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  1. We'll be one day (the 18th) in St Ives and 4 days in Penzance.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions, we'll check out those caches. We will be in Penzance at that time, thanks a ton for pointing it out, sounds like fun!!
  3. I'll be in London (including Kew Gardens & Greenwich), Bath, St Ives, Penzance, & Cardiff in September. Would some of you be kind enough to point me to caches that are extra cool? We like unusual containers, caches that teach history, ones which have an interesting reason to exist, and fun puzzles - I'm not fond of puzzles so some of the really hard ones don't interest me Thanks in advance!!
  4. Part battery problem, it runs down very quickly, but the bigger problem is that the on/off button won't work. I have to keep pressing & pressing and it'll finally turn on most of the time. I'm afraid soon it won't turn on at all.
  5. Thanks for all your input!! I"m using a Palm Tungsten E now, but it's dying. The M500 looks very similar and I found a new one on Amazon for about $40. Since caching is all I use the PDA for I'm being really cheap lol.
  6. I have a Garmin 60csx and I use a Palm PDA with Cachemate for paperless caching. My PDA is dying and I want to replace it. I won't use my phone for paperless caching, and I can't afford a new GPSr. The new PDAs are over $300!! In talking to stores they say they don't even carry them anymore as smartphones are replacing them. So why are PDAs so expensive if they're going the way of the dinosaur? I'm not too comfortable buying a used PDA, been there got burned
  7. Thanks for your replies. I realize that I get excited about caching and I like to log my finds as soon as I get home, but not everyone does! As my father used to say, I may grow old but I'll never grow up! Lesson learned: next time I'll email the TB holder and see if they just forgot before I log it! I'm not sure if its TBs that bring out the worst in us, or email. It's too easy to whip off a sharply worded email, and you can't call it back if you have regrets.
  8. I received what I thought was an odd email today. Yesterday I went caching and found a TB. When I got home and looked it up it was listed as being in CacherX's possession, and had been for over a month. So, thinking it got passed on at an event or something I grabbed the TB from CacherX, logged the TB into the cache where I found it, and logged it back out. Today CacherX (a psuedonym) emailed me and ripped me a new one for not waiting 24 hours to log the TB. I've never heard this 24 hour rule but she claimed it's what all smart cachers do! What good will 24 hours do? Why not 48 or 72 or ??? In her case, she might have gotten to log her bug drop before I did. But it's just as likely that she might have been on vacation for another week! My bottom-line question is this: how long do you wait to do what I did logging a TB?
  9. Brilliant! I hadn't discovered that I could change the icons on the GPSr! Thanks for all the info!
  10. Aha, they are in my waypoint list, but for the purposes of the demo I want to do can i get them into the geocache list? you could change the icon to the closed treasure chest and they will then show up in the geocache list. Hmmm, don't know how to do that...
  11. I had that problem until I changed usb ports. For some reason it didn't like the port I was using!
  12. Aha, they are in my waypoint list, but for the purposes of the demo I want to do can i get them into the geocache list?
  13. I'm using GSAK to load 34 local caches onto my Garmin 60csx for a demonstration. I have found 26 of the caches. Gsak is sending only the 8 I haven't found! I need them all, but can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. Can anyone help?
  14. Actually I am a premium member it just doesn't show up. I'll check on the treasure chest thing, thanks for a clue!!
  15. I have a new Garmin 60csx. I downloaded caches from GSAK but the Garmin put them in "waypoints" not "geocaches" in the "Find" page. What did I do wrong???
  16. It's so easy when you know how - thanks, you're brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I don't know how to select & save a segment! I looked in CN's help but couldn't find it there, can you tell me how? I used GSAK to send the waypoints to CN, then just hit save.
  18. I just upgraded to the Garmin 60csx and have tried to transfer a City Navigator map to it. When I get into CN's transfer window it finds my device, but all options (maps, routes, & tracks) are greyed out except waypoints. I suspect it's because I have the micro sd card it came with (64 mb) and it's too small for the map. Do you think that's the problem or am I doing something wrong?
  19. Oregon is up to 7 and counting! Thanks for doing this, it's great!!
  20. No, it wasn't in the forums. This is a local cacher who knew my username and has met me on several occasions. He didn't like an opinion of mine and at the next local event he just got in my face and said "I know where you work". Scared the hell out of me!! I let him know that a very good friend of mine is a local LEO, and there's a LEO who lives 2 doors down. I think it was an empty threat, but I'm more careful of what I post with my real username! However, as I said if a sock puppet may get me in trouble with gc.com, I'll stop using it!
  21. [by the way, you do know that sock puppets are not allowed on geocaching..com? from the forum guidelines: Sock Puppet accounts will not be allowed. A sock puppet is an account made on an internet message board by a person who already has an account for the purpose of posting anonymously. Use your own account for posting personal opinions. Posts from known sock puppet accounts will be deleted and both the puppet and actual account may be banned from using the services of Groundspeak. Wow, that's really harsh! I'm using a sock puppet because a local cacher took exception to one of my posts and threatened me! In person, and this guy is really BIG! But if I'm risking not being able to use GC.COM I guess I'll have to give up ever posting on the forums again. That's sad, but my safety is more important than the forums. Seems like the "gc powers that be" sometimes fail to see legit reasons for things.
  22. I'm using a blind username (sock puppet if you prefer) for safety reasons. I was sent the jeep when the program was new, I activated it, then handed it (physically) to another cacher. He never logged it, so it still shows up in my profile. If you need to contact me, send an email and I'll give you my real username.
  23. I agree, you should visit the Original Stash. Also, if you're near Gig Harbor, WA do the "Crowbar" cache (GCJB39) - it's unusual and fun!
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