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  1. Hello everyone, I agree with Solarflare, I would like to keep it on Echolink only, not to leave anyone out but It probally would go better. I dont have a IRLP, but I do have a Link on Echolink and all Licensed amateurs are welcomed, All FCC Rules and reg's apply. I am not real active now geo-caching but like to talk about it and have cached for a while, even if I have not found 400-500 or so like they rest, I still like it and hope one day to start caching again. Now deer season is open, It's hard to cache safely while deer hunting is going on, but I would also like to have a IRLP for only for Caching and Geo-cachers to link to or connect up to and to discuss geo-caching. My link is the WV5V-Llisted in area (5) and is linked into a Local Two Meter Repeater here in my home town. Please feel free to link up and mention Geo- Caching and I am usually on. very 73''s Continouswave WV5V
  2. Well I have a old one that I Studied hard for and past all the elements and all 3 code tests in about 11 months. Three of us did this back in 1985-86. So If you need any encourgement here it is. I passed the 5 wpm and the old not any more novice test in my home town. I passed the 13 wpm Code and the General written test about 90 miles from my home town. I passed the Advanced written element in my home town and I will say this by far was the hardest Writen test I took. Took the 20 wpm Code in a city about 150 miles away and then took the Extra Element and failed it. So with all this done then I went about 200 miles away the next weekend and took the Extra Writen Element again and missed it by one question. Im not giving up only taken it really once , the one after the code I knew I would fail, but the other one I should have not failed. So I loaded up and went out of State again and took it the very next weekend. Yea I passed and aced it but it took me two times and two States to pass it. So I you think it's bad now, think again and the older hams tell me the all had to go to a FCC Office in a certain city to take theirs way back when and they say it was rough. So I guess If it's me I would study and pass the one 5 wpm code test and then only three writen elements left and guess what your are a Extra Class Ham Op. So It's better now than I came up with all the VE Sessions around and I am a VE and help out locally here with Tests. So get to studying and upgrade those license and you will and can enjoy the Whole Amateur Specturm. Very 73's Continouswave WV5V (EXTRA CLASS) And I am proud of mine. I worked hard and long to get it.
  3. I use Echolink every day and I have a Link on the air, look in area (5) for WV5V-L and feel free to connect. All FCC rules and reg's apply but it is on 24/7 unless power goes out or ISP goes down. Like I say feel free to connect up and sometimes there's a bunch of folks on and at other times no one is on. 73's Continouswave WV5V
  4. Hey Alan2, Well let's see my first thought is to make sure you have read the manual. Ok reading the Manual with the Radio's will help, Ques #1 . where should my wife keep the unit while she waits in the car. On the dash while in standby? When sending? Quest#1. Well if she is in the car, then she need to keep it close to window or windshield so it will receive. Quest#2 .. Once I get a GMRS license, which channel should I use that has the best penetration? Well you and Her will hae to use them to find out, also keep in mind just as a GPS somtimes has poor reception, well so will the Radio's and trees and metal will kill a RF signal. Quest#3 Which eliminator code? sorry I cant help you on this one you will have to read once again. Quest #4 What do other cacher usualy use if I want to pick them up if they're around? Probally most use FRS and others have Amateur Radio License and use a Ham Radio such as a Hand held Radio. Quest#5 & 6 Again sorry you will have to read and find out. Quest #7 Not unless you both want to and again FRS may be more popular in your area and I know it is here were I live more poeple have them than GMRS, because of the License requirement. I hope I have helped some but the more you read and play the better you will be Happy Hunting and Talking very73's de Continouswave WV5V in MISSISSIPPI
  5. Hey wadel, well looks like you have plenty of info and some good info to. i wanted to mention to you that a good regular vhf handheld will perform well on simplex (line of sight) better than you think in the woods or hilly terrain. that would get my vote anytime of day over gmrs,murs,frs and cell phones etc. I use mine dual band HT and have a dual band cross band repeat radio in my truck and set it up to cross band in case I need it. Example i can set up the radio in my truck to access a repeater in the local area,lets say like in 30 miles south of here, i go to find a cache and i may not exactly know where i am ?? no problem or say i get in a bind or lets says you need some help for someone else out there or yourself. i can jsut start iding and my signal will then go out thru my truck radio which can run 50 watts but you only transmit say 1 watt or 2 watts into thru your ht depending on what kind of ht you use, then your signal is repeated out thru the cross banding radio in truck and comes back the same way. So yes HT are well worth the time and investment and there are some good ones out there for around 99 to 100 dollars jut vhf modes only. the dual banders are more. so Ham is the way to go in my opinion and I wish you and your wife good luck and hope you decide to take the tech test. Happy Hunting Continouswave WV5V and Volunteer Examiner
