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  1. Update: It STILL doesn't work on the website!!!!! I just logged the 10 found caches of yesterday in correct order, the penultimate of which was an event. However, the website put the event in the last position. Please, is it possible to fix this bug after more than one year?
  2. Since yesterday's update the app immediately crashes when I click on my profile. I tried logging in and out, deinstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted the phone, cleared the cache. No success. Seems as if I have to wait for the next update...
  3. And that's exactly the point I don't understand at all: Newbies as well as players who only play occasionally and have less than 1000 finds can see all of them. On the other hand, long-time players who play often and with enthusiasm and therefore have several thousands of finds, should see only a fraction of all caches they have found? And does that mean premium members are from now on expected to pay for no longer being able to track the entire course of their caching history? Is that the way to treat loyal customers? I am very disappointed. Feedba
  4. You can bookmark the old search with this URL: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=SDBH-R However, nobody knows how long this will work.
  5. You wouldn't see it anyway, regardless how far you scroll. The new search is limited to 1000 finds.
  6. Just like many other players, I think the new update is terrible. The updated search, which is reduced to 1000 finds, is a disaster. Not only are many old functions missing, such as when the cache was last found, trackables and location, as well as the amount of space wasted, turns this update into a downgrade. And it doesn't even work properly! Look at the screenshot of a friend's list of finds and take a look at the order of the finds! Does that show "newest finds first"??? I don't think so. Please give us the old version back!
  7. Thank you. This is exactly what I feel. And if that's old-fashioned, then I'm happy to be that way.
  8. My impression is rather that the owner is cheating. I still can't imagine that GS intends ALCs to be like that. But as there is no review of ALCs, owners can, of course, do whatever they like. Well then. Using fake GPS is not an option for me. As a consequence, I will ignore that kind of ALC completely.
  9. I've also played ALCs like the one you described. I have no problem with distances of 20 to 30 km. But the type of ALC, as I described above, is somewhat different. Its stations are located in different countries with distances of hundreds of kilometers. One is 1,700 kilometers away. In the first days after publish already 8 players finished this ALC (during the pandemic and travel restrictions!), some of which wrote about "good teamwork". I contacted one player and asked how he did it: He frankly admitted that he had solved the ALC in "home office". And that's exactly what I meant.
  10. I am member of a geocaching telegram group where other members were discussing this new "trend" only recently. I couldn't imagine why owners would have to create such an ALC until exactly one of those was released in my area (Central Germany) a few days ago. The first stage is 35 km away from me, the next one is located 200 km north. One is 300 km further west, one is in the Netherlands and one on a tiny island in the ocean near Montenegro! I asked the owner what his intention is and whether players would have to travel to all of these places. His answer was: "You don't have to. Nobody forces you." I don't understand the owner's intention or the point of ALCs like this. In my opinion, it is impossible to complete them without fake GPS.
  11. A new trend seems to have emerged recently for ALC. Some owners have placed their 5 stages hundreds of kilometers/miles away from each other, sometimes even in different countries. What is the intention for that? Should the players use fake GPS and Street View to solve the tasks and answer the questions? Doesn't that violate any rules of the game?
  12. What does "blocking cookiebot" mean?
  13. Go to "settings" and accept necessary cookies. Then everything works fine again.
  14. O.k. accepting necessary cookies did the trick.
  15. Firefox works fine, but Chrome doesn't.
  16. I just realized that since this morning the new dashboard doesn't work anymore in Google Chrome. If I go back to the old page, everything works fine. Firefox and Android Browser have no problems showing the new dashboard correctly. Am I the only one affected?
  17. The problem is that most of the newbies create their GC account via app and don't validate it on the website (in fact, they don't visit the website at all, let alone the help section). As a result, you can't e-mail them. I found this out when I tried to contact a newbie to tell him/her about writing logs with more than one word.
  18. Just looked into GC8FR0G which has been enabled again. And the cheating continues...? Photo Shop, plushies, pictures of events long past, and so on. One of the geocachers even mixed it up with GC8NEAT, posting the picture of a daisy! I would really like HQ to delete ALL these "creative" logs. It's really unfair to the people who logged according to the requirements.
  19. Same here. However, there seems to be a difference as to which browser i choose to show my profile. Google Chrome does not show some of the banners anymore, but Firefox is showing everything just fine.
  20. The last post in this thread might be helpful.
  21. Did you read this older thread? https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/357977-message-center-cannot-send-message-with-a-dot-eg-160-ft/
  22. I updated my request last Sunday by informing the HQ Support team about another maybe interesting detail: "Your Geocaching Details" where max. 15 logs are shown, shows the correct order of logs! However, "Your Geocaching Logs (All)" shows the wrong order. On Sunday I found 1 CC Event - 1 Traditional - 1 Mystery and the CC Event appeared (again) as my last find of the day in the list "Your Geocaching Logs (All)". The HQ Support team's answer on Monday was that they hope to have a fix soon. I didn't log an event this week, so I don't know if the finds are still listed in the wrong order.
  23. Did you contact you local reviewer? He can unarchive the listing.
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