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  1. We-e-e-e-ll, why would an Owner want to delete a log he can't see? Those logs should be visible on any browser an Owner uses, not only on a select few.
  2. This issue seems to be fixed. When I tried it yesterday, it worked as before.
  3. Thanks for the tip, 1in7! Found it. When opening the labcache page, I start with the builder page as a default, and there is no menu button. From the main page it works.
  4. This doesn't work for me. When I click the chevron that is what I get: No "View Finds" here. But HHL's workaround helps.
  5. Tried this again, (now?) it works. As I am an AdventureLab owner myself, I used to be permanently logged in to labs. Now I seem to be logged out automatically whenever I leave the page. A little irritating, compared to "before".
  6. When I wanted to see my Labcache finds, I used to go to my public profile, Geocaches section, click on the corresponding line, and was redirected to the appropriate list. Last time I used this successfully was Sunday, May 2nd. When I tried this yesterday, it didn’t work anymore. When I put my mouse pointer on the line, the address shows below, see screenshot: What I get is this page: With other cache types, this procedure still works, for instance Wherigo: Clicking on this links redirects me to the correct Wherigo find list. So, I think, this just concerns Lab cache finds. It would be nice if this issue could be fixed in the near future. Thanks in advance! PereSant
  7. I've had this bug since April 17 (for 20 days now), and it is still bugging. Could HQ at least give us some progress report, apart from "Thank you for reporting this issue. We have passed it along to the Engineering team. "?
  8. Yee-haaa! Seems to be fixed, my pocket queries are showing correctly again.
  9. Same here, and has been addressed already by other users in another thread. Engineering team in Seattle should be ashamed of themselves! Some basic rules about programmming I learned: 1) If you want to change a website, draw a backup copy first 2) Write your changes offline 3) Before putting your changes online, test them. 4) Have them tested by someone else. 5) Put them online 6) If something is wrong, put the backup copy back online 7) Correct mistakes offline 8) And fast!!!!! Seems quite straightforward for me! You know, some of us out here are paying customers, and we expect performance, not excuses. Just my two cents, no offense intended.
  10. Nope. I tested it just now with Windows10/Firefox, and the bug is still bugging
  11. Hi there, for some days now, I encounter a problem with the checkbox "press Enter to send". Before, I left this box unchecked, and it used to work properly. It is unchecked when I open the message center, but every time I want to start a new message, it will check automatically. Then, every time I want to enter a line feed, the message ist sent, even if not completed. Even when I uncheck the box during writing, the message is sent when I press Enter. First I thought GCLH was responsible, so I deactivated it. The problem is still there. I looked in the Settings section, but could not find a possibility to leave the box unchecked as a default. Maybe I'm just a little blind and could not see the text for the letters. Can anybody help me? PereSant (Peter)
  12. No, I don't. They are cheating, so what? Whom do these guys want to impress?
  13. I have had an AL since November 17, 2019, with 5 stages (standard), together with a Mystery Bonus Cache. As of today, I can see, using the information available: 223 participants 203 completions 166 finish logs in the app Nicks together with finishing times and dates of the first ten finders The bonus has 158 finds This leads to some conclusions: Some cachers start the adventure, then get tired of it and do not finish. Some cachers finish, but decide not to leave a log in the app, and go for the bonus. Some cachers finish, do not leave a log in the app, and don’t go for the bonus. Some cachers use GPS spoofing software, guess some answers, but can’t finish. Some cachers use spoofing software, and by intelligent guesses (or other spurious methods) get the answers right. Some like 5) even log the bonus online without having been there (I checked the log) Having said all this, I fully agree with the sentiments and arguments expressed before. I would like to see who found my Lab, and when. I once asked HQ for the reason not to provide the player completion statistics any more, and received „privacy politics“ as an answer. I’m sorry, but this is b…s... (censored). In what way ist the privacy of the first ten finders less valuable than the privacy of the rest? And: the information in the completion statistics is NOT personalized, as I usually don’t know the person behind the nick (unless I have met him or her in person). And I want to be able to verify valid logs, and to reject obvious fake ones. So, please, HQ, do something about this!
  14. Nach dem Reset ging's. Danke!
  15. Hi Christian, das ging aber schnell! Also GClh läuft bei mir auf Firefox, Betriebssystem Windows 10, Tampermnonkey v.4.10.6112, GClh v. 0.10.6 Von weiteren Beeinträchtigungen habe ich nichts bemerkt. Gruß Peter
  16. Hallo zusammen, ich hätte da mal gern ein Problem :-) Früher konnte man hier eines der Logtyp-Symbole anklicken und die Logs wurden dann entsprechend gefiltert. Das geht bei mir seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr. Ist das generell weg, oder habe ich nur die richtige Option in der Config-Liste nicht gefunden? Herzliche Grüße, und bleibt alle gesund, Peter
  17. And now, as of last week, the "player statistics" file has disappeared from the leader board. I think this is helpful information for the cache owner, as there is no physical log for the Labs, and not every finder gives a comment before leaving the app. Will player statistics be back? Real soon? Please? Completion statistics does not give more information than the diagram does. PS: Yes, reading the file is a pain in the .... , bur it works for me with Excel.
  18. Same for me. Seeing the logs for my bonus cache, I liked to compare them to the player statistics. Also interesting the difference between stage completion and total completion. Will player statistics be back?
  19. Yesterday, I, too, encountered the "new search". I had just finished setting filters on the old filter page, when I suddenly was switched to the hew one. I found the filter button on top left allright, but a very essential filter is missing: distance to location! It seems to be pre-set to a very small distance, as the list produced shows only 5 caches around me, and this cannot be changed. A real bug!
  20. Interesting fact: we are signed in to the forum, but we cannot sign in to the main page???
  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Could not sign in for the last two hours.
  22. Hm, really, a feature? I make it a point to add corrected coordinates also to multi and Wherigo caches when I have found them to see where I have been. Sometimes there is quite a distance between listed and corrected coordinates!
  23. Hi all, I am caching in Germany. I must say I like this new search feature - most of the time. I am often going with a friend, and now I can search for caches in the specific area we want to visit which both of us haven't found yet. A REAL BIG improvement would be if we could pack those search results into a PQ!
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