  6. Congrats Mike on your daughter and family friend (Cherry) for passing their tests. pass along my best to them and I know they will enjoy both Ham radio and Caching as two of the very best all around hobbies in the world. very 73's and Happy Hunting Continouswave
  7. Congrats, to all on this thread who passed thier Ham test. I know it's exciting and you can't wait till the ticket comes in, but now you have the option of checking it out on a website, We did not have that option. Anyway Congrats and Welcome in to a World of New Radio Operators whom I hope will encourge you to go ahead and upgrade from here and continue this great Hobby and also encourge you to try the HF Bands and other Modes of Ham Radio, Modes Like Echolink and to have VOIP and maybe working some CW later on when you learn the code,If you have not done the Code yet. There is several modes that you probally will never try, but You can't tell you may get the bug, the same bug that bit you to Geo-Cache and you will try some of the newer things. So 73's for now and I say Congrats and keep up the good work. Remember how long you studied for your test and the number of hours spent doing it and as you go on reflect back to this , when you are operating and It will make you feel good. It's your call sign and you worked for it. 73's and Cograts to all who passed their test WV5V Continouswave MISSISSIPPI
  8. O Sorry about , "My lovely wife (CheleBell) has not yet studied for her technician license, but believe me, I'm working at wearing her down! She at least has the book at the head of the bed." I knew one of you had your license... O my Fault but maybe this will help you convince Her to get hers. Real Sorry about that. I really think the other fellow would enjoy his Amateur Radio, If he obtains his Tech License. Happy Hunting and Please forgive me Continouswave WV5V Mississipppi
  9. Hello bigredmed. Well I kind of agree with Desert_Warrior, you have a good GPS becuse I also have a Mag. as far as the Radio thing goes, I just posted one to someone talking about MURS, which I do not know aything about. Let me throw this at you and see if it makes sense. Ok you buy two FRS Or(GMRS which require a license), now I have 4 four FRS, 4 Ham Radio Handhelds, 6 mobil Rigs all but one are on VHF, the other is a Quad Band Radio. I can tell you that you will be disapointed in the FRS and GMRS because of the Range. Now if you are only going to be 1/2" mile apart or closer then that's the way to go. If you want 30-50 Mile RANGE,,,,yes 30-50Mile Range or more, consider learning Amateur Radio starting with the Tech license. That's all you need for UHF and VHF, but Rules and Reg's do apply. Then you will not have the Range problem and like Desert_Warrior said He use his for his Hiking and also for talking to other Hams who may can hear them as they Hike along their way. There is no comparising. now addressing the part of cost, you know about that, how did you get your GPS, how did you get other things you have? Well you move slow at first and check everthing out and price things and go to HamFest and maybe do like me buy some used gear or a used Radio or two and that is how you can do it just like most people in the Hobby. There is no comparising, Ham Radio's to FRS and GMRS, on a Range level. also there is no way would I not have my stuff with me out at a cache hunt around here, because Range again is so important in Mississippi,,,, we have a lot of Trees and our Terrain is such. So maybe this will help you, and I bet you have a local Ham Radio Club in your Area that you live! Find out and go to a meeting and meet some of them. they can help you and will be glad to do so. Happy Hunting Continouswave WV5V
  10. Hello, bnolan, hope you are well? Ok so you want to have some communications with you when you cache hunt?? Or all the time? Have you thought about studying and getting your Amateur Radio License and you can have one with you all the time. it's does not matter what you do or where you go, you will probally, most of the time be around someones repeater system. Now after you have Tech license, you can operate a radio with in the Law and reg's that your Tech license covers. Now for Example, when I go out, I look at the whole area and make sure who has what up and on what freq. I have a cross band radio and I have a dual band Hand held radio that I use with the cross band radio. So I set up a freq to cross band into the freq something like UHF into VHF,,,, You cant go VHF into VHF then you will be Illegal. So while you think about