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  1. Hey Marky and Joani Next time the dead are in town I'd love to go with you, its been quite a too long since I have been to a show and I just dont have anyonw to go with. Johnnyb
  2. Just got an email from wa6ube. Cords have be added to the picnic page to an alternate location in case of rain. See ya saturday
  3. quote:Originally posted by wa6ube: quote:Originally posted by Marky: quote:Originally posted by wa6ube:Well, I'm game in the next week or so.. will just keep an eye on the weather .. would prefer a Saturday around noon or so .. If we want to do this, we need to get an event cache posted to the site _pronto_! I met Johnnyb5 on the trail today and he really wanted to make the picnic last time but couldn't, so I know he would love to. Joani and I would love to as well. Any thoughts on where you might be interested in having it? ----- Yes, I'll make a trip out to the site today in order to capture the lat/long and get a message out this evening when I get home ... date will be December 21st.. (provided we still have clear weather) .. Trish -- In God we trust .. all others, we monitor. I game for the picnic. If the weather doesnt hold up we could still have one inside like a pizza joint or somthing like that.
  4. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=35873 That's a serious hike. Thanks fizzymagic, I actually have that one printed and in my GPSr just havent had the time to go get it.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Marky: We did a 1/4.5 that was really tough, especially the last 1/2 mile through nearly solid thorn bushes. When we got the the cache, there was this 8 foot arrow made out of sticks in the middle of a clearing pointing directly to the cache. If there was ever a 0 difficulty find, this was it. The amazing thing is that we are still the only finders. The 4.5 terrain rating does tend to keep a lot of people away. Whats the name of this cache you are talking about?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Marky:What is the best kind of glue to glue magnets to things like film canisters and altoid tins and the like? " For altoid cans and othersmall similar containers I bought a roll of self adhesive magnets strips. They seem to be strong enough to hold them pretty well.
  7. The 2nd at Ed Levin sounds good to me. I look forward to meeting ya'll Johnnyb
  8. I just spoke to the ranger for Uvas County Park and he told me that the fire did not go through the park, (whoo hoo) and that it looks like it is out of danger. At least at this point. It is however closed until the fires are out.
  9. I live in Morgan Hill and have a cache at Uvas Canyon Park. Marty was correct it was a trailer that started the fire. The road is actually Croy rd. Its been hard getting accurate information but(you know the media) from my view point it looks like the park is in trouble. There saying no containment for at least 3-5 days. This morning driving towards San Jose the fire was clearly visable on the ridge which in Mt Madanna road(the park borders this road for quite a ways) . Once they get it out and let people up there again I'm gonna go and check things out. I'll let ya'll know what I find.
  10. Guess I should of known before I posted this topic it would get out of hand. It was just a simple question because the caches I was trying for all had big signs stating no dogs allow. And it would be nice to know that before hand be it a check box or a common courtesy in the description. I dont bring my dog caching all the time. But when he is with me Its just a bit of a bummer when you get to a trail head and it says no dogs. And yes I do research and call parks and all of that when I can but I keep cache pages in my truck so if im out I dont usually know exactly where I'm going. But in any case thanks for those opinions that actually had to do with this topic.
  11. After todays outing I wanted to get some feedback on somthing. Today after a two hour drive to get to a cache.. I was unable to go for it cuz when I arrived at the park there was a no dogs allowed sign. I know alot of cachers dont cache with dogs so putting details on there page about pets allowed or not is often not done. Would anyone else like to see an check box on the Hide a cache page which would tell us if pets are allowed or not? Would love to hear feed back from ya'll
  12. I placed a memorial cache as my way of remembering the events of this day. Its in the SF bay area http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=36039 Hope those who have found and find it enjoy. Johnnyb
  13. Hey thanks George. I was just up near Don pedro a few weeks ago. Going back next month , will have to look that one up. Was also at clear lake in late spring,, Good info for my next adventure to those parts. Johnnyb
  14. I boat alot here in northern calif. Does anyone no of any boat only caches up in these parts? Johnnyb
  15. I like it, but why are all the shirts white...and will there be tank tops available? See ya tomorrow johnnyb
  16. Hey bykenut, what area are you thinking of doing it .. I love riding to caches.. got all of them from blossom hill to morgan hill one day,, taht was fun,, then got two on the trail where your bicycle primes is. I'm ready for some more Johnnyb
  17. Hey guys hows it going, I have noticed this thread being kinda quiet lately too. Not much new with me for the most part, I hooked up with another cacher and we have been caching alot lately. Finally got a chance to get some out of the bay area..That was cool. Got 5 up on Truckee last weekend. My wife thinks im insane. In the next couple of weeks were gonna be placing an aqua cache. finally found a container that will work. Anyway, just thought i would chime in. Any of ya going to the picnic this weekend? If so see ya there Johnnyb
  18. I use the Meridian Gold and my Caching buddy uses the sportrak pro. The only differences we have noticed is that the gold doesnt loose signal like the sportrak does under heavey tree cover, Ive actually have yet to loose signal with the gold. the screen is smaller on the sportrak as well but its still a nice GPSr. For the most part we usually get very close to the same spot. somtimes the sportrak gets a bit closer and visa versa but I think that is mostly due to what and how many sat locks we have at the time.
  19. This is one of my favorite places in hike and hang out. There are 5 caches in the park, Rest cache, uvas cache, Contour cache. knob cache and enchanted moss. This park is in morgan hill. great place to spend a day.
  20. just wondering if this gathering is still in the works. Havent seen a post here for a while. Johnnyb
  21. All the above parks are really nice, Uvas is my favorite of the list. Although George is right about the GPS signal. Quicksilver is also nice but its very steep trails and very hot in the summer, not alot of tree cover. And not very many Group picnic areas that I know of. Santa Teresa Park would be a good place. Great Group Picnic area. Lots of open space and some good hiking trails, I just got a cache there this weekend, Was going for the second just outside the park but my poor puppy was just getting to Hot Ed levin is a really nice park so far as I can tell, I've only been there a couple of times On my lunch break. Here are a couple more Nice parks Anderson Lake park Vasona park I cant get the links to work. but look them up. I could lend a helping hand in this one if needed Johnnyb
  22. quote:Originally posted by Rockdoctors: Lone behold its been concidered a carcenogen over the last 8 years or so. Don't use deet here is the MSDS (Material data safty sheet) for deet, see heath hazard information. http://www.scs-mall.com/images/Sp718%20MSDS.PDF but dont get me wrong, any product will cause irratations to skin in some pple. so use your onw judgement
  23. quote:Originally posted by Dejapooh: Does it recharge batteries from teh car lighter? They do sell an adapter for the car lighter, but as far as recharging batteries. Guess that depends on if your gonna use rechargable or not and if they come with a lighter adapter
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