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  1. I put specifically made silicone sleeves on both of the units I use. The eTrex has the same problem with the skin and buttons, so I put a piece of eraser in to take the place of one missing button, and covered it in electrical tape. Then, with the silicone skin over it (these are less than $10 online), it looks pretty normal. The GPSMAP 66s has had its silicone sleeve on since it was pretty new, so I’m hoping I avoid the same fate for that one.
  2. I have found this the best option of everything I’ve tried. You just pull the plastic and the batteries pop out - only problem is if you forget to put the plastic back when you change batteries.
  3. I don’t have either unit with me. Picture a band aid running behind the batteries, extending out so it’s a grab strap on either side. It folds around the front of the batteries, so it doesn’t affect the seal of the door.
  4. I have a strip of clear plastic packaging material running behind the batteries, wide enough so that I can pull the material while holding it from both sides and the batteries pop out. Hopefully this makes sense.
  5. Exactly. You know, a good analogy might be learning an instrument and striving to perfect playing it. Sure, you can play a recording of someone else and pass it off as your own playing("it’s only cheating yourself"), but…. is that really playing the instrument? Is it satisfying? Can you call yourself a musician?
  6. We actually rented a car on the island and did as many caches as we could. We only had a little bit of trouble parking for some of the more downtown caches. It was not a problem at all for most of them. It was beautiful!
  7. Miles Stone was a reviewer in CT. He doesn’t get out very much any more and is retired. But he may know someone who would want the cache.
  8. Tundra, 4Runner, full suspension mountain bikes, horses, and kayaks, for the most part.
  9. There are pros and cons to both. In general, I prefer the challenge final to follow the theme of the challenge. However, if I’m on the road, it’s nice if it’s a simple hike-to, because I probably won’t have climbing gear or my kayak and could be in business clothing (if I’m going to a non-caching event or meeting). I’ve had that happen before… I was not able to get the final because I was hours from home and didn’t have the capacity to do what it required there. We did one challenge which required a lot of "thorns" attributes and you can guess how it was hidden. Just thrown in a thicket. I didn’t prefer that final, but I could appreciate why it was done, sort of.
  10. It’s great to know when you’re on the right track or off course. We’ve done some that have, say, a red tack showing you you missed a turn… or an immediate yellow one to show you’re going the right way. Redundant tacks to be sure it doesn’t derail everything if a tack is removed or falls off. A final that is not difficult to find in the dark - reflective is a plus. It stinks to do a nice long night cache and then not find the final. Ambiguity isn’t fun, either. We have backtracked too many times, or gone a half mile out of our way. Loop night caches that bring you back towards the trailhead are thoughtful. Other than that, all I can think of is staying away from houses so you don’t look like a creep.
  11. To be official and on the map, you must pay for a charter number, FYI. Our two are registered because we wanted them to be easier to locate… but there are a lot that you find by randomly passing by! One way you could get permission if you can’t go through the LFL map is to leave a note or entry in the guest book in the library, if there is one. We sometimes use notes on the door to communicate back and forth - for instance, when one of our containers was taken, we left a plea to return it, and it worked! If someone wants to donate books or something, they sometimes leave us a note.
  12. I'm glad you posted it here for us to see! I know we wouldn’t have otherwise. It was super - creative and topical, I thought. It didn’t hurt to see people we knew!
  13. At least I am not logged out. I just can’t quite do anything.
  14. I thought it was just me. I gave up... each page is extremely slow and some "load" back to the page you were trying to leave/save.
  15. That’s probably a stand alone letterbox which is a separate but kind of similar hobby. You use clues to find the box, and then you stamp the log and use their stamp to stamp your book. If they are not on the caching website, they probably aren’t hybrids (it’s not too common for letterboxes to be listed on geocaching.com anyway - ours are, though). There are 2 websites for them, but I don’t think I’m allowed to list them here.
  16. All of our hybrids are cross-listed on AtlasQuest and letterboxing.org , and they have hand carved stamps. One is a multi that has a handful of stages, each with a stamp.
  17. Whew, finally! I don’t get it, unless not everyone watches for hybrids to be published.
  18. That’d be pretty cool! We are the stewards, so I don’t think that will happen here we are anxiously awaiting the first to find.. at least 2 letterboxers have visited, and lots of library patrons.
  19. Great idea, I did! I don’t think anyone has visited our first waymark yet.
  20. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC9102E_brandy-brook-nook?guid=a241e788-c9aa-48bd-a969-905b7b85f11f our new one has a secret compartment which is pictured on the cache page. I didn’t want anyone doing damage trying to move pieces of the library...
  21. Our new one was just published! https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC9102E_brandy-brook-nook?guid=a241e788-c9aa-48bd-a969-905b7b85f11f
  22. The GPX files simply need to go in the correct folder in the Garmin. Drag and drop both files (one is waypoints). I also have a 66s that will download the PQs wirelessly without a computer. I love that when I’m on the road without one... I don’t use Garmin Express for anything but sync'ing my Forerunner. It isn’t needed for the GPSrs. The only thing that changed was some direct download of LOC files to your device right from geocaching.com. Good luck!
  23. If you can get to the pocket queries page, download the file, and connect the Garmin so it shows up as a removable drive, you can use the laptop.
  24. I’m too far away, but might be able to walk you through the computer stuff. Do you have any kind of computer? I use Macs and it’s easy with nothing to download. I just drag and drop the GPX files onto the Garmin.
  25. Is it in the correct folder on the SD card? That said, I have had issues with this after a crash on my 66s. The gpx files are there, but the unit displays no caches. Removing and reinstalling the card after a restart does not always fix the issue.
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