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  1. I love Pathtags. I personally collect them. I also love to see things that are homemade. My kids and I are starting our own sig item. An altered matchbox with our team name on the bottom.
  2. I just came up with one that my family and I are going to start using. It's called altered matchboxes. I've just started and it's really quite enjoyable. And I think people will enjoy getting them. Since we're making them ourselves they'll all be different!
  3. The only thing on my list this year is a new GPS'r. I'm thinking that the Garmin E-trex 20. My GPS'r is broken so no caching for me until I get a new one!
  4. Oh send them the one with my dog Ike on the cover...it's my FAVORITE!!! Tee hee.. lol Shameless plug
  5. I recently purchased a new computer and have downloaded the drivers for the Delorme GPS but it still says I need to download. Yes I installed the drivers. What else could be wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I'm in Montana, where's your final destination?
  7. I officially give up. I have been working on this puzzle all day and I'm not even going to get a chance to search for it. Thanks for the um, er, fun?
  8. If it's br--ll- it's some weird variant. That was one of the things I would have done had I transcribed it. But it's not garden-variety br--ll-. I tried looking onto that too but didn't seem to work out for me. Maybe I'll try again.
  9. THis is as far as I've gotten as well. I've tried 3 different programs to maybe remove another layer or convert but have come up dry. I'm 2000 miles from ever finding this cache so maybe a hint on how to solve it? It's been bugging at me all day now.
  10. Just checked my notifications and that's exactly what happened. I had 4 of the same thing set up. Thanks for the reply. Got that fixed and ready to go again!
  11. I've been a subscriber from the begining. I love this magazine. I've read some really great stories from other cachers and have even been published myself. I too wish it came out more often. I find myself reading the entire magazine in one sitting and can't wait for the next issue!
  12. I've signed up to get emails when new caches in my area are published. What I'm getting is 3-4 emails of the same listing. Did I do something wrong or is this normal?
  13. Question.... Are signature items to be collected or left in the cache? I"ve seen some really great ones and would love to start collecting them if it's allowed.
  14. I agree about needing more in Montana. I live here near the white area on the map. I'm just as guilty for not hiding more. Maybe that's my new goal.
  15. I'm in on this one. I've been thinking about the lack of SWAG lately and I have 2 children that go with me who really look forward to finding "good stuff." April it is. I'm headed to Walmart instead of the dollar store for this challenge. Thanks for putting it out there.
  16. RE: Star Wars Why? (don't say why not) May the Fourth be with you. *ducks and run* OMG I laughed so hard at this. Don't know why, I mean was it really that funny???? YES!!!!!!!
  17. I have a Cannon Power shot and I love it. Takes great pics and great zoom for those close ups of micros and nanos!
  18. Geocaching is a game I play with my children. I thank the others out there for hiding these wonderful caches and I too have hidden a few myself. In my opinion for me and my children, I don't care if someone logs a find online but doesn't sing the log. I don't even care if they never found it and logged it. What I really enjoy about hiding is the stories that I read about a cacher finding my cache. If someone logs online without ever really finding it I think it's their loss. As for my pen not working when I'm signing a log, I always carry a lighter as part of my caching equipment. I live in Montana and the fear of being lost in the mountains and needing to start a fire has led me to this decision. I have found myself running out of ink and finding a stick on the ground and burning it to use it to write with. If all else fails I still log that I found it online because it's MY game and if I signed untruthfully I'm only lying to myself. I'm addicted to having fun with my kids Geocaching.
  19. Looking for a Michigan geocacher that lives in the area of Big rapids who will be available to retrieve a clue at the Anna Howard Shaw statue Wednesday morning between 10:17 - 10:41am for an online treasure hunt. If interested let me know or just log onto http://thebrightempires.com/hunt/ or follow along online at http://www.facebook.com/StephenRLawhead?v=wall Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  20. Couldn't you do this as say an Event cache? I think it's a neat idea. I would love to see some cachers come by the house on Halloween. Bring their kiddie cachers and meet my kiddos and get some free candy. Love it love it.
  21. I don't always work on Fridays and I don't know if I'll be working that Friday. But you can bet your bottom dollar that if I am workign I'll be wearing my Geocaching pin, my muggle T-shirt and I'll have my geobag with me with all my Geoswag pins stuck to the outside. I love this idea. I tell people at work about it all the time. My customers come in, sit down for a drink and ask about my adventures the past weekend!
  22. Yes, I have tried to entice my other half into going caching with me by telling him that it was near a certain store or that some others have found interesting plants while caching. He still just sits in the car while I'm left to search alone or with my children. If we're heading to town for a shopping day and I grab my Geobag he sits down and says have a good time. But it's all ok. Now I have something that's just for me and the kids... and I'm ok with that.
  23. I loved it. I enjoy reading about other peoples geocaching journeys and I especially enjoy seeing the age range. I cache with my children who range from 8 to 18 and then my neighbor who caches is in his 60's Loved the pictures and the stories. Thanks for linking to your blog.
  24. This is also how we would have it. Owner aware of cache and has given permission. Then on the sign itself would just say Geocachers Welcome. The cache would have nothing about the business in it, or on the cache page. This was just my husbands way of being supportive. Maybe leaving the Welcome sign off would be the way to go.
  25. My husband is trying to be supportive about my addiction to Geocaching. His business has a A- frame sign out front advertising their hours and specials. This sign is outside of the business from 7am to 9pm. He wants to know if I would be willing to put a cache on the sign and he would add "Geocachers Welcome" to the sign. I wanted to check to make sure this wasn't going against any rules and was perfectly "GC.com legal" The cache itself won't contain anything that says anything about the business only be located on the sign. Does this sound acceptable? Thanks for your responses in advance.
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