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  1. How do I change my Geocaching.com user name ??? Thanks, J
  2. I was in Scouts as a child. Cubs, Webelos and Boys Scouts. Got my Eagle at 15 in 1979. Got 4 palms before I became 18 and became a leader. I have been a leader ever since. Now my 2 sons are in Scouts. J
  3. I use Garmin 60Cx and I have a Geko201 as a backup but I think I may go by my Aldi and see if its 50 bucks at ours I may buy one for my kids to use. J
  4. Yep same with me I love it on my 60Cx. Plus I can just hookit on a belt look or on a pocket when I need to sign a log or something. J
  5. I just ordered mine from NEWEGG.com Thanks for the info. J
  6. Is it possible to load more maps and switch between them ? I know it has the Base map and the Americas Marine maps pre-loaded. I loaded Garmin Roads and Rec and I could switch Base, Marine, and Roads and rec on and off. BUT when I loaded Garmin Topo it replaced my Roads and Recs maps. Is is possible to have Roads and Recs and Topo both loaded and switch between them ? Or can I only load ONE additional map and not both ? J
  7. What I did was I left my SIG items and took small items usually something my kids picked out. Once I collected a bunch of items I then put out a cache of my own with all the items I collected out of other caches. I called it ReCache Once owned twice traded. J
  8. Ive had 2 differant PDAs and Ive had hard cases for both. I have dropped both and I carry them in my back pocket also even when I sit down. With the hard case I have never had a problem. I use mine every day and I take it out in the field with me when im caching. J
  9. If you get Scouting Magazine and you get the Boy Scout version, I didnt look in the Cub and Webelo version, but on page 22 you will see a pic of kids holding GPSr. The article starts on page 20 and talk about winter activities including geo-cahing.... J
  10. IM using one I upgraded to the TX from a Palm Tungsten E and I LOVE my TX. I use it everyday for daily stuff and most of all GEOCACHING. I really bought it just for GEOCAHING and I ended up using it for other things too. I purchased mine from newegg.com for $270 Its great to be able to HOT SYNC with my laptop and not hook up any cables since it has wireless networking. I can also access the internet with the wireless networking. J
  11. I cant see anywhere in Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld where I can IMPORT a TXT file that I ave saved from GSAK.. Can a GPS comminicate directly with Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld ? Thanks, J
  12. Anyone else using Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld on a PALM ? Can you download WAYPOINTS to the maps and transfere the maps with the waypoints to the PALM ? Thanks, J
  13. My 4 year old well now 5 LOVES to cache. She always wears the caching backpack and carries the backup GPS and any notes on paper we may have. My 10 year old loves it also. J
  14. I had a Tungsten E and it worked GREAT I sold it to another cacher and I upgraded to a PALM TX J
  15. Yea that does suck BUT unless the tree smashed your GPS you have your priorities all wrong. That tree will be there when your done Caching. J
  16. Ive been wanting a new GPS and I was thinking maybe for Xmas. I noticed that www.basspro.com has the new Etrex Legend Cx it SAYS, but it also says it may be backordered. So I go to Garmins site and they have nothing about the Cx yet so I email them. Here is the OFFICIAL answer about the Garmin Etrex Legend Cx... Thank you for your inquiry. The cx units that are shown on the BassPro web site have not been announced yet by Garmin. Until an official release by Garmin has been made, I could not comment on the unit. Thank you and best Regards, I am guessing unless someone can tell me differant Basspro is pre-selling ? and just saying they may be backordered ??? I dont know BUT im waiting till the official release so when I buy it i can have it in my hand. J
  17. YES I sugest starting with a used ebay one first. I didnt do that I purchased a new Palm Tungsten E for almost $200 and after about a month or 2 I figured out I was using it for everything not just caching and I really wanted the Palm TX so I could have wireless and bluetooth also since I am using this for work and home and pleasure. So I sold my Tungsten E and another cacher got a awsome deal on a 2 month old PDA so I could get my new one. SO for sure if this is your first PDA go CHEAP that way if you use it only for caching you didnt pay too much and if you decide you want more, you still didnt pay too much for the first one and you wont take as much of a loss. BUT, I have a bad habbit of jumpin into things like that. Can you just imagine what my wife said when I told her I wasnt happy with my 2004 pickup BUT I know what I really want now.... LOL J
  18. Yep my question has been answered. I think I will go ahead and try this and hope my reviewer lets me do it. Thanks, J
  19. I have another we can't create commercial or promotional caches. Some people collect items like pens and pencils and stuff that have company logos on it. Would it be against the rules to load a cache with a bunch of those items from some company and items can only be traded for other items with company names or logos or even drug company pens and note pads and stuff like that. So I guess im really asking. If the purpose is to make a cache for collectors to get new items that they may collect is it ok to do this ? J
  20. Well I cache with my wife and kids as one team. J
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