doing the FRS or Murs thing which is ok, because everybody in my household is not a HAM, so we use the frs some but mainly I have the Radio in my truck set up as back up. Hope you are seeing the picture. Plus one more big advantage is Range around here all we get is maybe on a good day 1/2 to maybe 3/4 mile because of our terrain. With the Repeater system you will be talking thru, you will have 30 mile Range or maybe some could be even 50 miles !!! So thats something else to think about. It's Fairly simple to find out about a Ham Radio club in your area and then go to a meeting and meet some of the locals and find out more about it. After you get your Tech license, you can have a HT or Mobil Radio in your vehicle all the time not just when you go out caching but all the time. Good luck to you and If you need some advice talk to Cadence, she got her ticket and I bet she is enjoying it a bunch !!!! ask Her Good Hunting Continouswave WV5V Mississippi
  11. Ok hello to all, I wanted to say you guys whom have GMRS Radios,well yes you can buy them over the counter, and yes it a Federal Crime to break the rules they have Governing them since you are required to have a License on GMRS to Operate. Now a little advice on Enfrocement , it's not the FCC Man whom you need to worry about. it's the People using these types, these people listen to all the freq's all the time and if there is a thing going on and needs some attention or enforcement , well then they have ways to get in touch with the proper people. Im not trying to scare anyone just some free,friendly, advice and I do have some FRS Radios , but Have been a HAM radio Op for allmost 20 yrs now and I do have a License to operate on the Hams BAnds !! so I do know what and where to go there, I do not fool around with GMRS at all , but Like I say you are Dealing with The FCC, this is Federal, So If you have GMRS my advice is get legal and stay legal and you will have nothing to worry about !!! I know some Hams fairly close to me here , whom bought some GMRS and applied and got his licenses and did it so he could talk with his family, because they are not hams like him, So it works good fot that. But Do not think just because you have the GMRS you dont have to have the license, my free adivce again here is apply for the license and pay the 75 dollars or what ever it is and become Legal and use good opeartor Pratices and stay legal and enjoy them, then you have nothing to worry about, Because you travel around and there is no telling who will be listen to you and where they are !!! Or Think about getting into HAM RADIO and use the VHF and UHF there after you get your Ticket. Happy Hunting Continouswave WV5V
  12. continouswave


    Ok USAAFA05, They pretty much told you what you need I would also say If you do not have the right Antenna for the Band , then you do not need to try to transmit otherwise you can Damage or burn up somethings inside you Radio. 20mtrs is tuff running 100 watts,,,, If you have 4oo-500 Watss then it's ok or More up to the Legal limit 1500. So you may need to find a Antenna either make one out of copper stranded wire or build one out of alum. but it has to be correct or your SWR's will be high up & down the band. Happy Hunting WV5V Continouswave
  13. Hello PhantomSniffer, Here's the link to the ARRL Home page http://www.remote.arrl.org/ and I think you first need to go here and read and then find a local Ham Radio Club in your area and go to a meeting and introduce yourself and find out what and some Info you may need regarding you new interest. Hope this helps and good luck. Happy Hunting Continouswave Mississippi
  14. Well Congrats, Cadence (OddTodd & CheleBell. Looks like you are on your way into a great Hobby and will meet a Whole new world of People you never knew. Congrats on getting your Tech License and receiving your Great Uncle's old call. Well it seems like you have the Tiger by the tail. Do not stop at Tech, simply go on and keep studying to up-grade your License from Tech, you will enjoy the other Licenses as well. There is benefits for doing so. Called Specturm !!!! I feel like you would like the HF part of Ham Radio. If you do, you will not be disapointed. I know your Great Uncle is Proud of you and we all are too. Keep up the good work and move ahead into the General and Extra Ranks and in a litte time you will be there. Thanks for posting this and please lets us know how you are coming on up-grading your License. Happy Hunting WV5V Continouswave Laurel, MS
