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  1. I've had "Game Piece" by the company sending coins. Canada to UK. (Purchase of Geocoins from company selling them)
  2. With an explanation of -Just because you cant find it, it doesn't mean it's not there- so it's not necessarily a Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived log!
  3. The system is already in place. Just needs cachers to be marking Needs Maintenance, and then Needs Archived, in a timely manner.
  4. As said in the reply above,and cachers can also check your profile to which caches you have found...
  5. Be aware, the CO gets an email when the cache is logged, but no further email if the log is edited at a later date. So, if you edit a log to make a comment on the cache/area (such as log is getting full) the CO wont see the comment. (Unless they go and read the logs later)
  6. Was the cache in place, awaiting review? Or do you mean the cache wasn't in place yet? If the cache was in place, but the cache page had not been reviewed/published, it could be a 'lucky' find by either a cacher, OR a non-cacher...
  7. Use the special MyFinds PQ and load the two accounts into two databases. There is a macro called CompareDBs.gsk which will sort out things as per the above post.
  8. Cars crash there, and you think it's a great place for a cache? Or are you planning to place it away from where the cars crash?
  9. Could just be getting the information to back up the question, when asked why they should pay?
  10. Depending on how long ago you found them, GS did have a little problem at one point with NO email being sent out if a Found log was deleted...
  11. Archived caches do not show up in any search on Groundspeaks sites, unless you search for THAT cache, search the Cache Owner, or look at the logs of a cacher that has logged the now Archived cache.
  12. Given the restrictions on the apps used by cachers, I think most pay up for Premium Membership to be able to see more caches per day...
  13. What are you trying to do? I've been making a list, and then Downloading the files to PC to load into GSAK. No problems. Also works with previously made lists. Firefox as web browser.
  14. Always nice to get a good visit log. Unless it gets me a first in a category, I'm more than happy to leave a few for others to Waymark!
  15. Either. There's a photograph of your trackable somewhere on the site Or. Someone is entering random numbers/has a computer programme to enter random numbers, and yours came up. Or. Benefit of doubt, they've entered the wrong number on a trackable they have seen.
  16. Also logs in a similar way on the apps (depending on which app you use) log a Found It/DNF/Write Note THEN log Needs Maintenance with Report a Problem.
  17. GSAK was a free to use, but got a Nag screen after the trial period to try to get you registered It's now free, no payment needed.
  18. As the caches have got smaller, it's harder to find a cache large enough. I rarely retrieve a trackable (if I find one!) unless I feel the cache isn't safe to leave it there, or it's been there for a long time.
  19. Exact Replicas. (As an officer, depending on how you write it, I think I'd accept it. )
  20. But. As the caches are Premium Member Only, can a non-PM owner edit the cache page or add logs eg Temp Disable/Owner Maintenance?
  21. Log out, log back in. Usually works. Also, at this time, give it a little time to go through the system. (The site is showing you as PM, so things 'should' have gone through...)
  22. Some areas may not want any 'extra' footfall in the area you have for the Earthcache. If the authorities are aware that extra footfall could cause damage they could ask you to move things, or ask different questions. (Also, they may be able to give you information to help you with your Earthcache!)
  23. Depending on which app is used, most of the apps are restricted on number of caches and D/T and types of cache. Easier/better to pay for Premium and see more in your area that are close to you.
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