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  1. This is a MUST HAVE app for those with a G1 phone. I highly recommend it and support is first rate. I have tried all the other Android apps for geocaching and this has them all beat, hands down.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the Delorme quad maps for the PN-40 show the Section, Township and Range lines? I know the topo maps don't have these lines but I am hoping the downloadable quads have section lines. Thanks,
  3. Try this link; http://users.adelphia.net/~rschoolf/geocaching.htm
  4. I was hoping for a "real world" comparison rather than the Garmin company statement.
  5. Anybody know the routing speed difference between the Etrex Vista or Legend Cx and the 60Cx? I have a 60C and really want one of the new “x” models. Are there any differences in the routing features between these units? I’ll get the Vista-x if the routing speed and features are about the same. It would look really nice on the handlebar of my bike as I huff and puff my way down the trail. Thanks, True Grid In the Pacific Northwet (No, I didn't mis-spell it. We have had 32 days, and counting, of rain.)
  6. True Grid

    Nw Snakes

    They were both Garter snakes. Some of them can get pretty big, and some of them like to swim - but they are all Garter snakes. I have never seen anything but Garters on Blanchard Mountain and I have hiked it from end to end many times in the last 45 years. The one she saw by the cache is called "Blanch". I let it live there to keep the muggles away.
  7. One trick is to show City Select, calculate your route, then hide City Select. This leaves Topo showing and the routing still works.
  8. Yep! Trails are routable on the 24k topo maps. I have both the regular Topo and the 24k Topo. I use the 24k whenever possible. I do wish they covered more areas, though.
  9. I asked Garmin do double-check that they had not heard of any issues with lockups on the new 3.70 firmware. This is the response: ______________________________________________________________ If you would like to send the unit in for repair I will be glad to set up an RMA for you. I have talked with my supervisors and they have not heard of anything like you describe either. I will be happy to have it looked at if you want me to. Please let me know what you want me to do. ______________________________________________________________ Since several here have reported the bug to Garmin, I'm thinking they're not coming out with 3.71 any time soon.
  10. I emailed Garmin over the weekend about the lockup problem. They should have had numerous complaints by now This is the reply I received today. _________________________________________________________________ Thank you for contacting Garmin International. We are not aware of nay bugs in the software. This is the first I have heard of this. If you are doing an active route and switch to off road that may create a problem. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-800-1020 with additional information. _________________________________________________________________ Does Garmin's left hand not know about the right, or do they just have their head in the sand? From the reply, I'm guessing there isn't going to be a quick fix coming out. Back to 3.60. Regards, True Grid
  11. Here's a trick for you. When you have Topo selected and City Select turned off it won't route to roads. (Says "No road near start location", or something like that.) But I like Topo for the addititional map information like streams, lakes, etc. What I do is turn City Select on, let it calculate the route, then turn CS off and leave Topo on. Now I have a road route with Topo maps. Works for me.
  12. Hot dadgum! I got my coins today and they are awesome. I seem to have captured #41, too. The rest are in the 1200's. Now where am I going to put my first coin??? Maybe it's time to set out a new geocache in the area. And if I ever run into Lucy and Rickie the drinks are on me. GREAT JOB! True Grid In the Pacific Northwet
  13. Yep! Nearly every day. I work for a surveying and engineering company and I'm the one that goes out to find control sites, etc. before we send out a crew. Sometimes the Pacific Northwet weather is rather damp, but the GPS keeps working even when I don't feel like working.
  14. Pretty cool looking case. Does it have a belt clip on the back? Can you still use the 60cs in a bike mount with the case on? Thanks, True Grid
  15. I've had version 6 for 3 weeks now. Seems to be much more comprehensive than version 5.0. My upgrade was free as I had jus bought 5.0 about a month before they shipped 6.
  16. Sold! I decided to buy it myself and put it on my mountain bike. I couldn't afford the $200 bucks, but what the heck . . . it's for me! True Grid
  17. Check the Software Update site on Garmin. They have USB drivers about mid way down the page. http://www.garmin.com/support/download.jsp
  18. This Vista is still available. Make me an offer.
  19. Garmin Etrex Vista I just get this back from Garmin. They did a complete overhaul, so everything should be like new. I put batteries in and turned it on to make sure everything works, then put it back in the box to sell so I can get the new 60CS model. It comes with a case, bike handlebar mount and PC data cable. It also has a data/battery power cable for a Handspring Visor Prism. (You can use just the cigarette lighter cable portion if you don't have a Visor.) Also has the suction cup car window mount. Asking a flat $200. This includes shipping/insurance. I will ship to the continental US only. I do have a Paypal account, or you can send a check or money order. If you live in the extreme Northwest of Washington I might even deliver it in person. Thanks, True Grid
  20. Just bumping this up the list, 'cause I really don't want to have to put this Vista on eBay.
  21. Easy decision. Buy the 60CS. You will not be sorry. I just replaced my Vista with the 60CS and I am amazed. I thought my Vista was more than I would ever need until I saw the color display and autorouting of the 60CS.
  22. Hit the MARK button and toggle up to highlight the Lat/Long then hit ENTER. The number pad will pop up and you can change the Lat/Long to whatever you want.
  23. The Vista would be a nice replacement for your Legend. You get 3 times the memory, a compass and altimeter. Also, this one was just rebuilt by Garmin and has not been used since.
  24. Ahh . . . Come On . . . Don't make be put this on eBay. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  25. I found my suction cup window mount for the Vista. (I thought I lost it.) For the $200 I'll toss that in, too.
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