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  1. If you are from British Columbia than you must be using Topo Canada, which has routable roads and trails...Don't forget to turn off the LOCK ON ROAD when tracking... These routable trails really wreck a tracklog!
  2. Thats what i do and its the best way to go. Not only do you change mapsets but you also change personel settings at the same time.
  3. The 60csx is very good for accuracy. although the Oregon and Colorado are very good units for geocaching. I do not think they beat the 60csx for accuracy.
  4. Oregon 200 http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4395 Oregon 300 http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4393 Oregon 400t http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4397 Oregon 400c http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4397 Oregon 400i http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4401 Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk. Change History Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.85: * Added support for Custom POI database and category selection * Added ability to force the Oregon into mass storage mode by holding the power button for 30 seconds while plugged into a USB cable * Added NMEA 9600 baud * Improved map zooming * Improved raster map appearance * Improved map draw speed * Improved battery gage for NiMH batteries * Improved stability when changing profiles * Fixed roads being shown on top of Garmin GB Discoverer maps * Fixed airport points not displaying on the map * Fixed some scan points not working properly with Garmin GB Discoverer maps * Fixed track logging setting being changed when changing profiles while simulating GPS
  5. The big question for me is does 6.15 reject custom maps like 6.14 does ?
  6. All the maps loaded into the Oregon series are US maps, nothing for Canada. Your best bet is to get the 300 and load your own maps in the unit.
  7. Thanks for the excellent wiki g-o-cashers...
  8. I am still wondering if anyone has noticed better WAAS reception since the last 2.80 update ?
  9. Thats right, i too have the interface set to Spanner but it still would not work. I was using Garmin's Spanner software for other applications and thought it was necessary to use it for Nroute...not so. I found out that just setting the interface to Spanner works for Nroute.
  10. I just found out that using garmin's spanner software does not work on Nroute. Just using the Oregon with Nroute works just find.
  11. Is your Oregon connected to Nroute using the Oregon's spanner mode?
  12. I am wondering if anyone connected their Oregon to work with Nroute. I can't seem to get mind to work. My 60cx connects great to Nroute but not the Oregon. I have Spanner installed and the Oregon connects to my Touratech software, but Nroute is far better. Any help, advice or comments would be great.
  13. Did anybody notice if WAAS works better since the update???
  14. The Oregon does not come with mapsource.
  15. You are so very kind MountainMudbug. I will most certainly use this list. If anybody else has suggestions, please feel free to help. Thanks
  16. Hi Ibycus, I was wondering, how are your downloads going? Are there lots of people taking avantage of your maps?
  17. Hi Phern, Don't worry, if that weird store isn't on the way to Le Parc des Monts-Valins, there's little chance that i'll drop in. I already have all the quads trails of Quebec, a friend gave me all the tracks and i made a transparent map for my gps out of them. The only problem is that i have never owned a quad and don't really plan too. I just did it for fun. What i'm interested in is having a map of the most "chemin de terres"there is so i can explore them when i travel the region. I know pretty much le Parc des Laurentides but not much of the Sag,"Chicoutimi region. If ever you find out what the cd is called, let me know so i can get my own copy somewhere in Quebec city. Thanks Phern
  18. Thanks everyone, I'll post on these forums this weekend, i'm loaded right now. Can't wait to see what will happen.
  19. Bonjour fellow geocachers. My wife and i are driving down from Quebec city, Canada, to the Smoky Mountains National Park for a two week Christmas vacation. We are looking for great caches to do around the Park. Cool caches for us would be ones with views and time to hike. We won't do any city caches, our main focus is anywhere nature takes us. I am sure there are a few experienced geocachers here on the forum to whom it would be a pleasure to offer a few suggestions. We will bring a few french canadian travels bugs and take a few back home. Who knows, we might even meet at a cache site. Thanks
  20. To you have the link to where i can see or buy these maps?
  21. These are very goods maps. i have the 21m tile. but for the whole province its $400.00 with taxes. and they come with an unlock code for ONE gps only. I just can't imagine wanting to change my gps unit for a newer model and having to buy a second unlock code for another $400.00.
  22. It took me only 50 minutes for the 1.2 gig version. I was impressed how fast it downloaded.
  23. I uninstalled the old version and installed the new one and everything works fine. Your maps are awesome. Thanks a million !
  24. Hello Ibycus, The only file i installed was the second one; (Topo map 11. 658 mb), not the first one. I really know how to use mapsource, i've been using it for a long time, but i have never played in the registry, i don't feel comfortable doing so. Would it be a good idea if i just uninstall the broken mapset and just install the new healthy one. By the way, thanks alot Ibycus for your help, I can't wait to see your maps in my mapsource.
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