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  1. do you have to add garmin to get the plugin to work with IE11 please
  2. Went to use my Dakota to send geocaches to GPS on the 11 dec 2013, had had it a few weeks before a Dakota 20 and it worked fine, now I keep going round in circles where I install the plug in but it tells me I haven't doing the same on my Mum's PC and means I can't download geocaches, anyone else have this problem
  3. Lost Dog in the New Forest can anyone geocaching in the area please keep a lookout ALIBI Black With Flecks Of Grey Male Lurcher (Age: Adult) Missing from Shave wood/Clay Hill area near Minstead - Seen heading towards ensclosure , SO40 area, (South East) on Saturday, 16th November 2013 still missing 21 nov 2013 He is a black rough coated lurcher with flecks of grey. He is microchipped and his collar has a ID tag There is a REWARD for ALIBI's safe return. CONTACT: 07766 108238 Help us find ALIBI - print this poster from http://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.php?dogId=60053
  4. I would like the opportunity to create my own Ignore lists Or the opportunity to create lists and have the option to use the ignore feature on them. There are caches which are to high for me to get too Some puzzles I just cant solve, so I may want to re access these. Challenges that are going to take me forever to achieve Or some caches might be in areas that just don't appeal to me, as I cache mainly to enjoy lovely walks with my geodogs. It would be great to unclutter the map, but have different list reasons for why something is on a certain Ignore lists. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea
  5. Is there a better map you can use on your pc on basecamp, at the moment I just have an Etrex H, so no mapping at all and manual gps entry, but I am saving for a new GPS and was looking into mapping options ? Also would you say the Dakota 20 would be a good choice for geocaching
  6. I have this idea for a challenge In order to claim the cache you need to have logged 200 trackables in 200 days or less. This is my first attempt at a challenge cache and I would love some feedback on the idea please
  7. Thank you, I did go oline and print a manual but it didn't have a bit on trackables, but this is great, thank you so much, I love helping trackables on their way.
  8. thanks haven't heard of c:geo and yes agree cache sense works great on my old blackberry, especially now I can log trackables
  9. Has anyone worked out how to log trackables on cache sense for the blackberry I just cant figure out how to drop the them off, pick them up or anything else on my phone, which was a nightmare when on a 2 week holiday with no pc, my blackberry internet connection is useless, did try that way but didn't work. Is there a way to do this through cache sense please
  10. I think it would help if cache sense on the blackberry let you log trackables, I for one haven't worked how to do this, and so couldn't log trackables while on holiday
  11. I had a TB out of circulation as someone had it for months they put it back in circulation and said sorry they had been really ill, I said thanks for returning it now hope you are better, these things happen. I wish you could log TB's on cache sense though on the blackberry, not having this feature makes it really hard while on holiday. How many TB's have you had now ?
  12. Hi, I have been using a Garmen Etrex H to geocache for a few years, but the button seem to be giving up on it(all the manual enteries as I don't have a lead to connect it to the pc), so I think I will need to upgrade soon, and thought going paperless would be good idea, anyone got any opinions on the Garmen Dakota 10 is it a better option than the etrex 10
  13. Thanks everyone think I'll keep saving for the 20 then it was just that the 10 was on sale for £78.49 that I was considering it
  14. We curretnly have a garmin etrex H as a family GPS and would like a second one, would the Garmin Etrex 10 be a good buy, is it really easy to download the geocaches from this site with that GPS ? any info greatly appreciated
  15. My puzzle cacheIs this puzzle to hard, Our the ratings okay ?
  16. My difficult puzzle cache I never mind giving hints
  17. puzzle cache Is this one hard doesnt seem to get many finds
  18. Thank you, the curve 8520, doesn't have a GPS, so I enter the co-ordinates in manually on the etrex H, I was just emailing a sheet to myself, or adding a load to the notes on the blackberry, but was hoping when upgrading to premium membership to save some time and maybe get a ftf will try the wap website
  19. Just upgraded to premium membership so now my blackberry curve 8520 sends me an email when new caches are published in our area, but alas this is useless to me as it does not give co-ordinates to put into my garmen Etrex H, anyone got any tips to help. Is there an option to get the text from the cache page sent to you in an email. I never have enough network coverage to get on the site, so would have to drive home and sign onto the PC to get the details. Was hoping to be able to cache on the move while out and about. Any help much appreciated.
  20. the puzzle can i have some feedback on my puzzle cache please and what to rate it as, no spoilers please
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