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  1. Even before seeing your reply I went in to email preferences to check again. I had looked yesterday and everything seemed okay. This time I deleted the emails and reentered them and had them validated. Things seem to be working now but I don't know why it stopped working for no reason. Hope I fixed it for good.
  2. For the past couple weeks I have not been receiving any notifications of finds or notes on any of my caches. But the lack of notifications include messages from other cachers and any notes from Groundspeak. I have changed my primary email address in hopes that would fix the issue, but it hasn't. I had made no changes to anything when I simply stopped getting emails from Groundspeak. Anyone having this problem? Any fixes?
  3. As requested by a reviewer I needed to update some caches' stages to be either virtual or physical. I make the change on the edit cache page but it won't save. I click save and it seems to be working but when I go back in it is still asking me to choose virtual or physical. I first tried it on Firefox and then on Safari, both producing the same result. The reviewer has no answer yet and will publish the cache he was holding up until I made all the updates. Any thoughts?
  4. A friend sent me a gpx file and I would like to use it on geocaching.com and/or on my iPhone's app. I am thinking the way to do it would be to somehow import it to a list but I can't see any way to do it. I know I can import it to my Garmin but I would like to view it on my iMac computer also.
  5. At least I know it isn't just me. I tried Safari and Firefox. Looks like I'll just wait and try later. Frustrating when I'm trying to make a list up.
  6. I have a list from which I created a pocket query. Today i checked the pocket query page and the query is there but has a line through it as if it is disabled. I tried to delete it but it won't delete. I created another query from the same list, with a different name, and that one is fine. Any ideas?
  7. I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with this company online. On March 28th I placed an order with cachingcontainers.com. That same day I received a confirmation email which said my payment via credit card was okayed and I would receive another email when the order was ready to ship. Two weeks later I replied to that email asking about the status of my order. I got no reply. Over the next week I sent three more emails to that address and another I found on their site. No replies to any of my emails. I even enclosed an alternate email for myself. Then I called the phone number on the website. No human answered so I had to leave a message. Twice more I did this. No replies to any inquiries. It is almost six weeks now and I have contacted my credit card company to see if I can get my money back. It is in dispute right now and unresolved. I was just wondering if anyone has ordered from them recently.
  8. I am closing in on 1000 finds and have done all on my iPhone over the past fourteen months, that is except for the ones where I have been caching with a friend and he has made the find. A few days ago I came across a review of three items that can enhance the accuracy of the GPS capability of the iPhone. I have tried but can't find the review and don't remember names of units or add ons. Does anyone know what I am talking about? LOL! One is a thing that plugs in at the bottom of the iphone. Another is a waterproof case that enhances accuracy. I will admit that the accuracy of my iPhone is sometimes lacking and would like to make it a bit better without having to go out and buy a GPS unit. From what I recall the reviews were on the positive side so I would like to look further into it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I was just searching the forum for an answer to this exact question. Everything has its learning curve. Thanks.
  10. Edit each item on your bookmark list and add the page number in front of the cache name. Thanks.
  11. I want to complete the Delorme challenge in NJ this year and have started a Bookmark List for those I have completed. Is there a way to sort them by page description so it is easy to see which page numbers I have completed and which still remain? Thanks.
  12. I was out caching last week and noticed that every cache I found that day (10) had been found by someone else on the same day. When I got home I was curious and looked up this cacher. They had an unbelievable amount of caches and their stats stated that on one particular day they had found 680 caches. How is this possible? If they cached for twenty four hours that would be twenty eight per hour. It takes me three hours to do ten. Has anyone else had this kind of number or anything close to it, and how was it accomplished? I am just curious.
  13. Thanks to everyone. I have added an NM to the one that I hadn't done before. And in thinking about it more I guess since I am new and so into it that I am online every day and out searching every chance I get, I think everyone else is too. After reading the replies I guess that was an outrageous assumption. And the truth is that I will probably slow down and be like most others in the future. I will watch caches to see if they are maintained or found in the future and act on it accordingly. I will also acquire some nano and small logs to keep with me in case I find a full log book. I have thrown in a piece of paper on a cache without a log book already but not much you can do if you come upon a nano with full log and you don't have a new one to add. Again, thanks for all the thoughts and advice.
  14. As a relatively new cacher (eighty at this time) I have a few questions that I hope can be answered. They deal with those people that own the cache. Among this eighty finds I have there have been a few DNFs which are frustrating. There are also some that need maintenance but don't receive it. In order to relieve my frustration I message others to see if they can give me some help when I go back. In many cases this happens but in others that is not the case. There are a few specific examples I wish to provide. The first cache Is a maintenance problem. It is cache GC2Q0FB by Zoppoter. The last few finders have said the log is full and when I went recently I found that to be the case. But there has been no new log put there. In fact Zoppoter hasn't been on geocaching.com since 7/28/11. The second cache is also maintenance. It is GC2Z3JQ by joebagofdonut3 . I found this one open and the contents strewn about. I messaged the owner but have not heard back. I checked the profile page and see that the owner hasn't been on since 10/9/11 and has only found 20 caches since joining in February. The third was a DNF. It is GC33M6J by sujit. This was placed by a troop of scouts but noone has been online since the day it was hidden, 9/9/11. I messaged them for a hint but have not heard from them either. My questions or concerns are what happens in these cases? Is there a monitoring system that catches these abandoned caches? Is there a requisite number of finds you need before you can hide a cache yourself? If not it seems there should be. Is there someone to contact in these situations? Someone who does monitor problems such as these.
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