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    Hey I have recently loaded GSAK ver 7.7.2 on a different comp and want to generate my colored michigan county map but cant remember how to do it. If I remember right I think there was a special macro to run. Helpful hints would be great. Happy Caching!!
  2. I myself like doing caches at peoples houses as long as there are sufficient clues to make me sure I am in the right yard.
  3. Oh sure....post a picture of the hide. Way to ruin it for me johngie. I guess there is no "Joy in Mudville" now with this cache. Off to put this one on my "Ignore List" now. Let me know if you camoflauge this one and then maybe I will hunt for it. now where did I put my "shaking fist" emoticon?
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    Leader Lists

    I wouldn't mind having the website to enable you to lookup and sort users with the most finds by the country and the state they reside in. It would be interesting to see where I rank among users nationally and in my own state.
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