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  1. Are there any other nudist geocachers in San Diego County? How about all of Southern Cal and Arizona? Please contact me. Jay
  2. For that matter, ALL caches are clothing optional. Of course, you may spend some time in court, but that's your option. Try it,you'll like it.
  3. Don't forget me.Jaygonude. Last cached nude 4-1-12
  4. This one has bees going in Florida now for a couple of years Owasso Shalom Clothing Optional Cache The is a cache in DeAnzaSpringsResort inJacumba,Ca GC2m92a
  5. Ain't that the naked truth! Doug 7rxc Bare with us.
  6. Please excuse my pet peeve, but can you guys type out "Southern California" instead of SoCal? I find that sooooo annoying! Knowschad, from MidMin. I would argue you're not MidMin. Anyhow, with all the deer flies this year this is not the year to try nude caching though now I've found a bunch which I could have attempted nude. I use Cutter skinsations with pretty good protection.
  7. I have great respect ,admiration and thanks for all who served.All GI's past and present have an unbreakable bond. I spent 7 years in the Air Force in the 60's and am proud of every minute. As cachers,clowns ,cowboys,car salesmen or clergy we have that link forever. Like myself,many nudists were servicemen too. Bless 'em all.Thank them all.
  8. What about a nude cache event I still don't know how many people we could get in one area. Maybe we could have a nude caching day with emails and pix of all participants.Many areas I know of would be overrun by a group but are cool for small groups.
  9. most people would! I actually didn't realize I would have to use it in the real world so much when I first started geocaching. If I had known people would come to know my by this name I would have chosen something...cooler. I say I'm Jaygonude and they usually say yup you are.
  10. here's a California nudist ray of sunshine for you. Jaygonude
  11. There were so many posts to my "nudist geocachers" post ,I wonder if we could start a group. Would cachers in so cal want to go on a nude caching?
  12. Anza Borrego StatePark. Absolutely great. 700,000 acres. Flat desert,High desert,easy terrain,straight up and down. Name it.Flora,wildlife,views,quiet,nude if you want.Just bring everything.
  13. I'm curious. How would the thrill of geocaching be different when done sans clothing? No difference.Just with comfort of being nude in nature
  14. I hope to think that in most places this be true. Wonder if they have stinging nettles and chiggers in So Cal? We have a cholla cactus that throws burrs at you.
  15. We could borrow the icon from the nude beaches Waymarking category: Great. How do we do that?
  16. Why not? Where there's a will there's a way.
  17. lol. When I go hiking if I don't pick up several good scratches I feel like I didn't get my money's worth.When you do it nude you just walk a little slower and be more watchful. Jay
  18. Clever line.How true only if you weren't there you would never understand.
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