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  1. Also, If I'm working off someone's public list, and the puzzle was solved today, The icon is not updating for corrected coordinates even after the page is refreshed. This issue seems to have arisen since about 10pm CT last night.
  2. During the shutdown, while I can't go out and geocache, I've been working to solve puzzles. I've been selecting (searching) a location somewhere in the world and filtering that list for (a) puzzle caches only and (b) show original coordinates. Periodically, as I've solved a bunch of puzzles, I've refreshed the search list and all the puzzles that I've solved have been removed leaving only the unsolved puzzles on the list. Today (Sunday 4/19/20), this process is not longer working and caches clearly marked as having corrected coordinates are staying on the list. Even if I run a brand new list, all the puzzles that I've solved today (with corrected coordinates) are still showing up in the search list. Help!
  3. SafariBabe

    Audit Log

    What happened to the audit log on the cache page for caches that I've hidden. There used to be a link toward the top of the page that allowed me to see who has viewed the cache page. Where did it go?
  4. I'd like to see the maps in the new app improved. The maps in the old PAID geocaching were infinitely superior especially for urban caching. For example, if you look to navigate to a cache in Central Park, NYC in the paid app, you see the trails that lead through the park. But they aren't on the map to the new geocaching app. This is going to be devastating when Groundspeak stops supporting the paid app. In addition, you can't zoom in as close on the new app. I don't understand how something as basic as the maps took such a huge regressive step as Groundspeak is seeking to evolve the app.
  5. I'm still pretty new to this whole geocaching thing, and I'm trying to learn the lingo. In New York City, where I've done most of my caching to date, I keep seeing references to this or that cache being "Dastardly". The only thing I've been able to suss out so far is that all "Dastardly" caches are puzzle/mystery caches. BUT it appears that not all puzzle caches are dastardly. Having found a few of the "Dastardlies", I do know that they are not the same as an evil cache. So.....here are my questions. 1) What makes a puzzle cache a "Dastardly" cache? 2) Is this a NYC thing? Though I've not cached in many places outside of NYC, I have checked out a bunch of puzzle caches around the country and internationally, but have not noticed any of them being called "Dastardly".
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