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  1. Mission 1 Sent my info to Laval K-9: 25 November Name received from Laval K-9: 27 NovemberSent my gift: 16 DecemberMy gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: 15 December Mission 2 Sent my info to Laval K-9: 25 November Name received from Laval K-9: 27 NovemberSent my gift: 16 DecemberMy gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: 6 December
  2. Two missions for my first time out: Mission 1 Sent my info to Laval K-9: 25 November Name received from Laval K-9:Sent my gift:My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: Mission 2 Sent my info to Laval K-9: 25 November Name received from Laval K-9:Sent my gift:My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: Thanks for organizing!
  3. I agree with jahoadi and john, keep the cache. This cache is on my must do list and I never would have known about this area if I hadn't found the cache icon while going up 395. I have completed the first stage (log and photo to follow soon after a long trip across the country) and I still plan on the second stage. I have been thinking about this cache and doing this trip for the last two years. While I am disappointed in the fake logs, the fake logs do not diminish my log and my accomplishments. I will still have to climb up and over to make the find. I would have already found it if it were not for a busy schedule at work and move to the East Coast. This is probably the one cache on the West Coast that will bring me back. Good to know that CKayaks has placed some more but I would rather have 3 finds than 2 for my future efforts. While I concede this cache isn't in accordance with the current rules, it is only an issue because people keep bringing it up. The cache, like all virtuals, are grandfathered exceptions to the current rules. Only a handful of people who are offering comments here have found or even attempted the cache. Leave well enough alone and let people play the game.
  4. Welcome to the club. Some advice: Get out and find some caches. This may sound dumb but it really is true. Caching is a greatly varied hobby and you won't know what you are missing if you don't try everything. Use the map and search functions to find some cool cache locations and then get out and find some caches. Attend some local events. You will likely find people very welcoming and full on good advice on good caches and nice locations. If you don't have an event in the next two weeks, then host your own. People will come. All you need is a public place. Restaurants with patios, parks and such are great places for events. Have fun, that is what geocaching is about.
  5. Never mind, I found it under the Map setup section under the advanced option where you can set the zoom level for just about anything.
  6. On my old GPSMap 62 (what a great gps!) it shows cache icons at the 3 mile zoom level. On the GPSMap 64 (I wanted a new toy) it won't show the cache icons unless the zoom level is .2 miles. Does anybody have an idea what setting this is? Thanks for the help.
  7. I have a 16GB class 10 microSD in mine. In practice I think it can only use about 8GB before it starts to behave in unpredictable ways but I can't really prove it.
  8. I would check your app store for Wherigo players. There are more than a few on the market right now. I use an iPhone so I am not really familiar with Motorola but it should work the same. You will need to load the app. It sounds like you already have one but I would make sure it is up-to-date or see what else is available. Then you need to get the cartridge on your device. You can download it to your computer and then transfer it or download it using your data plan or wifi. I was able to download a catridge using a wifi hot spot and then it just opened in the app. You might have to put it in a special directory. It really depends on the phone. The iPhone has a spot to put files based on the app. The motorola may work similarly. Good luck
  9. I recently did some by the side of the road camping in the H-T. Everything seemed ok to me but I never even encountered any Rangers. On two different multi-day trips last month I was able to find a pull out or a road with enough room to pull over and I just slept in the car. No guarantees you won't have issues but it was fine for me. There are a few spots where the shoulder is bad or there are other access issues, in these cases it is clearly marked as a place not to park or in some cases a place not to camp. I have also seen signs saying no overnight parking but more in the CA Sierras rather than the HT. Enjoy. If you get a chance be sure to check out GCA8 just over the border in UT or GCF9 in Central NV. Both were excellent.
  10. I can definitely see why people recommend one device for driving and another for caching. But I have reliably used my Garmin GPSMap 62s loaded with the 24K topo maps for for both driving and caching for years. I just bought a 64 as well. I think it is a great combo and I primarily cache on extended road trips that take me to both cache and dash and long hikes. The 62s is a great unit that is now going on sale because of the introduction of the 64.
  11. Thanks. That is what I was figuring as well. I spoke with a few iPhone 4 owners locally and it sounds like the accuracy is similar to the 4S but maybe not in all situations.
  12. Looks like I will be getting an iPhone 4 soon. But I was wondering is the 4S better for location? I saw one of the feature comparison lists show that the 4 has "assisted GPS" and the 4S and 5 have GPS (and maybe GLONASS). Anybody out there have experience with the 4? I normally use a hand-held GPSr, this would mostly be for when we are just out and about. Your thoughts, experiences?
