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  1. My summer vacation includes a road trip to da U.P., and I try to visit as many caches on the way as possible. If I have all the caches in the state listed, then it's easy to pick ones to stop for. Also, I use a homegrown program to compare the new list with the previous list and generate a lists of what's changed (adds, delete, moves). The adds are imported into the map software, the drops are done manually, the moves are added or ignored. I know I'll never get to every cache in the state. Looking at a map for a cluster of caches is an easy way to decide which direction to go on Saturday (especially if the map includes roads). Keeping the map up-to-date is the tedious part.
  2. Premium membership & pocket queries... I kind of figured that'd be the answer . It seemd to be the answer to a lot of questions I found while searching for this answer. Hmm. Three chunks would be faster to download than 44+... Thanks, gang. Fred Robinson Nowhere Man
  3. I download the EasyGPS .loc files in order to keep my personal map of Michigan caches up to date. However, there are now over 1100 caches in MI, and downloading the whole list 25 entries at a time has become tedious. Is there any way to download a .loc of all caches found in a search? Fred Robinson Nowhere Man
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