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  1. LOL We have been hit or miss with the time off and the weather. We don't have any problem caching in light rain. We made some longer hikes recently which really dropped our numbers but we had fun doing them.
  2. We were at one of the caches placed in a neighborhood and a bare chested elderly gentleman came out to take out his trash. By the way he was staring us down and the way he belabored the taking out of the trash it was pretty clear he did not appreciate his presence across the street from his home. We DNF'd and the next person to come did the same. I would not be surprised if he threw out the entire cache. Was it fun? Nope, we moved on to a better area. Live and learn.
  3. Congratulations! Thank you for all you have done for our hobby in those 10 years!
  4. Yep, we have been getting sauna treatments just caching. We have been hiking in Paynes Prairie the last two weekends and you would think we would have lost weight just from all of the extra perspiration.
  5. Thank you for this thread. You have inspired me to stop leaving my camera at home when I am caching. Thank you!
  6. I have moved quite a few of them along. I like trackables and will move them whenever I can even if they are virtual (laminated copies.)
  7. A snake passed our daughter's path while caching on Saturday just before we saw at least 20 gators. There were so many butterflies out it was astonishing. I thought it was late in the year for them but they sure were in abundance. Today, I was out checking out possible cache locations and was astonished by a very large sandhill crane standing in a person's yard. They have so many yard ornaments that at first my brain just processed it as another plastic creature. When I realized what it was we both just stopped and looked at each other. They are very tall birds with a long wing span. Three of the caches we have gone to included animal skeletons in the experience. One was the cache container itself. One was like another poster mentioned, it was a decaying deer in a plastic bag right at the cache site (thank goodness the cache owner warned us) but even many months after the initial logs stating that there was a dead dear there, it still reeked to high heaven and no one had done anything about it. The last was a little skeleton head a few feet from the cache. I guess for the most part that is nature for you?
  8. I think it would be awesome if we were contacted with a little message after we have dropped a trackable off in a new location that says thanks for helping this trackable, you moved it x many more miles towards its goal. I think it would be good positive reinforcement for people to keep them moving. Plus, I just like feedback. I think it would be awesome if after someone left some great swag at a cache the next people to come would mention how nice the swag is rather than just logs like "" or "tftc". I think it would be really nice if we had some waterfalls around here that I could put a cache at but in Florida, we are a little limited. We have a water drop off here but I would get people eaten by gators if I put a cache there. I would really appreciate it if our COs were praised more for their efforts. A majority of the caches in my area are placed by just a hand full of people who do a tremendous amount of work to maintain them all. In a blue sky, rainbow and butterfly world, they would get a lot of appreciation for all that dedication.
  9. Are you using your phone to go to this site or are you using the geocaching.com app for your phone? I don't have those problems while using the app.
  10. I think it is awesome that you made that happen. Good on ya!
  11. Sadly, that is very true. Once, my better half, was dressed in a mechanics uniform, driving a work van, and taking our daughter home from school. They stopped at a restaurant and saw a baby bird that fell from the nest. They put the bird back and went into the establishment. Someone promptly called the police thinking our daughter had been lured by the mechanic in the work van. She was quite distressed at being interviewed by the police.
  12. I agree that the previous contents of the ammo can, may indeed prove to be an issue so the other options sound better for this application. It sure sounds like you are creating a lovely experience for this person!
  13. I personally like this one. I picked up a new phrase... residentially challenged!
  14. As I know many people appreciate collecting angels I am sure that they would be appreciated. You could use them for signature items rather than trackables then you would not need any codes. Also, is it possible to make a smaller version that would fit in an ammo can size cache? If you wanted them to travel that would be my suggestion, make them smaller. I would be interested to know how this works out as I appreciate craftsmen using their skills. As far as the contribute box, not such a great idea for geocaching but you could do it for a personal project in your own yard not attached to geocaching.
  15. Power Trails, Three Card Monte, Leapfrogging, Log Shifting, Power Trails Aren't Real Geocaching, People can play the game as they like, other peoples numbers don't matter, why should we allow the honor of our count be diminished. There's the entire thread. I just saved us all some time. Thanks.
  16. I got to cache with my better half and we found two of the caches we had searched for before and could not locate plus several others. We saw some beautiful skinks, , some cardinals, and a red velvet ant. The weather was also wonderful today.
  17. So far, it has been a great day for us. It was finally cool enough to cache in the prairie.
  18. Some COs have said that they started hiding regular size caches but they were stolen so they switched to micros. One, because they're easier to hide and two, because they don't cost much (or anything) so it's no big deal if they are stolen. New COs probably choose micros for the same reasons - easy to hide, no big financial investment, while they test the waters to see if they like geocaching. Thank you for the answer. I have some lock-n-locks waiting for the right location and I have some locations in mind but it does take awhile to get property owner permission. I wondered if that impacts the over all field or not.
  19. What do you suppose has lead to this? Is it getting landowner permission? I know technically all caches should have landowner permission but I have also been to many a micro that I was pretty sure that no permission was sought or gotten.
  20. Oh, my goodness...the horrors of it all. Nothing like terrorizing the family while geocaching. One of our favorite people to take with us caching is afraid of spiders. Of course, every spider in the land is attracted to him when we go out and yes, he is the tallest and more prone to wander into their webs. On another note...has anyone found or heard of any luck eating or taking garlic to make one less desirable to some of the bugs? (Edit to add: My better half is still furious over some poop that got all over the place at one of the caches we went to...its a little hard to get the family out when they have these kinds of experiences...even though they are...in some sense...funny!)
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