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  1. I used to think Geoaware was slow but with the agonizing progress Groundspeak has been demonstrating in bringing their team onboard Geoaware is looked more and more like one hour service. I'm disappointed.
  2. I believe by their nature Travel Bug Hotels are a distinctive type of cache. A cache owner has gone to a good deal of effort to establish a place he/she feels will provide a convenient location for cachers to find and to ensure TBs and Geocoins left there have an excellent opportunity to be moved. Many locations are well thought out to help the TBs and Coins achieve there travel missions. I believe the cache owners in asking cachers to trade are good intentioned. Finding a TB designated cache that is completely empty isn't much fun, and I believe this is the MAJOR motivation for the REQUEST to trade. As there are normally no cache cops at the TB/GC Hotels or Exchanges the cachers visiting them are actually free to do whatever they want. As a side note I have taken several TBs out of a local Hotel and placed them in several very convenient urban caches to follow their progress. I would argue that after watching their progress, or lack there of, as well as others that have been retrieved to be moved the TBs dropped at the hotels move MUCH MUCH faster and typically farther. And, yes I have about ten of my own TBs out and about. TB/GC Hotels are OK
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