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  1. Thanks, that app looks very interesting x
  2. I used it today. I always used to use it, then got used to using the garmin and not taking my phone around with me. Although I may have been a bit dense as I could use it to navigate to a cache, I couldn't work out how to use it to mark a random way point! ( ie ... I've replaced a cache and needed to update coordinates a few metres away! ) but I used GPS essentials for that.
  3. Thanks ... for some reason I totally forgot about the geocaching app! Duh! I have an android phone ( totally uninterested in tech , hence the request for help! ) and I'm too rural for next day delivery!
  4. I've had an old Garmin for a long time, but it's never been the most user friendly! It's died! I used to use an app on my phone ... new phone ... lost all apps I need to replace a cache tomorrow and mark/ check waypoint! ... any recommendations for an app? Thanks x
  5. Oooooo ... I love this idea ?.... but maybe somewhere else ... I would like the majority of geocachers to find this one !!!! I like placing caches to encourage people to visit somewhere they might not otherwise visit.
  6. Thanks to everyone, I love some of the ideas ... might have to find some new places to put caches to implement them. ? especially the electrical socket in the middle of nowhere! ? I am very restricted in what I can place where, as National Park only have permission for the carpark and their own signs. The old railway and actual landscape doesn't quite come under their control ... i can't remember actual details but it's complicated! So I can't use a fake rock or anything! I was thinking about a fence post cap type cache, but have been speaking to my contact who is happy with a small hole being drilled around/ under a finger post and a bolt style nano being inserted. ... it's a purely wooden sign post! Probably already in great use as a sheep scratching post!? Now to get out there and surreptitiously drill a hole. At least there are less muggles at this time of year! Thanks again, everyone.
  7. I have had a simple bison tube hanging on the back of a display board for the past few years ... a couple have been dislodged by interested sheep but in general all has been good. But, that board has been replaced and I am not allowed to add a cache to the new one. However, I have been allowed to place a cache on a brand new, nearby wooden signpost ( traditional type.. 5/6 ft tall round pole with 2 wooden 'hands' at the top ) My dilemma is how to hide a cache?! A bison tube will be too obvious, and I don't want to put anything at the base as it will get disturbed by sheep and visitors. I was wondering about asking permission to drill a small hole and place a nano tube with a bolt or something on the end. But I don't want to make it too hard as I want people to find it, but equally, I don't want muggles to find it! Any other suggestions ? Thank you ?
  8. Thank you ... this seems a brilliant idea! I'm heading to Europe over the summer - no idea if i'll get time to Geocache (but I'm hoping to sneak a few in!) ... a way to explain what I'm doing sounds fantastic, especially as my language skills are not great!!
  9. You're turning things around. The other cacher should have the courtesy to give you time to log properly. Not everyone logs on the spot with a smartphone. It all has to do with the "I want it NOW!!!" mentality. Just looking at forum threads a lot of people don't know how to handle TBs anyway. Fortunately I haven't encountered this a lot, longer multis don't have a lot of visitors compared to P&G anyway so many times we're the only ones to do such a cache on a day (or week). I emailed the cacher who picked up the geocoin and asked if they minded if I grabbed it back, 'dropped it' and then they could pick it up again, and they said fine. they are new to caching and it was the first time they had found a trackable and so were very keen to 'share' all done now.
  10. I've been carrying a travel geocoin around with me for several months, and haven't been able to help it get any closer to its goal, but today thought I'd put it somewhere that lots of people visit. I dropped it off and once home ( about an hour or so later ) went to log that I'd dropped it off ... and I couldn't, as someone has already picked it up and logged it as found! I've left a note at the cache I left it at to say I'd dropped off a trackable, but I can't find out how to say where I left it or to log that I actually left it on the geocoins page. do I just leave it, as found and being moved on? or is there someway of logging where I left it? thanks x
  11. I recently had a cache published almost before I had finished pressing the send button! i was most confused to see it as 'published' and for a few minutes was sure that somehow I'd done something wrong as I'd never had one done that fast before !!!
  12. Congratulations and best wishes for your future together xxx
  13. I'm just popping out for a moment. I just want to have a look over there. can you stop the car ... NOW!
  14. I can't help at all, as although I have an etrex 10 ... I'm never sure exactly how to use it ... sometimes it works brilliantly, and others times does nothing! but I'm sure that is down to user error, as I'm not very technically minded! i do find that the more i use it at a time, the more i seem to understand what I'm doing! I found it easiest to add the GC codes using the USB cable and just go from there! then, when you are in an area you have saved caches for, they come up as the next nearest/closest cache ( can't remember actual wording ) when i started using mine, i searched the groudspeak forum for all threads about etrx 10 and went from there! good luck!
