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  1. Any suggestions for cheap sources of a P550. Don't need any software on it other than the OS.
  2. Every time I think about changing the P550 seems to be top of the list. How is it with handling large CacheMate databases and large amounts of overlays in Memory Map? I find the Ipaq 5550 I have slows down when loading big CM dbs and if there's a large amount on the overlay, in MM, the overlay starts to struggle and does a sort of flashing thing !!! Edit to add: what's the battery life like for a long day of caching? How's best to maximise battery life - keep switching off when not needed I guess - something my 5550 doesn't like doing.
  3. Dragging up yet another old thread. Still using my old Ipaq 5550 and 4GB card. Still running reasonably well, but needs a hard reset now and again to sort a few issues with refusing to open MM files from time to time along with a few other "issues". Yet again, considering a change. My software usage on it has changed a bit. Virtually all that is used on it is Memory Map and Cachemate, along with the usual business use of PPC software (Word/Excel/Outlook etc...). I'd like it to have all the bells and whistles in terms of connectivity (Blue Tooth, WiFi) and an embedded GPSr. I don't want built in 'phone, camera etc.... purely a PDA. Suggestions please from the latest ranges of PPC PDAs. MIO/Dell/Ipaq/Acer etc...
  4. Good to see a few more have booked now. We've also now booked into Camping de Woensberg camp site for the Sat night. See here or here.
  5. There's only 220 active true MM caches at the moment. 7 of the results from a Motorway Mayhem keyword search aren't actually MM caches, but have the words in their name. Therefore they're not included in my bookmark list. I'm not quite sure why a keyword search returns 226, when there's actually 227 (as above). Have a look here for my list and a bit of an explanation. My bookmark list does contain some archived caches now, so the numbers don't appear to add up unless you dig into the stats etc... I keep it up to date in a variety of ways - checked twice a week - sometimes more often - depending on how much time I have. There's more than one way to skin a cat to save time If anyone is interested, I also have a list of virtually all the archived ones too - just for the hell of it Still looking at ways of adding other cache and dash caches near to motorway junctions etc. If I do follow this up, it'll be a different bookmark list to keep MM separate.
  6. Just thought - does that make you a TB Only one other UK/Irish team listed on the participants page. No-one else going ??
  7. Dunkirk is a lot quieter than Calais, but the train will give us more caching time on the other side Ferries I looked at were around £70 return. But then it sometimes depends on times etc...
  8. Let the train take the strain ......... cheaper than the ferry too
  9. We'll probably be stopping at Jabeke Services around 05:00 for a snack and some much needed caffeine (Hope that link works).
  10. Don't miss that plane into the UK I'll be cache and dashing, so no hanging about edit: more thick fingers - must be getting late !!
  11. I've uploaded a public route to the Dutch Mega Event GC18DE6 event from the French side of the EuroTunnel. keywords: eurotunnel, gc18de6 EuroTunnel to GC18DE6 Anyone driving, feel free to use it if you want. I've booked the train: depart Folkstone 5th April @ 0220, arr Calais @ 0335, which should give plenty of time for caching on the way up there Return booked for 6th @ 14:50, arr Folkstone @14:25. (Times are correct allowing for time differences). Train cost - only £62.09 for car and up to 4 occupants. Times appear to be immaterial in terms of cost. Booked through aferry.to For two of us going this has worked out cheaper than flying from airports close to home and gives the chance for some mad caching on the way - what's my name ?? edit: thick fingers !!
  12. OK, thanks, question has been answered. Can topic be closed please.
  13. It is easily done in GSAK though.
  14. Not quite, but I had made the suggestion a while ago. Yes, it's true that the PQ selector can be a very neat tool for doing advanced searches, but there are some features that are available on the advance search page that aren't available in PQs. You cannot search for caches hidden by a particular user (this thread) You cannot search for caches found by a particular user. You cannot search for caches with a keyword. Exactly the point
  15. I've seen numerous references to different types of membership both in topics and in profiles. There appears to be 4: Members Premium Members Charter Members Platinum Members I did a search but it didn't come up with much conclusive. One thread even seemed to go out of the way to avoid explaining the differences. I understand the difference between Members and Premium Members, so what's the Charter and Platinum membership about?
  16. Yup, that's the list I used, initially to get the bookmark list started off. Then using a few other searches pulled in most of the archived ones (just for the hell of it !!). The full list I now have (active, archived, available/unavailable) is run in GSAK and checked for changes from there. Still got a mere 130 active to find !!
  17. I can add Motorway Madness quite easily if that's the right thing to do. I nearly started to add other caches that are quick grabs at junctions etc... but initially decided to go with just Motorway Mayhem. I looked at this, but decided to not tie up loads of PQs etc... with a search for MM caches. It's no problem to manage it the way I'm doing it. But, if you'd like to run the filter a couple of times (and send me the gpx file from GSAK) it would be good to use it to check my starting point, thanks. It would also help make sure I've captured any old ones that have been archived - I've got quite a lot, but a cross check would also be good. I can keep an eye on activity on current MM caches, simply by a notification of logs on any in my bookmark list. New ones are captured by a regular cross check of downloaded loc files and compared in GSAK.
  18. Can't wait for the UK and Ireland lists to be implemented, but will probably have to
  19. I spotted a while ago that Adams bookmark list was a bit out of date. I've since had a few emails to and fro with Adam and since he doesn't have much time for caching now, I've created a new bookmark list. Currently there are 218 active MM caches, of which 13 are unavailable at the moment, but, of course, this can change at any time. Feel free to make use of it and please email me through my profile if you spot any missing or incorrectly included. I'll try to keep it as up to date as possible, but it might take a few days for me to spot a new one or an archived one. The notes on the list are (hopefully) self explanatory. Motorway Mayhem Bookmark List
  20. I'd like to add my bit here. I'm building a bookmark list of caches in a series - quite a big series. One of the interesting things about the series is it's history. Being able to search for archived caches is part of building up that historical data. Please, along with PQ keyword searching, add the ability to PQ search for archived caches
  21. It seemed to work OK for a few days earlier this week and last, but it's back to it's old tricks again now and is driving me nuts trying to manage one of my lists. Please add my name to list of those who would like to be able to list ALL book marks in a list on one page. Thanks.
  22. Working OK for me - have you tried clearing cache, etc... etc... all the usual problem solving tricks - maybe even a re-boot? If not try re-installing the script.
  23. There's a bit of a discussion going on the GSAK forum. See here And on the Groundspeak GPS Units and Software board here and here
  24. I've checked every macro and associated collections of icons I can find and none of them are the same as the ones I can't find !!!!!! I'm becoming more and more convinced it's the result of a firmware update to the StreetPilot, since they're there in Mapsource, but not on the SP. )Need to look at how to roll back the SP to the previous firmware version). "Interesting" problem there with Mapsource, I updated to the latest version back in Dec, just after it was released and don't have any (apparent) problems with it. Have you tried re-loading the update? (Daft question probably ).
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