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  1. Sounds like something I need to check out I'll do it tomorrow it's time for sleep.
  2. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to purchase a much cheaper gps than I wanted. A while back I had gotten a triton 300 which I hated because it had no memory expansion and got rid of it although not before learning a bit about the unit. This time around I have a triton 400 which i stuck an 8GB sdhc card into. I'm trying to make a map for the thing a really big one but I'm having some issues. Gmapmaker I've got down pretty well, my problem comes with the rmp maker. First a question about how it works when you are trying to load the map files do i need to have the folder with the tile files I downloaded? Second is will rmp be able to handle building a map with map parts that overlap other map parts at the same magnification? The real issue I'm having is getting rmp to load the maps. I can load 1 or 2 then all of a sudden it can no longer load any of the map imigase including the ones I've already loaded into the program. I've been waiting a couple of days now to get my account activated over at triton forums to try to get this figured out but I figured I'd see if anyone here knows while I wait. I am using 7 pro 64bit if that matters. Thanks for any help.
  3. I've used head nets too problem then becomes arms and legs I figured this year I'd give this a try and see if it really works as well as people claim.
  4. Basically the flies are most attracted to moving objects particularly blue, You would use something like a blue solo cup and coat it in some kind of glue like the stuff they use on fly strips. The flies are attracted to the blue cup and get stuck the cups are either attached to a car or to a hat. From what I've found there are only so many adult horse/deer flies in a given area and you can get most of them with this method from what i read.
  5. After my first season geocaching I have come to realize I need to do something about horse and deer flies. After some research I have decided to try the blue cup and glue method. Any one know what kind of glue I should use preferably something that comes in a spray can?
  6. I know ammo cans seem to be the standard large containers however I'm wondering what people think of Hardigg cases? I may have access to a trunk sized Hardigg case I'm not sure yet if i can get it but what do you guys think of using one as a very large cache probably put it in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods to protect it from non cachers. Shoot put it in throng thread could someone move it over to getting started?
  7. Anyone have similar for the ones in New York? I live in the thousand island region And there are tons of trails an conservation area's with trails that I'd love to be able to overlap onto my gps maps.
  8. Interesting I defiantly want to give it shot. Ya i probably have the puzzle wrong myself It's been a few years since i watched it and i have a horrible memory. I also need to place my first cache but I haven't found a spot I really really like yet.
  9. I want to do a homage to lethal weapon so to speak, particularly I want to include the puzzle in a geocache like in the movie where they had a source of water a bomb with a scale and a 2 gallon and 5 gallon jugs. In the movie using the 2 jugs and the water they had to make one of the jugs hold exactly 1 gallon to disarm it there are actually a couple of ways to solve it but I'm not sure how to go about implementing it into a puzzle cache. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. I was using a Magellan Triton 300 didn't like it was told it had an SD slot when it arrived it did not. No way to return it used it for about a week and got rid of it and went back to using my laptop and gps receiver. I'd like a unit with decent battery time AA's preferred don't like internal batteries unless they have several days of operational time between charging. I would also like a sdhc slot for maps because I'll use a couple of programs and pull maps off Google so i have decent street and satellite maps I like detail so the maps will be quite large in file size. Other than that as long as it's waterproof accurate and can use gpx files that's really all I want. Ya around October I said around 300 i could still spend that but I'm thinking about doing around 150 - 200 at this point Kinda wanna do a little work on my car before i start driving all over hell and back.
  11. Hi guys I've been looking for a new unit for this year I've been looking at the DeLorme Earthmate PN-30 anyone have any experience with one? Just wondering if they work well and if it would be worth buying.
  12. I would be using it mainly for geocaching the turn by turn directions would be for getting close to the target as most of the caches i go after are in the country side so two units might be best. the most important feature for me would be memory because i would like to be able to fit the whole state of new york from not very detailed to about as detailed as you can get in a topo map. Not sure if you can get any unit with that much memory or expansion. I wouldn't mind going up to 300 dollars as i have plenty of time before next season to save up for a good unit. And the Montana does look nice.
  13. anyone know of a handheld unit that can also do turn by turn road directions and has a sdhc slot for expansion? I'm not sure if they have gotten to the point yet where they have combined an outdoor and a road gps unit. I had gotten a Magellan Triton 300 but it was way too limited didn't even have an sd slot in it so i got rid of it now i want to get another unit before next season but first to figure out if there is a unit with all the features i want.
  14. I came across a magellan sportrak pro today for almost nothing only issue with it is the screw that holds the battery compartment had pulled right through the thing so I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a new battery compartment for the thing? Thank you medwardl
  15. I don't have that particular model but I can use the map from it on mine so I'm wondering if you could use the vantage point software that I use to swap out the map like I do. I have no idea if it would work just an idea.
  16. While I'm waiting anyone come across any maps for any unit of new york state forest lands and the roads/trails on them?
  17. Well i got a GPS unit finally, lugging a laptop around the woods was getting tiresome. When I bought it the seller told me it had an SD slot which it doesn't but o well I'm learning how to use it even with its limitations. Anyways the base map sucks I've figured out how to make new maps for it, I even loaded the Explorist base map into it which I didn't like and went back to the old one. What I would like to know is, does anyone have some other base maps that might work with this thing also is there a program that will allow me to convert maps meant for other devices into maps that will work with this one. One more thing I'm looking for is maps for all of the new york state forest lands and the trails in them. Thanks Medwardl
  18. Every time I do a caching run I get new cuts and scrapes I try not too but I think unless I'm doing it in a city that caching and cuts/scrapes go hand in hand.
  19. My brain hurts If that is the actual equations then I'm not sure how to simplify it enough to solve it. It's been too long since I've done that kind of thing. Basically one you simplify each expression to something like D>f you can then figure out the order of the letters and then assign numbers to them which I'm guessing the cache puzzle gives you a set of letters so once you figure out what number corresponds with what letter you can get your cords.
  20. It's an algebraic problem I'll mull it over a bit I have done these in ages and this is a tougher one. I think it's Boolean algebra I'm not certain yet Its been about 10 years since I've done anything this complex. forgot to ask is that an actual problem or is that a random equation you came up with?
  21. I would like to make a puzzle cache but I'm not sure how to implement it. What I want to do is make a cache that you can't get at unless you solve the "you have a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket and you need precisely 4 gallons" puzzle. Without using electronics I'm not sure how to go about creating a device that could tell the difference between too much and too little too little is easy it's the too much I can't figure out.
  22. I was wondering how the success rate of trackables was that had a specific mission. I was thinking about getting some and setting them up to reach a specific spot one I wanted to send over to the stone henge cache and back another I wanted to have visit a Shinto shrine in japan I think, I don't have a specific one in mind and come back. I wanted to have one go to the space station and back but I'm not sure on that one as i see the chances of it succeeding as minimal at best. I have other idea's as well but I don't want to waste the trackables if they don't stand much chance of accomplishing the mission.
  23. I've been using an old shoulder worn messenger bag http://www.bradleyssurplus.com/product/9849-vintage-olive-drab-classic-messenger-bagwith-subdued-usmc-globe-anchor-print/ but you can find smaller ones at army surplus stores.
  24. OK so using inert grenades is out. No I wouldn't actually do that. I'd like too but for glaring common sense reasons, rule violations and it's probably illegal so I won't.
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