  15. Hey Mr. Big Well I dont know what county your in but i bet in Calif. there are a bunch of two meter repeaters and some are sponsored by local Ham clubs, if you check into it. Yes there will be a bunch of activity probally all the time and yes there is probally some closed repaeters out there and that means you cant acces them. They are private and yes we have a few over here were I live, but more open ones than closed. You will be surprised how many folks get on at differnt times of the day.That's when you can general know who's on and on what repeater. Yes you may be able to work a bunch of differnt Repeaters in a 20-50 miles area Radius with a good 5/8 wave antenna and a good 50 watt 2 mtr Raido. Also if you really want to know whats going on get you tech licnese and updgrade to General and put a HF 100 watt or 200 watt HF Radio in your car/truck. You can have a ball working the world. Not Just 50 miles away. But yes 2 mtrs is the way to go and you will stay u to date and keep others update on hwy conditons and weather. We had bad Weather here last evening and about 10 of us were on 2mtrs reporting to each other and getting the word out South of here about the storms passing our area. Good luck Mr. Big and I hope you decide to go the 2mtr way and not the 4 watt way. Happy Hunting Continouswave WV5V Mississippi
  16. Hello Geo Strider, Well a interesting point you bring up. Your Quote "My question is - why is there a combined discussion section for GPS and HAM Radios on this site? I mean, are the two inter-related in some fashion? What is the common thread warranting inclusion of HAM here? Ok well one thing in common with GPS & Ham Radio are both, GPS has a receiver and a Transceiver has a receiver & Tranmitter built in it. Your GPS has a built in antenna and you have to build your own or Buy one in ham radio. The Gps recieves it signal from the satellites in the sky. We recieve our signals some from the sky and some from satellites as well.See some Hams work Satelites and others work Signals from all over the world. This is probally the most common thing gps & ham radio have in common. There is alot of Cachers that are Hams. I Have been a Ham longer than i have cached. Most Hams dont go out without a HT Handie Talkie , or 2mtr Rig in car or turck. They combine the two and work together as they or we have fun. If you remember the first time you found your first Cache? Ham Radio is ten times more Exciting , when you make that first Contact over the Mic or However you do it. I love both but, The bug will not stop biting you in Ham Radio. It's the most Exciting Hobby I have ever been in , Period. I have spoken with a Japan station while on my way to work at 7:00 AM local time here. It's not seven am there in Japan . With only a stock 100 watt radio and some cheap antenna's you can work the world. All my antenna's are wire I made and i have talked all over the world with just wire up in a tree about 30 feet high. But the simple fact of GPS and Ham Radio is kind of the same. Think about who uses GPS ,,, WE do and now Local Police depts and sheriff depts are getting them and you hear all the time about Search & rescue Operations using them. In times of real Emergencies Ham Radio Operators will be there providing Communciations for who ever. GPS will most likely also be there. Hope I gave you some Insight and I hope you will consider getting your Amateur Radio Ticket and start having Fun while Geo-Caching. Happy Hunting WV5V Continouswave
  17. Hey Mike KD9KC, Well I read your post and you sounds like you have they right combo going on doing the cross band rept thing. My Next rig in the truck will cross band. That's what i have wanted for some time. My rigs are a ADI 50 watt 2mtr rig in the turck, along with a Old Knwood TS-120s hF rig to run hf mobil. HF mobil is a blast. I have worked Japan & Australia on my way to work in the mornings. Worked others as well. I have a dual band HT and I take with me when I go caching. most of the time you will not I repeat will not be in repeater range around here Caching. So I general take it and I also have a FRS radio i throw in my backpack as well. The crossband repeat will work in some places down here. In someplaces it will not. So as it is for the most part you are on your own. Cell Phones will not work in the Forest area and around smalllll towns and in Rual parts. so Pretty much what you said , on another post i cant remember which one, you do what works and were people hang out If your are by yourself, most of the time I dont go by myself. Crossbanding is the way to go or APRS is also a good way to go. Anyway my two cents worth. I stole that line. vry 73's and hope to hear you on the bands one day. WV5V Continouswave Mississippi
  18. Hey Boyd, El Oso - N5CTI , Congrats on upgrading on ele 1,2,and 3 boy you are taking three rows at a time. A good ole redneck saying. Yes I agree with Desert_Warrior (aka KD9KC) about what he said to you, you did the work and took the tests. You get the credit and will come to have the Gps and HT and mobil rig with you just as you do all the normal stuff everday. I dont leave home without my gps,HT,Mobil 50 watt 2mtr rig and I also have a knwood hf rig in my truck. So I feel real comfie with all of that. Now every now and then I use my cell phone. But if you go into the Forest lands or Wildlife Mangt lands you will come in contact with no-service for a cell phone. At lest around here in Mississippi. Again congrats and hope to hear you on the bands soon. Happy Hunting & Happy Hamming DE WV5V Continouswave
