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  1. Awesome coin TSUN. . . .Pax is adorable
  2. Congrats to all the lucky winners!
  3. LOVE THE COINS I got a red ticket, too. . . .yippee!!
  4. My coin is already to go and I hope to set it out sometime soon. Here's the link to my trackable you requested us to post. I hope I did this right! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2424242
  5. I like your coin challenge, it sounds like fun. Count me in! I've had several TB's reach their goal I also had one set out from a friend in Germany, its goal was to reach me here in the USA and it made it! On the other hand, I've also lost a few Thanks for the challenge tsun, I can't wait to get this started and see where it goes.....I just ♥ geocaching!
  6. Thanks tsun for a great post, we should all learn from it and always check those coins! I also agree with the others on this matter, I sell/buy coins on ebay too. I'll do whatever it takes to please my buyer, replace or refund without question and wouldn't run business any other way. Geocoins are minted by the hundreds/thousands and the way I see it there's bound to be some that are imperfect & the seller should be the first one to be contacted never a vendor.
  7. The coins are beautiful, just as all of your designs are. Thank you!
  8. Thank you tsun for all your hard work I sure do appreciate it Dawn
  9. Thanks TSUN for the update. . . . . .no worries tomorrow's the start of a new month, has to be better than April . . .I hope the pooch is doing well! Take care of you! Dawn
  10. Thank you Stephanie for the update and all your hard work. . . . . it'll all work out
  11. Had no trouble getting on the website, but could not login . . . . .maybe next time (: Red Bud - New Hampshire
  12. I love this new turtle . . . .your work is amazing!
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