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  1. I don't mean just copying and pasting a weblink, I mean having text linked in blue that takes you to another page. E.g. wanting to take someone to another cache page and using the cache code as the link. I know it has something to do with HTML code, but I've not managed to figure it out yet! Thanks
  2. Eartha: Thabk you so much for your reply! Very informative []
  3. I really hate it when other cachers don't log trackables too. I'm relatively new to caching and would really love the chance to find and log more than the 1 I have so far! It's not for the lack of trying though. There are a few caches near my house that have bugs or coins in their inventory but when I get there, they're no where to be found! I even went in search of a traditional that claimed to have 3 inside while on a trip to the coast...not a single one was there! Please, please, please log trackables and move them on.
  4. Just a really short post for a simple question. Is there anyone in the UK who can tell me how much premium membership is in GBP for a year? I know it's 30USD so is it £30? Or is it converted to £18ish? Thanks for any help
  5. Sometimes when I have a problem with the app, it's because there's a new update to download. Or you could try re-installing it or logging back in.
  6. I'm pretty new to geocaching (I've found 38 so far). I'm pretty good at finding traditional caches but I've only found 2 multis and would like to find more. My first multi, I did with a friend on his GPS and it was very early on in my caching life, so I didn't ask much more about it. My second I tried on my own not long ago but with great difficulty but with success (after 2 days!) I then tried a third a few weeks ago and was really put off by how difficult it is to do on an iPhone. Am I being silly, or is there a function on the app to type in coordinates? The problem I have is when I have to put any clues into some coordinates in the right order. In my third attempt I resorted to using the map app that comes as standard on my phone but it told me there was no such a place! So I gave up very easily and went in search for a traditional near by. How can I do this with more success?! Please help!
  7. A Geocaching email that I received not long ago was about this very topic. It was encouraging people to definitely log DNFs. It alerts the hider that there might be a problem if there are several in a row. Also from a personal view, I usually decide whether to go looking for caches depending on how many people have/haven't found it recently. I think it's definitely a good idea.
  8. I geocache with my classes, and have for five years! I set my own temporary caches in the school yard (not listed on geocaching.com so as not to break any rules or alarm anyone with suspicious packages!) full of curriculum content to teach mapping skills, orienteering, latitude and longitude along with whatever subject I'm teaching at the time. I've blogged about my lessons here - http://www.trailsoptional.com/category/geocaching/ - hopefully it will give you some ideas. I also have my students hide/find local caches and we send out travel bugs, good fun! I teach Year 3 and 4 and would love to introduce Geocaching to them. Forgive me if I'm being a bit thick, but how do you go about setting up a temporary cache so that I can do it on my school grounds? Also, how much do the yellow GPS units cost? I'll see if I convince my Geography subject leader to buy a couple to trial!
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