  19. Hello W8TVI, Well I was thinking why dont you come up with some Freq's and post them here. You can use them as "so called calling Freg's", then you dont have to worry about getting them coordinated and so on. I would advise staying off the the allications allready in use. Just pick some and start posting. I am kind a like Desert_Warrior, around here you have to go to and stay on what you have and if you have enough folks on then go to a simplex freq.but nine out of ten times you will be on a repeater here and then qsy. But just pick the freq's you want to use and start listing them. If they are not allicated or in use by somone or some net , then i dont see why that will not work. Unless a repeater is close to it then, it will not work. You cant have 5-10 people talking simplex on the same input or output as a repeater Freq. This may be your only problem.Good luck in your Hunt for Freq's and vry 73's Happy Hunting WV5V Continouswave
  20. Hello,Baloo&bd you ask>>?Anyone got or know of any nets, HF or otherwise, to ragchew about GC? I am fairly active on most hf bands and I do not know of any nets strictly for GCaching. But you could get some of your buddies and find a Freq, and start just a small a local type rag chew and I bet you will as you go, pick up some Hams/Cachers on the air. I think there is a need for a place on hf we can all go and meet up and just shoot the bull about Caching. Very 73's and Happy Hunting WV5V Continouswave MISSISSIPPI
  21. Hello Cadence (OddTodd & CheleBell) Thanks for sharing this great story ! Here is another example of where a cell phone does not work and these folks had a Ham Radio and GPS unit with them Wow!!! Here is the important part,"Slaby resorted to his handheld transceiver after discovering that his cellphone wouldn't work in the wilderness. KG6QPL was able to raise the Palomar Amateur Radio Club repeater some 40 miles away, however. Slaby, who also carried a GPS unit, was able to provide the pair's precise location." I can relate to this since my son when hunting last December and he and his buddy got lost in a 30,000 plus acre place for five hours, We had four cell phones but no service and luckly I had a 2mtr 50 watt mobil Rig in my truck and also had my GPS. Ham Radio can provide relaiable communications and has when other sources cant. Also thanks to the Hams on the other end that took the call for help. Thanks again for sharing this story and I am glad it had a happy ending. Happy Hunting DE WV5V Mississippi
  22. Hello Shark River Pirates "Does anyone here have any recommendation for a handheld scanner?" Well I have had bunch over the years, I Have had Uniden's, and Radio shack's Mainly, But I have had the best results from the Radio Shack Handheld scanner's. I currently have a Pro 94 and I like it. You have to fiqure out what Freq Range you want and what you want to hear? and Listen to. I like the Dual Trunking and most big cities are Using 800 Mhz Systems now. So you can set it up with what you want to hear and when the stuff comes along you dont want you can keep it out. I had a Radio Shack Pro 46 forever and got great service from it. You can go online to Radio shack and look around at the scanners they have and do the same with the others.Hope you find one you Like and Happy Hunting Continouswave
  23. Hello Thomas, KD7WLU and congrats on passing your test. Have Fun and remember it's only a hobby, but keep ever one honest when you hear someone you dont know , go to qrz.com or someplace else and look up the call to make sure they are honest. It's should be every ones part to do so. Nice DOG, again 73's es very good luck with your new hobby of Amateur Radio 73's de from the humid sunny south of Mississippi 73's WV5v happy hunting Continouswave.
  24. FunYet ,congrats on passing the test !! boy that was quick, I just posted something on the topic of radio's... Well looks like you foud the right stuff to do it. Congrats again and hope to hear you on the air real soon. very --... ...-- -.. . .-- ...- ..... ...- 73's de wv5v Continuouswave Mississippi
  25. FunYet, Hello and I wanted to say first it's good you want a real exciting hobby like Amateur Radio. You need to do some leg work that will not be very hard. I dont know where you live but i bet you have a local ham Radio club pretty close by. It make good sense to hang around others who have been doing something for a while? You do not have to join unless you want to. They can help you or give you direction in how to go about it. Also they may have a VE Team, which stands for Vol. exaimers a group of people that give the tests to people wanting to obtain the ham license. Then we You get set up with a club or group, you can have some others to study with and etc. Then in a short while take the test. As far as Radio's go there are alot of good one on the market. It depends on want, you need, or plan to do with it. When you get to that point they hams locally can help you and you can do most online. Reading, comparing , pricing,etc. Hope I have helped. I started with a small group and it will lead to a club. very 73's de Continouswave in sunny Mississippi WV5V ARS
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