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  1. I have chosen leaflet and though the icons turn up it takes many more clicks to get the information to display. It is very hit and miss. A couple of weeks back I could just click on a cache icon and it would open almost immediately.Something is not right.
  2. Downloaded your enhancement and nothing appeared to happen. Next time I booted up, WOW! Wow! Wow! and WOW!!! Many thanks. After 50 years of using OS maps, being able to see them on my computer in geocaching.com, is nothing short of miraculous for me. :D
  3. I don't think being in races helps, especially when newer geocachers retrieve them. I have had two race TB' s sitting doing nothing for 40 and 70 days respectively. When they eventually replaced them in a cache one had travelled 1.03 miles and the other 2.06 . They hadn't even been "visited" to the few caches the geocachers had logged in the meantime. Sometimes I really wonder at the literacy levels of some members.It is all there to be read, why don't they do it?
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