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  1. Gah! My cache still isn't published yet. I think my regular reviewers are on vacation.
  2. This one is really fun: GCKC9G Ted the Boardwalk Beagle It's a 5 or 6 stage multi along the Halifax waterfront. It takes about 30 minutes to finish.
  3. I have used the little bottles that diabetic testing strips come in with a fair amount of success.
  4. Well, I'm not planning an event for EC Day, but I have hidden an EC Challenge cache. Requirement for logging is proof of 50 EC finds. I was going to make it 100 finds, but there aren't that many EC's in the province and I didn't really think that was fair. The cache is hidden on an island which just so happens to be an esker. I have an esker EC nearby, that's why I placed a physical cache on the island rather than an EC. It will be published 10/10/10
  5. Frequently I get logs for some of my EC's with no supporting info & no pic. I usually give cachers a few weeks to get me the info because I realize that people are on vacation etc and also like to log things in order. I will also send a friendly e-mail reminding them that they still have to supply me the info. that usually is enough. I also am not too picky about the answers, especially if estimating height, width, size is involved. If I get no response, I delete the log
  6. Thanks! Your pocket query has been saved and currently results in 100 caches. Rural SW Nova Scotia, water on one side of me. Of the 100, there are 12 that I haven't found or own. Back in the old days, I used to get caches from Grand Manan, NB on my closest to home pages.
  7. They are not specifically excluded. So I see no reason why they shouldn't count. Congrats on setting up the Maritime Fizzy. Glad I could help out. T Thanks and thanks
  8. do you allow locationless caches to count toward the 81?
  9. Well, it's a bit late in the year, but... My goal at the beginning of the year was to get out and find some caches at least each month. Well, that goal went out the window in February, LOL! Since then, I've been trying to fill in my D/T grid (and I did publish a Fizzy challenge - the first in Atlantic Canada). Also, I recently purchased a kayak so I've been making a point of finding more kayak/canoe caches. I want to host a CITO. I need to get out and do some maintenance on some of my caches.
  10. Agreed! Best EC I've had the fortune to experience
  11. "Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt
  12. What is that? Can't decide between squirrel and rabbit. It was a mouse
  13. Since I started using custom POI's, I hardly ever use my Palm anymore. I always have it loaded but tend to only use it to check out past logs.
  14. Found this little guy under the cache container which was placed in an old tree stump
  15. Well, it took a while but I got it figured out. First I had to delete my database then reload the .gpx files (alternatively you could choose to clear the database when importing the .gpx files) and choosing to treat the child waypoint as a regular waypoint. Then I did as Miragee suggested, filtering for the white "?". Then I did as Timpat suggested, putting the child.gpx and child.bmp files in my POI folder. Even the macro I use to create the POI files works! You can check out that macro HERE
  16. Thanks to this thread I can load thousands of POI's at the touch of a tab in GSAK. I much prefer using POI's than waypoints. And since I can load the hints into the POI's as well, I almost never use cachemate anymore. However, something that I haven't quite figured out yet is how child waypoints are handled. I have found that if a traditional cache has 4 child waypoints, they ALL appear on my map with a traditional cache icon. I'd like to have them as the regular reference point icon. This isn't a problem when I send them as waypoints to my GPSr, they all show up as trailhead, parking icons, etc. Anyone else experience this?
  17. I saw a listing for a mini ammo can on e-bay a while back
  18. I currently have 67 active hides. I find that my puzzle caches get far fewer visits and therefore require less maintenance. Also, rural caches seem to require less maintenance than urban ones.
  19. I have used these containers and have had great results with them. I'm not diabetic myself, but I work in a pharmacy so I'm able to get people to save them for me.
  20. If I drive/walk past the cache without bothering to look, I write a note. If I actually look for the cache, no matter for how long, I log the DNF. I do this as a courtesy to the owner so as to notify him/her to potential problems. Recently, a newly published cache in my area had 7 DNF's logged before it was found. The cache listing said the cache was on the east side of a brook, but the coords (and Google Earth) were leading everyone to the west side of the brook. The owner seemed a bit surprised that people were logging the DNF's, and suggested that some of us were whining, didn't know east from west, our GPS must be off, etc. He disabled the cache due to the 'apparent' trouble in locating the cache until he could check on it. He must have realized his mistake as the coords were changed and the cache has now been located. So, this is a perfect example of why we should log DNF's. If we had all not bothered, the owner would never had known there was a problem.
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