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  1. Done this already ... no one notice it, between the "la la la" - posts.
  2. I also contacted GS and guess what answer I got: Hello, Thank you for your questions. We have talked to multiple experts who recommended that we do not display our VAT ID on our home page. VAT laws differ from country to country, and in our specific case, we are only required to state VAT included, which we are complying to. If you still have doubts about the legitimacy of our business, feel free to do your research. Best Regards, Paige Edmiston Community Manager ... This is my answer via mail and via post: To say it clear and simple. Yes, I have doubts about the legitimacy of taking VAT, as you are not able or willing to show me, how much you take. And due to the german law, taking VAT has the consequence to show the VAT - ID on your homepage(as basis for taking VAT) and to inform the customer, how much VAT you take (as basis for the controll, how much VAT you have to forward to the german finance minister). So please check again with your experts. Instead of bringing solvation and a friendly and cooperative communication, you still answer in an arrogant and "we know, we are right, but we dont have to tell anyone some facts" way. We need your platform and you need our caches, so please act fair to the european cachers, which are a real big part of your customers. Just give us facts, informations to understand this. See, you started the changing by telling us, it is nice for us, because of the "no risk of exchange rate" and "no banking fees" (this information was only shown in Facebook and was deleted after a short time) ... and now it is only VAT ... and no further informations to all the cachers … a price increase, without telling your customers. What would you think, how would you feel as i.e. amazon would tell you informations like this ...
  3. I tried to get some informations via direct mail-contact. This was the answer: Hello again, Please visit our forums for more more information about the premium membership price change. Regards, Paige Edmiston Community Manager (There was a link to Brians post included) Here my answer: Unbelievable. 1) This informations are null and void. Neither you can take VAT without informing about the exact price without VAT and the VAT amount nor you can take VAT without informing about your VAT-number. The german law is in this case clear and simple and has no room for “we are thinking if” or “a learning curve” … 2) This information is telling me, you think I´m nuts, because you take over my currency fluctuations. How nice … but until the exchange-rate is not 1 : 1 there is no problem for me and I have to pay more without getting something for it. This answer is just another slap in every face of the european cacher. Therefore I kindly ask you to send me some real reasons for this “discrimination”. Regards
  4. I counted 19, and I can tell you that the vast majority were for links to competing sites and inappropriate language. None of these have ever been tolerated in the forums. Some of those I counted were reposts, as the poster tried to post their note multiple times. Those identical posts was removed again and again. Thats fine and I personally believe you. It also would be fine and brillant, if we would get informations about the inaccurat price and not only the correct number of deleted items. I dont need this and there had been posts ... I understand the deletion. What I still do not understand is, why GS still ingnores our questions?!!
  5. ... an now ... nothing left, no one is writing, no answer of GS ... Thanks to GS for the ignoration of their missbehavior and discrimination of the european cachers. ... and don´t feel invited to join events in Europe or be sure to know, that you have to answer questions and you can handle this If there is any chance to get rid of this lack of communication skill, it would be a good thing for you.
  6. Thanks to you, to explain this problem. Maybe you or another moderator can bring in some informations concerning the real problem, which by the way is really not fair handled up to now. You would have not so many much work with this forum, if the informations to this problem had been more precise, informativ and correct (and please excuse my "bad" english)
  7. So ... to post it clear and simple. If Groundspeak tell us, that the prices are now with VAT, they have to tell us the net-price and VAT - amount. They also have to public their VAT - ID. If they dont do this, it is illegal and all European have the opportunity to sue GS. I dont think, that this will be necessary on the other side, Groundspeak may be the only possibility for global Geocaching, but still they have to take care of their members. Without our caches, they could not exist, and we could not cache without GS. Therefore please, answer, communicate and clean up this situation.
  8. Hey, I got an answer to my mail: quote: Hi again, Thank you for raising these issues. I will be sure to pass along your concerns. Best, Paige Edmiston Community Manager :unquote Maybe GS had not recognized the problems cause they ignore the forum
  9. Thats right! BUT ... our posts seemed to be ignored and the mail-conversation (as you can see in my post) is not amusing. It would have be a big, huge impact to this situation, if someone posts some informations, if GS is doing anything concerning this problem. At the moment it seems to me, that GS just noticed, that the first information went wrong, they decided to change the reason for the new price (still unbelivable) and thats it. This situation reminds me of a song "Hard to say I´m sorry" ...
