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  1. Our first hide was place a little over 3 years ago (September 11, 2011) and is still active. My husband built the creative container and I created the story and puzzle for the cache. It is a 4.5 D puzzle and is a Lilo & Stitch themed cache called Experiment 626. It is hidden south of Kansas City in the suburbs of Kansas. We are still very proud of it and have gotten great feedback. It has only been found 38 times in the last 3 years but has 28 favorite points (78%). Not bad for our first hide. The city did do some clean up around the physical cache which was really disappointing since they removed a lot of the natural camo that we used to hide the container. It is still well hidden in an area with absolutely no traffic. Feel free to check out our first hide. GC34NEE: Experiment 626
  2. I absolutely love a good puzzle cache. I look forward to checking out your puzzles, Don&Betty. Our very first cache we placed is a puzzle cache that has to be solved at home. It is not an easy one for most who have attempted to solve it. I have had many people email me for help (one after she had already spent 40 hours on it!). While I don't give specific hints on the puzzle, it do look at how they are attempting to solve it to see if they are on the right track to begin with and go from there to help them without giving away too much. There are a few different elements of our puzzle that make it difficult, not just solving it, but I designed it that way. I wanted it to be very challenging. Once people are on the right track to solving it they really enjoy it. Also, my husband made the container and it is large enough for swag items and it is a fun, creative container. In addition, the cache is hidden in a nice location that people enjoy. I wanted to make sure the location and container were both quality and well thought out. I figured if people were going to go through the time and effort to solve the puzzle, I wanted to give them a nice location and quality cache container to find. I wanted the whole "experience" to be enjoyable. As far as travelers not liking puzzle caches, that isn't always the case. I have had some out of town visitors solve the puzzle knowing they would be in town at a later date and wanted to be able to find it while they were in town. Those who do not enjoy puzzle caches do not have to attempt this one and I knew many would pass it by which is completely fine with me. Some may think it is too complicated but they don't HAVE to do it. It is as simple as that. If you want to put out puzzle caches, go for it. Those who enjoy them will attempt them, those who hate them, will ignore them. As difficult as ours is, we have gotten favorite points from 80% of the people who have solved and found it. If you are curious about out puzzle you are welcome to check it out: Experiment 626
  3. My husband and I were just in Saint Petersburg, FL last week and conpleted two "Power Runs" starting in Duette, FL (1 hr SE of ST Petes). I would say over 50% of the caches in the first run were off quite a bit. I didn't keep track of all of the ones that were off but did jot down the ones that were 30-50' off. We saw this on quite a few and then there were a large portion that were between 15-25' off. We had NO cell phone signal whatsoever so not sure if the CO used their phone to get the cords which would explain this problem. I had to start relying on instinct on where I thought the cache could be. Out of the 197 we searched for, we were able to find 192. I had wondered if the other 5 were maybe in a different spot than what the coords specified.
  4. I did read your question and I agree with all others that it is NOT ok to sign the online log without visiting the cache. Now....for the purpose of discussion..... I have hidden 5 caches and have more in the works. When we hid our first one, I thought I would care if someone logged it online without signing the physical log. Also, it is a puzzle cache and at first wasn't ok with someone getting the solution from a friend. Now that it has been out there a while and we have more hides, I really don't care how they play the game. It only ruins the fun for themselves. I can sit here and let it bother me or I can go about my own life and only worry about the things that I can change. I can't change how people play the game or change their mentality so I don't worry about it. It just isn't worth my time to get all bothered by it. The other thing is unless you can prove they didn't visit the cache, there is no way for you to know for sure if they were there or not. Just because they didn't sign the log doesn't mean they didn't physically visit it. Now, I can understand if someone forgot a pen in the car or something and weren't able to sign the log. I didn't realize this until a couple days ago but some people actually visit the cache and don't sign the log book even though there is a pen inside the container. I ran into other cachers the other day in a park and while we were signing a log book they asked us if we were geocachers. I said yes and they said they had just found the one we were signing along with a couple others at that park. Well, we were only the second people to sign the log book and I personally know the cacher who signed before me and it wasn't the person we just ran into. There was a pen in the cache so they could have signed the log but for some reason chose not to. I am not sure why and wasn't my business to ask either. I didn't realize some people just don't sign the log. I have no idea if they logged it online either as I didn't go searching the logs. I really don't care. I also know that some people sign the physical log but don't log it online. I don't know why people chose to do the things they do but sure don't waste my time worrying about it. I did think it was interesting about the cachers a couple days ago and thought I would share that experience. Now.....if you get mad for me for discussing something other than the original question than......oh well.....doesn't bother me.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am looking for some specific caches as I have some questions for the COs about the execution and logistics of a cache of this type. If you have any specific caches you could share please either reply here with the GC Code or Cache Name or send me an email if you prefer not to give the specific information here. SmallsKC5@gmail.com Thanks!!!
