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  1. At least I am not logged out. I just can’t quite do anything.
  2. I thought it was just me. I gave up... each page is extremely slow and some "load" back to the page you were trying to leave/save.
  3. That’s probably a stand alone letterbox which is a separate but kind of similar hobby. You use clues to find the box, and then you stamp the log and use their stamp to stamp your book. If they are not on the caching website, they probably aren’t hybrids (it’s not too common for letterboxes to be listed on geocaching.com anyway - ours are, though). There are 2 websites for them, but I don’t think I’m allowed to list them here.
  4. All of our hybrids are cross-listed on AtlasQuest and letterboxing.org , and they have hand carved stamps. One is a multi that has a handful of stages, each with a stamp.
  5. Whew, finally! I don’t get it, unless not everyone watches for hybrids to be published.
  6. That’d be pretty cool! We are the stewards, so I don’t think that will happen here we are anxiously awaiting the first to find.. at least 2 letterboxers have visited, and lots of library patrons.
  7. Great idea, I did! I don’t think anyone has visited our first waymark yet.
  8. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC9102E_brandy-brook-nook?guid=a241e788-c9aa-48bd-a969-905b7b85f11f our new one has a secret compartment which is pictured on the cache page. I didn’t want anyone doing damage trying to move pieces of the library...
  9. Our new one was just published! https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC9102E_brandy-brook-nook?guid=a241e788-c9aa-48bd-a969-905b7b85f11f
  10. The GPX files simply need to go in the correct folder in the Garmin. Drag and drop both files (one is waypoints). I also have a 66s that will download the PQs wirelessly without a computer. I love that when I’m on the road without one... I don’t use Garmin Express for anything but sync'ing my Forerunner. It isn’t needed for the GPSrs. The only thing that changed was some direct download of LOC files to your device right from geocaching.com. Good luck!
  11. If you can get to the pocket queries page, download the file, and connect the Garmin so it shows up as a removable drive, you can use the laptop.
  12. I’m too far away, but might be able to walk you through the computer stuff. Do you have any kind of computer? I use Macs and it’s easy with nothing to download. I just drag and drop the GPX files onto the Garmin.
  13. Is it in the correct folder on the SD card? That said, I have had issues with this after a crash on my 66s. The gpx files are there, but the unit displays no caches. Removing and reinstalling the card after a restart does not always fix the issue.
  14. Thank you! I would love to add some more.
  15. We always travel with books to donate to other LFLs... when we are in other states, we make a point in visiting all we can get to. I guess we should put up a waymark for ours too!
  16. We have a large LFL with a letterbox and a geocache in it - we put the cache out before we were into letterboxing. The cache is a huge dictionary safe. It has been a big hit! The cache and box are permanently tethered into the library... once the entire bottom shelf, the books, and both the box and cache were stolen, but we have had mostly good times with it since 2012.
  17. How do we know that the trackable owner hasn’t -already- had their trackable stolen? This could be the replacement. I know I’ll put proxies out once the original coin has been taken.
  18. Ours is gently and artisanally aged for several years, turned over every month or so, before it's shared with gardening friends and family. I have never used additional fertilizer!
  19. I think they mean that fresh manure isn’t best for a garden. We have horses and do use the compost they help to make on our garden. We don’t have transportation for them, but one of our dreams is to get out caching from the saddle. In a neighboring state and other places within a few hours, there are even caches hidden at rider height so you don’t need to dismount.
  20. I suddenly cannot see any cache logs even if I click "view logbook" in iOS 13 Safari.
  21. I can’t bookmark at all anymore without going to the list and adding the cache as a GC code. It’s extremely frustrating. I used to open in a new tab, too, to add a note, but just being able to add the cache to a list at all would be a bonus right now...
  22. For the past week or so, I’m not sure exactly, I have not gotten any email notification of logs on my owned caches. I do get emails through geocaching such as virtual answers. I am not sure if I’m getting notifications on my watch list or anything else. I only know because I got a virtual answer with no log, and when I went to the cache's page, there was a lot. I had missed several others as well, when I checked my last find on my owned caches. I also cannot add anything to a bookmark list without going to the list and adding it by GC number. When I hit "add to bookmark list" the page just refreshes, and I can’t even open it in a new tab anymore. My email works fine otherwise, and I’m using iOS 13 and Safari. I checked the email server to be sure the geocaching emails weren’t suddenly marked as spam, and they weren’t.
  23. I refreshed a cache page and found that I had been logged out, which normally doesn't happen. When I logged in again (even though I have checked the box to remember me), I got the same 500 error. This is not good.
  24. This hit too close to home as I'm hundreds of miles from home without a computer, hoping that my geocaching live PQs download quickly... For seemingly no reason, an hour into my trip, I had a catastrophic crash with loss of PQs. I removed the SD card containing the .gpx files, restarted without it, replaced the card and restarted it, and never got it to see the PQs after repeating this miserable procedure all day. I will note that being on the road, in the woods, or in a river are rotten places to have to take your battery pack and SD card out. This really wrecked my caching trip. I do love this unit, when it's behaving, so my workflow depends on having it running. When there are no caches on it, it isn't useful. I even tried to stop at a fast food place to get on geocaching live, but for the first time, the wifi had one of those "I agree" buttons that would need to be pushed in a browser, so I couldn't get it online. Oddly, the waypoints associated with the PQs, and my maps, loaded just fine after reindexing. Garmin seems to have given up... this has happened to me about 15 times. This is relevant because the unit had a nag screen about installing the new software, and after I realized it wasn't getting fixed on this trip, I let it update. I do see "remove dashboard" as an option now, but otherwise haven't noticed anything new.
  25. I suspect there re a lot of us who use lists this way. Solved puzzles, to-do lists, etc. after each outing where I find these caches, I have to look through 999 caches and check off the ones I found... it would be excellent to have a button that says "check off all found caches" or "remove found caches".
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