  10. When the price was raised, I sent a mail to Groundspeak. Today I got an answer. quote: Von: contact@Groundspeak.com [mailto:contact@Groundspeak.com] Gesendet: Mittwoch, 24. April 2013 01:55 An: ,,, Betreff: Update on Your Request {356072} Hi Chapeman, Thanks for writing in. The price adjustment occurred to include of the cost of VAT, account for fluctuation in currency and offer a consistent price in Euros. This is the first pricing adjustment in more than a decade. We thought long and hard before making the decision to add currencies, VAT fees, and coverage for currency variation. Thanks, Paige Edmiston Community Manager unquote This is my answer: quote: Hi there, this are still the same arguments, you posted in groundspeakforum and they are partly illegal and partly untrue. 1) If you want to include VAT, concerning to the german law, you have to mention your registrationno. on the website and to mention, how much this VAT is. 2) The fluctuation is on my side and not on yours. So this argument is completely off limit. Don’t take care of me. I can pay in USD without any problems. Concerning priceadjustment. This is no problem for me! … if the whole world pays for it and not only the Europeanpeople. So please, check again and try it with “Excuse” and “Truth”. Thanks “Just a cacher” and not a Community Manager unquote. Though Groundspeak is unable to be honest and fair. It is awfull, how they (you) treat the European Cachers. Maybe we cannot change anything by writing and posting ... but thats not our problem, thats yours. You show the lack of communication and fairness ... sad. But keep on posting nothing in this forum and la la la - posts in facebook. Shows how you handle this discrimination.
  11. Still waiting for a reply and some informations from GS ... whats the problem? Please, it is not about rising the prices (if necessary), but worldwide, or to post the reasons, why Europe should be charged in another way like the rest of the world. Most of us just want to understand this change. Thanks in advance!
  12. What do they care about their talks from yesterday? They are huge! They are famous! They do not need to care about customers thoughts and feelings! They do not need customers! It's already been stated in this thread that the promise will be honored, so please stop suggesting otherwise. Thanks. And can you start to treat us, the europeans, in a correct and not arrogant way? Would also be nice. Be sure, if you where able to read german ... more cachers would post their thoughts about this discrimination in this forum. Just tell the truth and most of us will accept a new price, if it is not only for the europeans and please ... save yourselve and us time by stop writing such post like Brian did.
  13. Thats the main point and needs a clear communication. We are not against more Euros, we are against being treated like that (we want to make things easier for you, therefore we increase the prices for 30%) ...
  14. If we would hide our caches, like you handle this problem, no Reviewer would give its o.k. They always will tell us, please be sure, that your cache is legal and is consistent with the law. And you have to proof, if you need to show your registrationno. ???
  15. Dear Brian, your comment is a slap in the face for every clear thinking european. 1. are there now VAT in all the other countries around the world? 2. to communicate clearly, it would be nice to hear, if the price vor USA is with VAT or not? 3. WE HAVE the problem of currency fluctuation and not you (you get your 30$ everytime or does this change?)If Euro/USD will change, do you reduce the Euro-Price? Your arguments are incredible and that you still not know, if you have to show your registration-No shows a big lack of professionalism. This is not a clear and good answer. It is a waisting of time and still a bad joke.
  16. I hope, that the meeting will end with 1) an apology for the confusing and wrong informations 2) an apology for deleting posts at facebook 3) giving us correct informations 4) and if necessary to increase the Premium-Membership-Price (but worldwide! and not only for special countries. If there are reasons, to increase the price, o.k. But please don´t think europeans are stupid, just because they are going in the woods to look for tupperware :-)
  17. ... on facebook, GC deleted many of posts, concerning the new prices ... if there are reasons, to increase the price ... 1) inform the members 2) give correct informations 3) they will pay and not 1) tell the members, we have something good for you 2) with incorrect informations (you can save money) 3) "kill" their requests or playing the three monkeys Nothing else to write ... or?
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