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  1. Ive had the Oregon 550 for a year and also wasnt sure about the camera ahead of time but now love it. The quality of the photo's is not equivalent to a $500 camera but a $500 camera dosnt give you coordinates and altitude and show where the picture was taken on a map. I think Ive only used my Casio camera once since I got this gps. Like stated above the screen shows up best with full sun on it.. save the battery and turn the back light off. The back light on mine kills the battery FAST and I find myself turning it on and off as needed. Garmin is always updating the software for these. Right out of the box there were updates for mine and I just recently went back to their website and found there were almost a dozen more. This is the only time I ever got anything out of registering a product Ive found that the accuracy goes way down when my tracks are 80% full. now I regularly delete the tracks.. was thinking this was a memory issue but recently found out when you delete the track the gps archives and stores it? hope these thoughts help
  2. I collect California and Minnesota related coins mostly but would like to see some more biking coins made as I do a lot of bicycle caching. California could have redwood and or ocean coins made with more elegant colors. my wish list for right now includes: Minnesota Loon coin All seasons snowflake coin This is a cool thread but as there are 16 ppages now a list would be better with each cachers top desire
  3. Thanks for your interest the unit is SOLD and in the hands of a young new owner probably out caching as we speak..
  4. OOPS.. you are correct it is a serial cable not a USB.
  5. Know anyone looking for a starter unit, one for the kids, or to hook up to your laptop? Here's a yellow Garmin Etrex with the USB cable that needs a new home. The unit works great but the outer rubber on the page button came off. I use a pen to press the button inside (which was anoying at first but became second nature quickly) Thought about making a new button to replace but never got around to it. Rubber on battery door is a little tore up. The LCD is in good used condition with faint scratches. email for pictures if your iterested. Make me an offer before i put it on ebay
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