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  1. Is there a URL where a cacher can see his ranking with the number of finds he/she has compared to everyone else who is a member? I know I accessed his website once but I can't seem to find it again. thanks.. Penquinhead
  2. I bought 2 'US' coins from Geocaching.com (Groundspeack wasn't able to help me). The coins are gold plated, one side has the tracking no., icon of american flag and eagle. The other side has icon of geocaching.com Does anyone know where I can get the activation code for these type of coins.
  3. Yep, You are definitely Tempting the Fates when you put a coin out there..Fate could be kind and move the coin along or it could end up in a corrupt individual's own collection...I just bought a coin called- Tempting The Fate. Pen.
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