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  1. Hi! Is there anyone that knows the maximum number of waypoints (GC****) that can be loaded to an etrex? (And is willing to reveal the answer!) IF I remove the GC part and leave the **** can I get more waypoints in (as they are no longer all stored under 'G' in the E-H section? Thanks in anticipation!
  2. When doing several caches... When you've set the waypoint into the GPS and are following the arrow, make sure the other person is reading the same cache page information, and not one of the others you are planning to do!.
  3. We were out yesterday (Saturday) and wanted to log out visits, and log in/out TB's, but the system was down. This morning (Sunday) the system is still down/down again, so prevents us from logging TB's for others to find, and prevents us down loading locations of caches to visit today...
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