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  1. I havn't hidden any caches yet (have the ammo can and stuff, waiting to find a good spot near home) but I visited a cache where the log before mine was from a muggle. It said something like "This is the 2nd time I've found one of these things. I don't have a GPS."
  2. I just watched the Mt. Rushmore episode, my mom taped it for me because even she was able to see how much like geocaching it is! I had difficulty watching it, though. It moves so fast that on a big screen tv it starts to make your head hurt! And that guy on the cell phone video... I got tired of him pretty quick, but they played his message 4 or 5 times anyways. The Mullets would do well if they took up geocaching! They caught the Unnatural Pile of Sticks pretty quickly, too bad there was no geocache there. Right, National Park. How come we can't geocache in a National Park but they can do the show?!? So who is making the Groundspeak superteam to win the next season?
  3. I left a Canadian coin when I visited Austria... it got traded really quickly. I think it would be great to find a foreign coin! Peso's, Euros, any coin that I don't see often. Just don't don't keep Euros in your walet, they look way too much like loonies and twoonies.
  4. I work on a high ropes course, and agree very strongly with this! Ropes need to be properly stored, maintained and inspected before use. We do not leave our climbing ropes out overnight or lunch hour for fear of weather damage. Climbing 20+ feet would cause a lot of damage if the ladder were to fail unexpectedly. I would reccomend that cachers be required to bring their own rope. That way, they would (or should) know how to safely use all equipment, and they would be aware of its condition. As for harnesses, I like my Petzel Adjama harness, and most Petzel gear. It is a bit more expensive than some other makes, but my camp bought it and I'm not going to complain. Anyone looking for climbing gear in Canada should try Mountain Equipment Co-op. They have very good prices and experienced staff that will help you with anything you need. For climbing equipment/training I always go through Challenges Unlimited, but they are geared more towards challenge ropes courses and artificial climbing walls.
  5. June 11 was the only possible weekend I had (working at camp all summer) but I will be getting my wisdom teeth out on the 8th, so somehow I don't think I'll be able to make it. I hope you do this again next summer so that I can go!
  6. You need to do a service project for Girl Guides, and the first thing that comes to mind is CITO. You geocache on your school band trip. Possibly bending the rules to do so. You pick what university to go to based on which has the most caches nearby. (Not really... but that's how it worked out anyways)
  7. The bug is sitting on the table at the cottage... hopefully someome decides to go to the cottage this weekend, otherwise the 2-week time frame isn't really going to work out! Obviously didn't mean to leave it there, just a bit stressful as we were leaving. As soon as someone is there to bring it home, it will contine its journey south towards my house, therefore helping its mission: it wants to go somewhere "warmer."
  8. Canada Customs... that's the ultimate in stealth!!! Although, to make it *that* much harder, you could put it on the American side...
  9. I guess its the other way around here: Me, 17: GAMAP - geocaches as much as possible Sister, 14: she went once. Dad: will go when he gets the chance, he's really busy but really enjoys it as long as I do the techy stuff Mom: I think she likes it, but she's busy too. Since I'm the one posting on the forum's and not them... actually I'm the only one with an account, but we could really make a 2nd called "Bandgeek's Dad" cause that's how we sign all the logbooks.
  10. Does anyone have a google homepage? There is a "How-to of the day" feature... and #1 of today's top 3 How-to's is How to go Geocaching. Thought I'd share.
