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  1. MANY THANKS PAULIO10 Many thanks for this. I have never been interested in them before but a CM in a target zone is one. Followed your instructions to the letter and it loaded up first time om my Motorola Moto G3.... The file showed and when I touched it I got the message "New Game". Confused at first but finally selected it and up popped the CM and the start page. Off to try it out on Tuesday if weather improves. Again many thanks geralduscambrensis 12/02/2017 I have been having a nightmare trying to get this to work on my Android phone but this solution works a treat! Thanks very much for your help. Simon aka Bradfordgull
  2. Twice recently I have turned up to find a new Church Micros, only to have a deja vue experience. My memory is not that great but being in the area seems to trigger something. Is there a way to set up a PQ to show my finds which have been archived?
  3. Opera 12 - it's easier to install the script as well, although there is a wee little settings tweak you'll need to make. Vista should cope with it - given it's a bit old now. It does need to be the 12 version though. Many thanks, I will certainly look into it.
  4. As soon as I moved away from the geocaching site the GME was removed by Google Chrome, but I checked and even without GME I can still get OS Maps and the blue line for amended co-ords. So my limited needs seem to be catered for. Panic over, but I am still not happy with Google Chrome's high handed attitude. They blithely dump all sorts of things I don't want, Google + and endless requests for a mobile phone number ( not everyone has one)and friends' email addresses, but then dictate what you can add to help enhance your browsing.
  5. Have deleted the one with "not from the Chrome Web Store" and then dragged and dropped the latest GME and it seems to be holding up. Sorry for the panic earlier.
  6. Powered up my laptop this afternoon only to find that the F*sc*sts at Google have removed GME from my extensions. I have told them in no uncertain terms what I feel about their monopolistic policies and am now searching for a web browser that will accept GME and then some new less intrusive ISP for my emails. They now what they can do with their Google + Can anyone point me in the direction of a less megalomaniacal web browser provider. I am running Windows Vista home whilst my laptop totters on.Thanks in anticipation of some good news.
  7. Thanks jri. Just installed 0.7.0 and works well.
  8. Many thanks JRI. Do geocaching.com do this on purpose? They never seem to let us get on with our simple pleasures.
  9. GME uses localStorage to store its settings, and also to pass information about corrected coordinates between pages. LocalStorage is not shared between websites for security reasons. Unfortunately, web browsers treat the http and https versions of a website as totally separate. As geocaching.com has started using https connections for the main maps but http for the individual cache pages, GME no longer sees the same settings on both pages. I'll add this to the list of things to fix, but in the meantime there are a few more workarounds: To show corrected coordinates on the main map: open the page of the cache you want to view, and open the main map in a different tab. Drag and drop the cache icon from next to the title of the cache listing, onto the main map. Any waypoints or corrected coordinates should be shown (you can do this with more than one cache too). To find your old custom map settings: open a cache page (or any other page on geocaching.com that has an http connection). From the Profile menu at the top of the screen, choose the "Geocaching Map Enhancements" option to open the GME configuration dialogue. From the "Manage Maps" tab, click "Export custom maps". Select all the JSON code that pops up, right-click on it, and copy it to the clipboard. Open the main map page, click on the gear icon to open the GME config dialogue again, and go to the Manage Maps tab. Past the JSON code into the "Mapsource" field and click "Add", then "Save". You should be able to add all the maps back in one go this way, but might need to go back to the Manage Maps tab to remove duplicates.
  10. Sorry not a reply. This morning after inputting new co-ords the blue line appeared in the small map on the web page but when I clicked on View larger Map , the map appeared but not the blue line to the new co-ords, I'm using Vista Home and Google Chrome (Version 34.0.1847.131 m) and Tampermonkey Is this a new glitch caused by those wonderful geocaching lackeys?
  11. Many thanks. It worked first time but I did restart my computer after installing, just in case.
  12. Many thanks JimJinks that line change seems to have sorted my problem out. Green line has re-appeared on multi and puzzle caches. Phew
  13. When I entered corrected co-ordinates into a multi or a puzzle cache the web page used to refresh and draw a green line from the original point to the corrected one. There was also a feature to chose OS maps in the smaller view. Both of these fine enhancements have disappeared. I'm using Google Chrome, Vista Home. and TamperMonkey Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  14. A post in the regional forum would be good also. It's not nice how she's ignoring you - if there's a problem (like she lost it), she should tell you. Many thanks wmpastor. I thought I had posted this is in the regional forum, is there another? Lil Jumpah has been in touch and this is now resolved. Many thanks Please close thread.
  15. Thanks hzoi, suitably chastised.And you are so right.Getting it off my chest and receiving calm advice has been very helpful.
  16. Would that it were just the two,but yes these were logged out by "geocachers", others have just "disappeared" from caches.
  17. At least spell Carolina right. I'd calm down, mark it as missing, and hope to be pleasantly surprised one day. Yes Maingray I think you have a point. I was reaching the end of my tether, that night, in trying to reach out to these people.Members since 2005 and so few caches recorded should have rung a few alarm bells.I'll get a local witch doctor to put a curse on it and wave it into perdition.
  18. Whatchu tryin' to say??? We ain't all sticky fingers down heeya! Certainly not, just trying to get my property back into circulation. Others have gone missing in the USA, perhaps they are too pretty to travel safely.
  19. A post in the regional forum would be good also. It's not nice how she's ignoring you - if there's a problem (like she lost it), she should tell you. Many thanks wmpastor. I thought I had posted this is in the regional forum, is there another?
  20. Still attempting to contact pkp430uncw who took my TB Jelly Bean Tetra http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3749666 from the Sea Monster cache in Australia, promising to take it to USA. Since then they seem to have dropped off the map. Could be swimming back to USA, hence no replies to emails, but seems unlikely. This is the second South and South-west cacher that has disappeared with one of my travel bugs. Is that a coincidence, do you think?
  21. Hi Trying to contact Lil Jumpah, caching recently, June 19th, in Alabama. She retrieved my Personal Geo-Dog Tag Geocoin G1 on September 27th 2012 and has since done nothing with it nor replied to any emails sent to her. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4180244 Help in getting this travel tag back into the race or returned to its LEGAL OWNER would be much appreciated.
  22. Many thanks Mrs B, a good way to go,guilty of just looking at latest of the caches found. Didn't look to see if there were any caches owned as he/she seemed so prolific in finding them since the 26th May., Though the zeal might lead to early cache setting. No TBs reported either. Oh these Travelling Bugs are a worry, but worth it since they dumped Challenges. Happy caching.
  23. Okay so how do I add a photo to the photo competition? That was easier than I thought, after my senior moment.
  24. [ After DNF at Church Micro 2403, Pulham Market I brought most of the graveyard, minus the cranium I found, back on my mode of transport, my trusty boots.
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