  6. I am wondering if anyone has ever found or hidden a cache that requires a cacher to find a tool or key of some sort in order to open the geocache container. For example a 2 stage multi cache that would provide the tool or key at stage 1 which opens or is required to retrieve the container the final/stage 2. If so, will you please point me to these caches? Thanks!
  7. Garmin has great Mac compatibility and I am also on a Mac. We just started caching this summer. We used our iPhones until just last month when we finally purchased a GPS. We got the Garmin Dakota 20 for $300. We love it. I would recommend making a list of "must have" features and "would like to have" features first. Then you can narrow your search based on your must have list. If you need help figuring out which features are great to have let me know and I'll let you know what our Must Haves were and why.
  8. This log says it all. I think I see a new acronym coming, TACLGW TFTC. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Really sad actually.
  9. They are far and few between but you may stumble upon them at garage sales. I stumbled upon a very big one at a garage sale over the summer and got it for $2. It was the only one I found though and went to several sales. My dad is military and has been able to get me several free ones from post so I consider myself very lucky. They are expensive at the military surplus stores around here. I do really like ammo cans for the durability and water proof factors but really would love to see more original containers. We are starting to actually build our own containers just to have something different to put out. Maybe look for alternative containers that would work as well and then you would have something original and wouldn't have to worry about them being stolen. Also, I do believe there have been cachers who have taken the cans either for their own cache container or another reason. I don't think this is the norm but I do believe it happens. They can also turn around and sell them for $15-$30 so I see why they are stolen. It is wrong but it does happen. Some people just have no morals and live a very self centered life. I have seen all types of "good" containers mysteriously change to a different type of container. That is what makes me suspicious and believe there are some cachers who do this. They bring a cheap container and transfer the contents from the good container to the cheap container and keep the good container. It is sad but it is what it is. No sense in getting all fired up about it when you can't really do much about it. It stinks!
  10. I enjoy looking at pictures that people have posted with the TBs I pick up. You may not realize the joy others get when they see those pictures you have posted. I feel that it is not just for the enjoyment of the TB owner but other cachers who come across these TBs. I take pictures but many sit on my camera as I haven't taken the time to upload them yet. That reminds me....I should go upload some pictures.... I thank you for your efforts in taking these pictures for the rest of us to enjoy!!! I will remember that. I looked through your trackables to see if I have any or have had any and I don't think so. BUT....you have some very cool trackables and would be so excited to find one. We are divers as well but actually haven't been diving in 9 years! :( We recently went to Cabo San Lucus but were only there for 3 days and didn't get to dive. I was so sad. At least I got to snorkel and saw some sea lions!! I had picked up an "Ocean Life" GC just before we left for Cabo and did leave it there. It seemed the appropriate place for it. Just like the OP, I also try to seek out the right cache to drop TB/GCs into. LOVE your pathtag too!!!!!
