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  1. *insert smiley with reading glasses on*
  2. Any more than 3 !'s is to be considered excessive!!!
  3. That's a Question. It needs a ? at the end. Not a ! OK? G
  4. 50%, let down by the apostrophe's! I tend to write it another way at work, or leave them out, I know that what I write WILL be proof read. G
  5. Speeling is part of my job, so I try to get it korekt. In the forums, slight miss-spelling is no problem, as we get the general gist of what the poster is trying to say. Just keep away from txt spk. Punctuation could be a little better on the forums... I was told, as a general guideline, to put a comma where you take a breath. (It would seem some people just don't take a breath! G
  6. How can you fit a house in a cache? Man trades paper clip for house
  7. 1. Maybe the cache had recently been put in the bag. (The old one got wet and smelly, or disintegrated?) 2. The cache hideing place was actually a GOOD hide, in that the cache doesn't get exposed to the elements -therefore no need for a bag? G
  8. Welcome! Know the area well, I'm from Leicester, but not around there now -so not much help! Get over to see family as often as possible, and cache around the area -Bradgate park is worth the effort, if you can get there. Try the "Adopt-a-newbie" thread above, to see if anyone has offered help in your area. I'm sure someone will read this thread soon! G
  9. Have a word with your local councillor and/or the councillor for the area the park is in. Then at least someone on the council will have some idea of Geocacheing from our point of view. The down side is, that having had contact with you, they may not be able to vote - as they have "an interest" in the matter. They are our representitives... Even if you didn't vote for them!
  10. Congratulations! Watch out, we're catching up with you -VERY slowly! We can HIGHLY recommend Messe's Alpha Quest Y series. G
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