  13. Nice page. I will give it a try.
  14. I think we need an addition to the mygeocachingprofile challenges section. We need a map to track Cache Across America progress. One that works just like the Delorme maps would be great. I think it would stir up a little more interest in the CAA challenge and it should be fairly easy to put together. Thanks for the consideration.
  15. I use advanced search to look up cachers so either hidden by or found by. I have never used Postal Code for advanced search. But I do use Postal Code extensively to set-up pocket queries. If I don't have a center point or other landmark in mind I have found Postal Codes to be a great way to mark a PQ search.
  16. I would recommend finding a local group and posting in the GC forums for that region or going to that local groups webpage and posting on their forum. We have had good success doing adoptions this way in my area. The GC forums by region are at http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=51
  17. Thanks for the notes. Eusty, that was a good point about re-loading the gpx. So I re-ran the PQ and loaded the new gpx. I normally load the GPSr not the SD card. So I loaded the new gpx on the GPSr. I can select and navigate to the cache but when I pull up the description it locks and requires the batteries to be pulled. Based on JBnW's post, I loaded directly from the website with no gpx, just a direct load writing a single cache to the GPSr with no gpx files on it. Doing that I get the same result as JBnW. It works but is mostly illegible. I wonder if there is an issue between the html used to write the description and the html parser that the GPSr has? Who knows. At this point JBnW probably has the best solution. Find them and move on. Maybe I will mention the issue to the CO. Not sure who wrote those but I am fairly sure I know the CO through the local geocaching society. If anybody else has any ideas, I am just curious at this point. Thanks.
  18. eusty, I would agree with you but this has only happened on certain caches for me. The only time I have had this problem is with the Star Spangled Banner and Captain John Smith caches. Both sets of caches have extensive text and html descriptions along with photos. I updated the firmware to 4.3. With the same GPX loaded (I didn't have to re-load it) I was able to select and navigate to the cache but the unit still locks up when I pull-up the cache description.
  19. So I upgraded to the newest firmware. Now I can select and navigate to the cache but if I try to view the description/details it still locks. That is more functionality than I had before. I assume the cache description plus the logs is just to much for the unit to handle.
  20. I will give the new firmware a try. Wasn't aware there was an upgrade. Thanks.
  21. I have a Garmin GPSMap 62s, Software Version 3.60 loaded with the 1:24K topo maps and 16GB SD card. It works like a champ most of the time. Occasionally though, when I select certain caches, the unit will lock or freeze completely. No buttons can be pushed, the unit won't even turn off unless the batteries are removed. I even let the unit sit for about 5-10 minutes to see if it was just slow processing. An example cache is GC2F41T or GC2F42Z. I always load from a GPX. When it happened today, there were 10 or so caches in the GPX and that was the only GPX on the machine. My theory is that the cache description plus the 5 logs in the file are to much for the unit to process. When it tries to load the file it just crashes resulting in the freeze. Your thoughts? Thanks.
  22. Hate the new maps. I want google maps back. They have much better information including names of lots of small parks in the area. The new upgrade is a bust. I had those choices before and didn't like them.
  23. Hello LWM, I recently bought a 16GB class 10 MicroSD for my GPSmap 62s and it works fine. This is what I bought at Amazon: Kingston 16 GB Class 10 MicroSD Flash Card with 2 Adapters (Mini and SD) SDC10/16GB-2ADP http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0036V78E6 You can buy cheaper ones but I wanted to get a slightly faster class 10 card. I don't know if it really makes a difference but I like to think so. Either way it works fine for me. LBD
  24. Thanks for the reply. I think between your post and my experiments I figured it out. For some reason using Basecamp for Birdseye imagery or MapInstall for 24K topos the microSD card isn't visible as a storage device. But using the computer I can see both the GPSr and the microSD card. If I move things from the GPSr storge to the microSD the GPSr recognizes the maps automatically when I boot it up.
  25. I recently installed a Kingston 16 GB Class 10 MicroSD Flash Card into my Garmin GPSMap 62s. When I use Garmin MapInstall it doesn't seen to recognize the additional space. When I plug the GPSr into my computer it recognizes the microSD card and the GPSr. If I load items directly onto the microSD will they be visible to the GPSr? What about Birdseye? When I download imagery it gets loaded onto the unit. Is there a way to load it directly into the mircorSD card? Why doesn't MapInstall see the microSD? Thanks for the help. Apparently these are things that Garmin doesn't see fit to include in the owners manual.
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