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  1. It's strange that this thread just showed up (to me) yesterday. I thought it was a new thread but looking at the dates today... Anyway, nevermind.
  2. Hi, Tony. Thanks for the response. After posting that yesterday one of my buddies sold me his Magellan 510 with a trade of labor involved for erecting a crank-up tower next weekend. Not a bad deal for me, and while I know virtually nothing about Magellan's usability, they have been around for awhile so that's gotta say something. He had gotten it for the boat but recently bought a Raymarine system for it, instead. This 510's a gigantic step up from the eMap and should be fun messing with it. That Oregon looked pretty cool, too. The low price got me on this one, though. That, and I know the kind of use it's had. Thanks again. Best 73, paul
  3. I'm here. Actually I just registered with Geocaching.com today, having lately become interested in geocaching. I've got an older Garmin E-map gps that's a monochrome affair which was relegated to fishing/diving waypoints some time back so I'll need to get a new handheld. Any suggestions? I'm sure y'all would know what's good and what's not. Anyway, good to see some hams in here. This looks like fun. 73, paul, de k4cvr
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