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  1. When doing a multi yesterday (GC5M2CR) I had to pick a number answer at each stage that would solve for the coordinates. I wanted to be able to keep a record of each number as I went from stage to stage, so that I could have the numbers in my phone app to copy into the final coordinates at the end. The waypoints on the app allow me to tap on an arrow to navigate stages, and a checkbox to check as I finish each stage, but if I want to keep track of the numbers chosen as the answer for each stage, I have to write it down on a piece of paper. The icon for writing is grayed out except for putting the final coordinates (See image below). Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to make the icon for writing active so that I can record my answers at each stage?
  2. I've been successfully sending lists to my Garmin Oregon 450 using using Garmin Express. Now suddenly it won't work. I get a message saying" Request Error. There is a problem with the content being sent. Try sending the content again" Has something changed? Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. So are you saying that if I want to share a list with friends I can open that list, copy and paste the url into an email to my friends. They can then click on the link and see the list? Down at the bottom of the last there is an option to "Create Pocket Query." Will they be able to do that with my list?
  4. When I create a list and make it public, how can my friends access it?
  5. When I download pocket queries for caches in Canada into my Garmin Oregon, they show up in the gpx folder online but they cannot be found in the garmin oregon 400. What could be the problem?
  6. I'm having a problem navigating to waypoints given in a multicache. See GC61RGT. For this cache you must navigate to six different locations to pick up clues to get the coordinates for the final cache. The six locations are given as waypoints. However, using the new app you can only navigate FROM each waypoint TO the starting point for the cache. You can't navigate from the starting point to the waypoints or between waypoints. In order to navigate to the waypoints, I had to use my GPS. It didn't work using my smart phone app. Did I miss something or is this a glitch?
  7. Did you also create and generate a pocket query from that list? If so - which you can confirm because the entry will say "Last Generated" instead of "Last Modified" - what you're still seeing in the Lists section of the app is the generated PQ, which will stop being shown when the PQ expires after seven days. If not, please let us know as there may be a bug. Yes I had created pocket queries for my GPS from these lists. Thanks for your help
  8. I have deleted a list from geocaching.com on my computer. When I open My Lists on my phone (samsung galaxy s7) the list is still there. When I tap on the three horizontal dots, the only choices I am given are "Download Offline Data" and "View on Map." There is no option to delete the list.
  9. Yes, it was GCJXFQ! Thanks for solving this mystery for me.
  10. I was at Sulphur Creek Ranch in the River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho. The ranch manager (a muggle) told me of a geocache nearby. I found it - an ammo box in good condition with trinkets and a log in good shape. It was last found in the summer of 2014. Cell phones don't work in this area, and there is no internet access, so I couldn't discover its name. When I left the area I tried to learn the name by locating where I was on a map. I found my exact location near the airstrip on the ranch, but there was no geocache listed. How can I find out what has happened to it? Has it been archived?
  11. For the second time in as many days, when we put in a search area, the list shows up but there are no geocaches shown when the map loads. I noticed that this problem was reported by some about one month ago and apparently was resolved then, but it's back! What can I do??
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