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  1. Have a 256mb card, use 120.6mb on it. Has all the trigs and caches, both found and unfound, for the whole of the UK. (No caches hidden yet, so don't have them loaded on the card!) G
  2. Also use the Tomtom Go300. I download from the Geocache UK site, it can show POI's as caches found/hiden/not found, and creates a file called Geocaches(NotFound).ov2 etc. This I just copy onto the card via a card reader. Also have all the Trigs loaded! (Do have a larger memorycard than the one provided with TT) G
  3. For us. 1. Location 2. Challenge 3. Numbers We will do a 'not very good' cache -or two- IF its in the area of a few others that fit into catagory 1 and/or 2
  4. As a Leicestershire lad, I'd second that! G
  5. We posted a "Maintenance Required" log on a possibly missing cache. The owner disabled the cache, checked the site, and re-enabled the cache... Our "Maintenance Required" attribute is still there -Is there another 'button' that needs to be pressed by the cache owner? G
  6. Welcome! Sorry, can't help, live too far away!
  7. A fire can smolder underground, even if you can't see anything above ground. It's not you that decides how many appliances turn up, it's the emergency services. If they sent three, they believe it was a possible serious situation. Don't worry, you made the right decision. G
  8. It may not be a "Holiday Cache" I have family in Leicestershire, North Yorkshire and Cleveland, so know the areas very well- both intimately, and as a tourist- but they are too far from home to be able to maintain a cache in any of the areas. G
  9. Seems the hot weather is making people "Fly off the handle" at the slightest comment on the Forum. adambro seems to have a sensible comment. The fact is, the cache was placed on land -owned by someone- without permission. Why get upset, when they say it's not allowed there? And, as they are now signed up, you can bet your bottom doller, they are checking their other sites for caches without permission. Well said adambro, I'm with you. G
  10. Congratulations! As it is said "You play it your way" Nothing wrong with playing a slow game! G
  11. But what if it's all been put in one bag, due to the container leaking? Surely if it's for a particular cacher (the cache owner, our someone to collect from that cache), it neds to be in a bag/envelope with the cachers name on? Otherwise it's fair game for swaps? G
  12. Maybe "Beware the hungry, mad rottweiler dog under the drivers seat" would help!
  13. But will it fit in a cache? (Have to admit, I struggle to read coins sometimes...) G
  14. Just be careful what you have printed on anything displayed so obviously on your car. You could well be saying: "Look! Expensive Satnav in here" to the lowlife out there. Sorry to put a downer on things, but it is a good idea.
  15. I'm assuming everything you said in this post is meant as a joke. However by stating such things publicly you run the risk of being taken seriously. Encouraging people to break the Geocaching.com guidelines is not a good thing. Which bit might be taken seriously? If it's a decent 15-year-old, the filtering bit should be the serious part. Not to be taken lightly. I'll help, to make sure the jobs done properly! G
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