  11. I agree to email them first asking them to remove the photo and if they do not comply to delete the log and ask them to repost without the photo. In their defense, they really might not know the etiquette to logging a cache. We just started caching the end of June (of this year) and really didn't know any better. I guess it should have been common sense but then again, when we read the logs we see "Might contain spoilers" warning and saw many images of containers (mostly of them out of their hiding spot) so just thought it was common practice. We were caching from Kansas to Florida and back when we had just started. Upon arriving home from our trip I started reading the forums and quickly learned that we shouldn't post spoiler photos. I thought it was probably ok for containers that are described in detail (such as loc-n-loc and ammo cans) on the cache page as long as they are not in their hiding spot. I was just posting images of my kids holding the containers. I was just about to post some images of very unique containers and quickly realized that would ruin the experience for others. Now that we have cached for a while and I have read quite a bit in the forums I know what I should and shouldn't do. I also now have 5 hides and several others in the works. Two of the hides are ammo cans, one a pill bottle and the other two I can't say. I wouldn't care if someone posted pictures of the pill bottle and ammo cans as long as they aren't in their hiding spots. The other two I would not be very happy about it as it would definitely ruin the element of surprise and the experience for future finders. So I guess I am saying to give the poster the benefit of the doubt and send them a very kind email explaining why it is bad form for them to post such images. If you are ok with them posting images of just the container itself you can also tell them that. I would also point out to them that the will find other containers that photos should NOT be posted because COs do not want those images posted and it would ruin the surprise for others. Some finders want to see the images and others don't. I only look for images (if there are any) if I am having a hard time finding the cache and don't know exactly what I am looking for. I am sure this cacher will have no problem cooperating with your request. One other idea for you: I now post on my cache pages (of my unique caches) a message asking people not to post any spoilers in any form such as photos or messages in their posts that would spoil the cache for others. One of our hides is a puzzle and I was clear about also not giving away any information on how to solve the puzzle. There have only been a few who have found that cache but everyone has respected my request. You might adding that to your page as well if you don't want images posted. Just an idea. Good Luck, SmallsKC
  12. Um, no thanks. And I find it interesting that YOU are suggesting someone (anyone) has their panties in a bunch. Exactly my thoughts.
  13. Now ya tell me! I am a Mac user so have to alway check for compatibility and support for Mac. Good to know now that a Geomate Jr. would work for us after all.
  14. I reran my PQ, copied the 2 .gpx files over to the gpx folder on the GPS in Finder (on Mac) and it worked great.
  15. If it is a .gpx file then it is not zipped. I don't have the "send files zipped" option checked. I reran my PQ, copied the 2 .gpx files over to the gpx folder on the GPS in Finder (on Mac) and it worked great. Have you tried this?
  16. I'm going to check it out and talk with my hubby and let you know. Thanks.
  17. For the GPX file, as I understand it, you plug the device into the computer, it'll show up as a mass storage device. There's a folder in there: \garmin\gpx. Put the files in that folder, eject, and all set. Anyway, I'd like to hear from other Dakota owners what their impressions of the screen is. However, I'll bet that if you've experienced the same thing, it's probably normal. My assumption is that it's some kind of anti-glare coating. That is exactly what I did and the geocaches do NOT show up on the GPS. I have looked under Geocaches, Routes, Waypoints and just about everywhere else possible. I am very technical so thought this would be an easy task. Not sure why they aren't showing up. I just read a review on the DK 20 and what the reviewer pointed out is the higher resolution devices are harder to read in the sunlight. The lower res DK20 is much easier and doesn't have the glare problem that other units have.
  18. Also, I am a premium member and that has nothing to do with it.
  19. We just bought our first Garmin handheld tonight. I did the same thing. I created a pocket query and dragged the .gpx file to the Garmin device, in the GPX folder, shown on my Mac. I have looked in waypoints, geocaches and practically everywhere else on the device and it does not show up. I have verified on my Mac that the file is indeed on the device. Looking for help too.
  20. We just bought one tonight as well and notice the same thing. I'm interested to see what others have to say. I am trying to figure out how to load the .gpx file onto it.
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