I would think it is. I have a bianchi green with brown seat on copper. Hey it isn't copper it's Black Nickel so one more version on my list :-) what exist =)
  8. This are the Scooters i have in my collection.
  9. I will make a photo and load it up what versions i have :-)
  10. Hey, i bought in the past a few Geo Scooter Geocoins actually i have 11 different versions. Is there somewhere a list about the Editions? actually i know there are min. 14 Editions existent ... i am looking for the missing versions - GeoScooter Geocoin *Purple/Grey Seat* *Yellow/Black Seat* *Darkblue/Darkgrey Seat* Best regards David
  11. Ordered the Version for Frankfurt/Main Germany :-) Happy and looking forward to see the Artwork and finally the coin.
  12. I am really interested this time :-) please send me infos via my Profil :-). What is the minimum of order and what's the price :-) Best regards David
  13. I am interested in the 2005 Volunteer Geocoin ....
  14. Sale Starts at 6th of January 6pm CET Best regards David
  15. Here a really great info for all: Coins are available in beginning of January 2015, i will inform you asap with the exact Date & Time when i know. Wish you all Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year. David.
  16. 6:30pm CET is Start of the sale on www.geocachingshop.nl =) Have a nice day and enjoy this cool coin :-).
  17. Hey Coincollectors and Addicts, my best friend Tobias Riefer alias accessburn has worked with the geocachingshop.nl together on his 1st Coinprojekt. The Coins will be available at 16th of December in the Evening European Time! We hope you enjoy the Trans Am.
  18. The Compass Rose 2010 Graciosa is the limited Edition of the Compass Roses 2010. There are around 180 pieces of this coins minted. If its activated price is between 40 € - 50 € and for an unactivated coin i think 80 - 90 € would be a fair price. A few month ago a person has listed that coin 5 times again (unactivated) in ebay. Startprice was 222,22 € this coin was never sold. The Yemon Yime XLE42 Pieces minted has a value between 150€ - 220€. I hope that helps you a little bit. Have a nice evening David.
  19. Some problems in the mint bring some changes .... available they will be in the end of December (i hope a few days for christmas). The mistake for Version "Arbeitstier" is solved and it will become LE 150. Wish you a nice week. David
  20. The factory made a small mistake so from the modell A "Arbeitstier" what was the LE 150 only exist 75 pieces because they made a mistake by the engraving . Actually there is now no LE but i think that isn't a big problem :-) the most models are limited. I hope you enjoy this coin. best regards David
  21. Infos & Pictures The link in the first post isn't working so here the pictures
  22. I have talked with the Shop and we have the Prices for the Locomotives. Baureihe 218 Geocoin Version C: Regular Edition: 12,95€ Version A: Limited Edition 150 : 13,95€ Version B & D: Extra Limitied Edition 100: 14,45€ Version E & F: Extra Extra Limited Edition 75: 14,95€ Version A - G: Collectors Set with AE 7 Editions: 99,95€ Best regards David Other Info: Version D get a new Name sounds better: "Rheingold" =)
  23. The Baureihe 218 Geocoin is my 2nd Coinproject. The main work for that cool Geocoin comes from Willem-Jan from geocachingshop.nl. I give him the idea and told him what i want and so whe have talked many times about the Artwork and here and there was small changes but no we can present you this cool Geocoin. The Baureihe 218 is one of my favorite locomotives from German Rail (Deutsche Bahn). Some Models are in the original colours they drive for DB. Some Colors i choose because i like them. Modell A LE 150 „Arbeitstier“ Modell B XLE 100 „Ozeanblaue“ Modell C RE „Purpurne“ Modell D XLE 100 „Rheingold“ Modell E XXLE 75 „Ending“ Modell F XXLE 75 „Ghosttrain“ Modell G AE 40 „Elegance“ Every Coin get a consecutive numbering. 7 Editions available at This Link. in End November/Beginning December 2014. All Coins in the set will have the same number on each modell so you when you purchase a set as example you get set 10 so the numbering is 010/150 , 010/100 , 10, 010/100, 10/75 , 10/75 and 10/40. The Artist Edition "Modell G Elegance" is only available in the collectors Set with all Seven Editions. Picture of the Samples Version E | Version G Version C | Version F Version A | Version D Picture of the Artwork (A is now LE 150 and C will become RE) I wish you much fun with this Geocoin and many thanks to Willem-Jan for the help. If you have questions please ask. Best regards David <Indirect link removed by moderator. Direct link added>
  24. Hum...Whereisit? 2 versions are available now at 1stcacher.com .... but the shippingrates to Germany are to high and i didn't want to contact the shop when i want to order a coin ... what is with the Preordered and Payed Halloween Wolf Pack 2 Moon is it shipped does the Customers get informations? Best regards David
  25. Hey people, i know this posts are really old but it could be someone can help me with the Artist Edition of the Neptunes Compass Geocoin! I own 8 Versions and the AE is missing. If someone can help please mail me via my GC Profil
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