  11. I made this list a few months ago when I introduced geocaching to my Ranger group. I went through the Guiding program books that I have (and that are up-to-date) and this is what I came up with. GIRL GUIDES OF CANADA SENIOR BRANCHES: 15-17+yrs old Core Program: #9: Participate in an outdoor service activity. Cache In, Trash Out! #21: How are modern technology, computers, science and mathematics used in every day life? GPS'r in cars, etc Cadet Program: #7: Help the girls enjoy and learn from an outdoor activity. #10: Help plan and carry out an activity with another Unit. I think it would be a great activity to get older girls such as pathfinders to help teach younger girls like brownies about geocaching. Junior Leader Program: #2 - part 3: A meeting based on a theme. Pirate treasure, anyone? #5: Chose or design, lead and evaluate a visual aid that helps the girls accomplish one of their program activities. #7: Help the girls enjoy and learn from an outdoor activity. Ranger Program: Under each interest area, there are "challenge suggestions" listed. However many areas give the option to investigate other topics such as technology. Outdoors #3: Hike with a specific purpose such as photography, sketching or bird watching. ...or geocaching! BROWNIES: 7 & 8 yrs old Key to Active Living #2: Outdoor recreation Key to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) -special interest badge could be made about how GPS works. Key to Camping -"happy hiking" interest badge could be done on a geocaching outing.
  12. I did the Don trails last spring as part of an Urban Adventure Race being held in the city, and really liked them. I would definetly love to go back; finding caches would just be an added bonus! It would be nice to see the trails properly as opposed to going through them AFAP (as fast as possible...?).
  13. I am a member of a Ranger group (read: Girl Guides/Scouts of the high-school age) and would like to bring up the idea of hosting a CITO even as a service project kind of thing. Have any other Girl Guide/Scout or Boy Scout groups done this before? I am worried that the organization will not like the idea of inviting strangers from the internet to an event. That sounds harsh but realistically that's what it is. If anyone has any advice for this, it would be appreciated!
  14. I am so jealous... I absolutely LOVE working at camp all summer! However, I can't exactly leave very often... and it is rather remote. So unfortunately for me, geocaching won't happen much.
  15. So, does that mean its just us of the young-ish Canadian geocachers? Well obviously not, I know at least one but he doesn't read the forums - that I know of ... So um... HI! Whats up? Etc... OH! I found a cache in Austria! Just thought I would share that as I tried telling my non-caching friends but they don't quite get it. "Geo-what?" PS Sent in my residence forms to U Ottawa today... *does another dance*
  16. I don't know how it happened... but I ended up with a corneal abraison one day while caching... it hurt like hell but I could still see once the pain-killing drops had kicked in... went out and grabbed 2 more caches when I got back from emerg.
  17. Geocaching is full of Aliens! Well, at least one Alien, and you all know him and love him very much. But serisously, Signal... Earth Frogs don't have an antenna! (Edit for typo... and antenna?)
  18. My family met some people wearing Ontario Geocaching T-shirts, and asked them what Geocaching is. They came home and told me they found something I was going to love. And I do!
  19. Touché. Allright I like this idea. I'll put myself in 3 groups then: girls, cause I'm one, teenagers, cause I'm one, and university/college cause that's where I'll be very very soon. Got into U Ottawa... *does dance*
  20. Um... take a look at this thread...
  21. My family's GPS'r would never be used if they didn't let their teenager out of the house with it!!
  22. I love to geocache... I'm a girl... I've never gone alone though, usually my dad goes with me, or a friend depending on where I'm doing the caching. Any boy that has geocached with me does so because I knew about it first!
  23. I work at a summer camp, and every week Adrian the Reptile Guy comes and does a show on snakes, turtles, lizards etc. I didn't used to take his advice seriously, however after an incident with a snapping turtle on the highway (he taught us how to safely move them across a road) I trust his advice completely. Adrian says: What do you do when you see a snake in the woods? LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!
  24. There was an article about this published in the local paper, the Haliburton Echo, last week. I was glad to see geocaching as something very positive, but to me it sounded like they were only interested for the commerical opportunities it will bring. We all know that geocaching brings us places we might not have gone otherwise. I looked for a cache in Wilberforce because of an interesting description and amazing location. I feel that geocaching is already doing a good job of bringing people into the area - and doesn't need to be exploited. I don't think geocachers want to be "lured"... (EDIT: Added the quote)
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