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  1. All places where a cache is -or can be- hidden! G
  2. AOL. Makes Bill Gates, and Microsoft, sound like a nice person/company to know...
  3. I belive people who dislike micros, but will go and find them, put "Log was damp" as a matter of course. /
  4. Now thats a differant kettle of fish! If I've read your cache page correctly, If I was there, (I'd try not to go on the day it was closed!) and the castle was closed, I'd have a good look, and try to work out the answer, try an educated guess, email, and if it was wrong.. Never mind, had a go!
  5. It's the silly s0d in front of you, doing 50mph in a 60mph area, that sees the camera, panicks, then suddenly brakes to go past the camera at 40mph, that causes trouble! I like to have this advance warning!
  6. Back! Try here. http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/subscription.php Unfortunatly, it's a pay for site, to download POI's now. I got mine before they made it pay for, and they seem to be fairly correct as to where the cameras are, so may be worth the subscription fee. I'm thinking of subbing. G
  7. Or, if it's a cache your looking for It's a micro container. Bit like the things dental floss comes in.
  8. Same thought, wear it on your wrist like a watch, as you get nearer to the cache site?
  9. Or.. Rather than under the usual pile of sticks/rocks... Under a pile of "Sticks of Rock"
  10. Good idea, will try to remember it in case we find ourselves in such a situation! G
  11. <edited it a bit! The same! Like to see if others find it harder or easier than we did. G
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