  15. i was out caching with my son one afternoon, we had just walked away from a cache hidden up in a tree and a chap cycled past. for some reason a moment later i turned round and the chap had vanished! we watched and surely enough, his legs soon appeared from the tree! so we went to say hello! we were in the middle of nowhere!
  16. i like to find a cared for cache! I generally cache with a selection of small children who like to find something/anything! marbles, bouncy balls, small toys, hair clips ( but only those that are in a sealed packet/on a card/look new! ) are all popular here. we leave an assortment of small toys/marbles/key rings and I'm slowly leaving a huge collection of moshlings about the countryside! even if we don't take anything, I always put something in. like the poster above, we get so disappointed at a big box with just a few damp business cards in, a rusty screw and a broken elastic band! ( a recent find! )
  17. thank you, that is a very good idea - simple and easy.
  18. In the UK? You can hide a cache on an SSSI site... Not easy, having to get permission etc., but you can hide there! If the landowner says "Yes" you're OK, but the landowner may pass it up to another authority - which is where things get 'trickier' Only option with the sign is hang the cache... How easy is it to see behind the board? Is it easy access where one and all can see, or only somewhere a cacher will be looking for a cache? ETA Just looked at the photo... Is there any metal holding the sign together? Would the group give you permission to screw/attach something metal to the underneath? Then you could use a magnetic container. (Or fix a magnet to the sign, and use a metal cache container...) PS. Are you sure it's stone? Seems a strange way to make a sign. (Hope it's well fixed. Hate it to fall on someone!) I see some shrubbery in your photo. If there are trees or suitable bushes in the carpark, you could attach a match tube to a branch. I think using the sign would be cool, if it contained cache clues to the actual spot. Using existing text and numbers, or especially if coords or clues were allowed to be added to the sign, which most visitors probably won't even notice. I've always wanted to do something like that. At a tree branch, use a padded clip, or string, or use Velcro. Some of my Micros are match tubes with Velcro and magnets (to prevent the container from migrating around the tree). Lately I glue magnets with industrial rubber cement, as pictured. Now all you'd have to do is employ the art of hiding an item in plain sight . One surprising way to do that, is to have it just above 6 feet off ground level. Even cachers have trouble finding a cache above eye level. You also should use an inner, thicker branch if possible. It's usually no good if landscapers prune away the cache. thank you ... but the photo was just to give an example, I don't have a photo of the actual information sign :0)its a bit smaller ( I wanted to get out there this afternoon, but we have visitors over and I can't escape! ) the group who have leased the carpark say they think it very unlikely for me to get permission to hide a cache and there are very few in that area and looking at a map with SSSI marked on it ... I can see why! Hence why they have said I can use their information sign, but there is nothing else to use. Thank you everyone.
  19. thank you. sadly, because pretty much the whole area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, I am not allowed to place a cache anywhere out of the carpark, and there is nowhere else to place one on the small amount of land leased by the group who have the carpark! I've had a good look! any of the rocks/possible hidey-holes turn out to be on SSSI land! But thank you very much for the suggestion.
  20. oooo, I'm liking the 'trim' idea! Thank you! there isn't anywhere to hide anything at the base, as its on open ground with only stones/patchy grass! I think a fake rock might get moved away - but I might get one and take it with me to have look! I wanted to hide in some nearby rocks, but that area is a 'Site of Scientific Special Interest' ( and i'm unlikely to get permission ) where as the small carpark and info sign belong to local group!
  21. yes! I did and have explained, but I don't think they quite 'get' geocaching, except they like the idea! ( they would have preferred virtual caches, but can't do these now :0( ) there is a little gap where one of the legs is coming away a little bit, and I'm thinking I might be able to attach the hanging nano. I think I just need to get back out there and have a think and a play! Thanks
  22. Good morning! I had a cache GZ in mind, and contacted the 'powers that be' for permission, which was granted ( yay! ) however, they have requested that I use the stone/concrete display board to put the cache on! similar to this, but the legs are at either side! http://www.woodcraftuk.co.uk/pics/Notice-Boards/Notice-Boards-4.jpg there is nothing metal, so I can't use a magnet, and it doesn't have anything I can hide even a teeny container in ... any ideas? apart from maybe hanging a small nano tube somehow! I've only ever hidden little boxes or bisons before! I really want to put a cache here, and especially now I've been given permission ( as it is not often granted! ) Thank you for any help! xx
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